Valves Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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Parth Valves And Hoses Llp
Hoses, Actuated Ball Valves, Actuated Butterfly Valves, Actuated Diaphragm Valves, Actuators, Air Ducting Hose, Air Pressure Valves, Air Valves, Air Vent Valves, Back Pressure Relief Valves, Ball Butterfly Valves, Ball Valve, Ball Valve Components, Ball Valve For Air Application, Ball Valve For Oil Application, Ball Valve For Water Application, Butterfly Valve, Cip System, Corrugated Hoses, Delivery Hoses, Diaphragm Seated Valves, Diaphragm Solenoid Valves, Diaphragm Valve, Diaphragm Valves, Diaphragm Valves Manual, Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valves, Disc Check Valves, Discharge Valve Assembly, Discharge Valves, Diverter Valves, Duct Hoses, Flanged Ball Valves, Flanged Butterfly Valves, Flanged Check Valves, Flexible Duct Hose, Flexible Hose Pipe, Flexible Hoses, Food Grade Hoses, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Globe Valve Flanged, Globe Valve Screwed, High Pressure Hose Suppliers, High Pressure Hoses, Hose Pipes, Hoses For Various Industrial & Construction Applications, Hoses High Pressure, Industrial Chemical Valves, Industrial Hoses, Industrial Process Valves, Industrial Solenoid Valves, Industrial Valves, Instrument Check Valves, Pneumatic Ball Valves, Pneumatic Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic Control Valves, Pneumatic Off Valves, Pneumatic On Valves, Pneumatic Piston Valves, Pneumatic Positioner, Pressure Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Valves, Process Control Valves, PVC Foodgrade Hoses, Vacuum Hoses, Valves

Rushas Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Valves, Brass Valves, Cast Iron Valves, Check Valves, Flanged Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Industrial Valves, Non Return Valves, Bronze Gate Valves, Bronze Globe Valves, Bronze Steam Valves, Cast Iron Steam Valves, Bronze Fusible Plugs, Boiler Casti

Sneha Bearings Pvt.Ltd.
Bridge Bearings, Structural Bearings, POT Bearings and PTFE Bearings for Sugar Mill Machinery, PTFE Rocker Cum Sliding Bearings, Plate Type Sliding Bearings, Plain Sliding Bearings, Exposed Dowel Type Bearings, Duct Support Bearings, Spherical Bearing, Ma

Aqua Products & Services Pvt.Ltd.
Water Control Products, Water Treatment Plants, WTP Installation, Commissioning Of Pumping Systems, WTP Annual Maintenance Contract, AMC Services For Water Supply Pumping, Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Booster Systems, KiTEC Products, STUDOR Products, Franklin Electric Products, OR Valves Products, VTM - UTAM - FEDEREL, McAlpine Products, Everlast Composites, Honeywell Products

Valves Industries
Precision Industrial Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Y-Type Flush Bottom Tank Valves, Needle Valves

Mahavir Enterprise
Mfg.Of Bolts, Brass & Brass Products, Circlips, Diesel Gen.Sets, Fasteners, Gaskets, Hardware, Industrial Fans, Marine Equipments, Marine Spares, Nuts & Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Submersible Pumps, Switchgear, Switchgears & Spares, Washers & Special Press Part

Omkar Valves Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Wafer Type of Check Valves, Butterfly Valves - Gear and Hand Lever Operated, Double Flanged Butterfly Valves with Electrical Actuator, Check Valves DN 32 to DN 700 & Non Return Valves for Water Treatment & Effluent Treatment Plants Refrigeration &

Parth Enterprises
Valves, Actuated Ball Valves, Actuated Butterfly Valves, Actuated Diaphragm Valves, Actuators, Air Pressure Valves, Air Valves, Air Vent Valves, Airlock Valves, Back Pressure Relief Valves, Ball Butterfly Valves, Ball Valve, Ball Valve Components, Ball Va

Om Metals & Engineers
Dairy Plants & Equipments, Skid Mounted Pasteurisation, Road Milk Tanker, Milk Storage Tank, Sight Glass Accessories, Valves, Chilling Plants, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Heavy Duty Machining, Man Hole Assemblies, Can Roller Conveyors, Mini Dairy Plants, Ghee Plants, Khava Plants, Paneer Plants, Shrikhand Plants, Curd Plants, Weight Bowls, Dump Tanks, Milk Chillers, Milk Silos, Butter Trolley, Cheese Vat, Butter Churner, Milk Pump, Road Milk Tankers, Powder Blender, Homogenizer

Kuldeep Engineering Works
ISI Approved & ISO 9001-2008 Leading Mfgr. Of High Pressure Cylinder Valves, CO2 Squeez Grip Valve (ISI), CO2 Key Type Valve ISI, Nitrogen Valve ISI, Oxygen Valve ISI, CO2 Puncture Valve ISI, CO2 Applicator Valve, CO2 System Valve (A.O.) ISI, DCP Squeeze

Filtra Consultants & Engineers Ltd.
Largest Supplier Of Water Treatment Plant Components, MultiPort Valves, Dosing Systems, Pressure Vessels, IntiSoft, pH Meters, ORP Meters, Rotameters, Drop Flow Meters, Conductivity Meters, DAZZLE, Control Panels, Aestero Panels, Automatic RO Plant, Distribution Systems, Pressure Switch, Level Switch, SDI Kit, U V Purifier, Institutional RO, Multi Port Valve

Metal Industrial Corporation
Mfrs., Stockiest & Exporters Of Alloy Forgings, Alloy Steel Dealers, Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes, Aluminium Alloy Castings, Aluminium Bronze Castings, Aluminium Extrusion Profiles & Sections, Aluminium Fasteners, Aluminium Foils, Aluminium Pipes, Aluminium

Sm Biosystems
Pharma Machinery, Fermenters, Fermentation Vessels, Distillation Plants, Starch Projects, Dryers, Evaporation Plants, Lab Spray Dryers, Lab Fermenters, Bio Reactors, PWDS, WFIDS, CSDS Systems, CIP Plants, Pasteurization Plants, Bio Pharma Custom Built Mod

Excel Gas & Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Gas Handling Equipments, Gas Regulators, Gas Handling Systems, Cylinder Quads, Manifolds, Gas Mixers, Gas Mixing Systems, Gas Blending Systems, Process Gas Supply Systems, Laboratory Gas Handling Systems, Orbital Welding, Gas Cylinder Cabinet, Gas Purifie

Normex Valves Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Check Valve, Hydrodynamic Guided Closing ( HGC ) Non-Return Valve, Foot Valve, Ball Type Non-Return Valve, Wafer Check Valves, Ball Foot Valves, Butterfly Valve, Ball Check Valves ( Flanged ), Ball Check Valves ( Threaded ), Silent Check Valves, R

Asiad Steels
(ISO 9001-2008 Co.) Mfg. & Exporters Of Stainless Steel Fasteners, Monel Fasteners, Innconel Fasteners, Titanium Fasteners, Aluminium Fasteners, Bronze Fasteners, Hast Alloy Fasteners, Exporter Of Fasteners, Dairy Clamps & Fittings, Monel Studs, Spring Wa

Marsh Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Actuators, Linear Actuators, Compact Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators, Actuators for Dampers, Rotary Actuators for Sluice Valves, Valves Actuators, Motorized Valves, Motorized Clamps Actuator On Butterfly Valve, Actuator On Globe Valve, Actuator With Integr

Macawber Engineering Systems India Pvt.Ltd.
Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Material Handling Equipments, Ash Handling Systems & Injection Systems, Bulk Material Handling Systems, Batching & Weighing Systems

Mahavas Precision Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Control Valves, Control Valves, IBR Control Valves, Non IBR Control Valves, Flow Control Valves, Flanged CS Safety Valves, Gun Metal Safety Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Steam Trap, Cast Steel Strainer, Flow Check Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Safet

Precision Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Control Valves, IBR Control Valves, Non IBR Control Valves, Flow Control Valves, Flanged CS Safety Valves, Gun Metal Safety Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Steam Trap, Cast Steel Strainer, Flow Check Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Safety Valves

Jf Engineering Products Llp
PTEF Products, Bolts, Stud Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, T-Head Bolts, Wing Screws, Eye Bolts, Foundation Bolts, Structural Bolts, Industrial Nuts, Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts, Self Locking Nuts, Square Nuts.

Gajaraj Engineers
Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Press Machines, Four Pillar, 4 Pillar, C Frame, C Type Hydraulic Presses, Closed Frame Rubber Molding Hydraulic Presses, Conventional Hydraulic Presses, Cotton Belling Spares, Customized, Custom Built, Single

Virgin Engineers
Mfg. & Exporters Single & Double Compression Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Butt Welded Pipe Fittings, Manifold, Needle, Gauges, Check, Ball, Forged Steel Valves, Mono Flanges, Condensate Plot, Air Headers, Quick Release Couplings, Snubber, Thermowell, For

Indaai Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Process Valves Manual, Motorized Valves, Motorized Ball Valves, Motorized Butterfly Valves, Motorized Gate & Globe Valves, Motorized Plug Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Plug Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Diaphragm Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Globe Type Control Valves, Electric Actuators, Classification Of Actuators, Quarter Turn Actuators Multi Turn Actuators Linear Actuators, Standard Specs & Optional Accessories, Actuators With Integral Controls, Actuators With Fieldbus (Two-Wire) Controls, Actuators With Smart Or Intelligent Controls, Centrifugal Pumps, Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps, Non Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps, Vertical Glandless Pumps, Cantilever Shaft Pumps, Vertical Submerged Sump Pumps, Hydrodynamic Seal Pumps, Valves Automation & Retrofitment, Crouzet Microswitches & Limit Switches.

Valfit Engineers
Mfg. Of Stainless Steel, Vessel, Tank, Valves, Centrifugal Pumps, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Distilled Water Storage Tanks, Pharmaceutical Machinery, S.S.Tanks & Vessels, Chemical Plant Machinery, Dairy Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Lobe Pumps, Fittings For Food, Beverage Brewary, Pharmaceutical, chemicals & Biotechnology Industries, D.M.With Reverse osmosis Plant Special Pharma Design In Stainless Steel, Multi column Distillation Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Pure Steam Generator, String Wound Depth Filter Cartridge, SS Filter Cartridge, High Efficiency Pleated PP Filter Cartridge, PP Filter Bags, Special Fabricated Items, Unions, Clamps Fittings & Flanges, High Clean & Sanitary Fittings, Spun PP Depth Filter Cartridge

Jakim Pumps
Mfg.of High Precision Chemical Process Pump, Plunger, Diaphragm Type Metering, Dosing Pump, Gear Pump, Vacuum Pump & All Kinds of Valves, Plunger Type Metering Pumps, Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps, Steam Jacketed Plunger Pumps, Metering Dosing Pumps, Valv

Tsa Process Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Water Distribution System & Utility Piping, Installation Of Turnkey, Sanitary Pumps, GMP Zero Dead Leg Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves & Globe Valves, Storage Tanks, Mixing & Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers As Per The GMP Standards, Filters & Filter Housings, Fabrication Of Sterile & Clean Room Furniture & Accessories, Electropolishing & Super Finishing Processes In Situ, PLC & Scada Interface, Validation Documentation As Per USP-25 Norms, Reverse Osmosis System, Pressure Tubes, High Pressure Pumps, Skid Mounted Modular RO System, Filter Housing, Orbital Welding, Boroscopy, Filtration Train, Electropolishing, Electro De Ionization, High Purity Distribution System, WFI Distribution System, Tri Clamp Fittings, Ball Valves SS 316, Diaphragm Valves Ss 316, Storage Vessels Plain/ Jacketed SS316/304, SS Limpet Coil Vessels, Softening Plant, Multi Grade Filter, Sanitary Valves, De Mineralization Plant, Ultra Violet Disinfectant, Ultra Filtration, Validation Documentation Of High Purity Water System, SS 316 L Block Design Valves, Designing Purified Water System, Sterile Manufacturing Vessels, Multicolumn Distillation Units, Pure Steam Generators, Clean Steam Generators, Liquid Manufacturing Plants, CIP/SIP, Clean In Place, Steam In Place, Pressure Gauges, Compound Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, SMS Fittings, Din Fittings, Sterile Process Piping, Purified Water Piping, WFI Piping, Pure Steam Piping, High Purity Water Systems, Centrifugal Pumps, Forged Diaphragm Valves, Pigging System, ASME BPE Fittings, Installation As Per ASME BPE

Global Steel And Engg.
Authorized Stockists & Distributers Of Audco and L&T Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve, Energy Miser Ball Valve.

Skyline Distributors
Dealers & Resellers OF Ingersoll Rand Ltd. Reciprocating Compressors And Screw Compressors, Air Dryers, Receivers, Air Filters, Air Audit Solutions, Mercury Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd. Hydro-Pneumatic Presses, Pneumatic Cylinders, Solenoid Valves, Grease Pumps,

Vnm Hydrotek
Specialist In Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic Pumps, Solenoid Valves, Proportional Valves, Cartridge Valves, Mobile Controls & Joystics, Filters

Siddharth Engineers
Manufacturer Of Ball Valves - Two Piece Ball Valve, Two Piece Cavity Filled Ball Valve, Three Piece Ball Valve, Jacketted Ball Valve, Wafer Type Ball Valve, 3 - Way Ball Valves. Valve Automation - On - Off Valve ( Ball, Batterfly, Plug, Gate ), Pneumatic

Sankey Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Ball Valves - Two Piece Ball Valve, Two Piece Cavity Filled Ball Valve, Three Piece Ball Valve, Jacketted Ball Valve, Wafer Type Ball Valve, 3 - Way Ball Valves. Valve Automation - On - Off Valve ( Ball, Batterfly, Plug, Gate ), Pneumatic

Jakim Pumps
Mfg.of High Precision Chemical Process Pump, Plunger, Diaphragm Type Metering, Dosing Pump, Gear Pump, Vacuum Pump & All Kinds of Valves, Plunger Type Metering Pumps, Diaphragm Type Metering Pumps, Steam Jacketed Plunger Pumps, Metering Dosing Pumps, Valv

Jasmine Engineers
Quick Release Couplings, Ball Valves, Gemel Ball Valves, Industrial Ball Valves, Quick Couplings, Camlock Couplings, Camlock Quick Couplings, Micro Hose, Micro Hose for High Pressure, Micro Hose for Pressure Fittings, Test Couplings, Minipress Test Couplings, Minimess Test Couplings, Threaded Test Couplings, Bulkhead Test Couplings, Female Swivel Test Coupling, Plug in Test Couplings, Pressure Gauge Adaptors, Cartridge Valves, Hydraulic Hoses, Hoses Crimped Hydraulic, Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic Systems, Hydraulic Accessories, Hydraulic Couplings, Hydraulic Fittings, SS304 HydraulicFittings, SS316 Hydraulic Fittings, Cs Hydraulic Fittings, DIN 2353 Fittings, Pressure Gauges, Industrial Valves, Coupling Valves, Hydraulic Components, Inline Valves, Inline Flow Indicators, Portable Hydraulic Criming Machines, Portable Hydraulic Instruments, Pressure Gauge Anti Shock Valves, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Components, High Pressure Check Valves, High Pressure Ball Valves, High Pressure Flow Control Valves, High Pressure Needle Valve, Non Return Valve, Gemels Italy Ball Valves, Holmbury UK Couplings, Minipress Italy Couplings, Oleoweb Italy Valves, SS304 Csermeto Fittings, SS316 Csermeto Fittings. Flat Face Coupling, Quick Connect Disconnect Couplin, Screw Coupling 1000 Bar, Dust Cap, Test Point, Test Hose, Minimess Coupling, Minimess Hose, SAE Flange Ball Valve, Rotating Union, Hose Burst Check Valve, Compensated Load Control Valve, Compensated Flow Control Valve, Load Shuttle Ball Valve, End Stroke Valve, Single Acting Pilot Check Valve. Double Acting Pilot Check Valve, Double Cross Line Direct Acting Relief Valve, Single Cross Line Direct Acting Relief Valve, Sequence, Valve, Single Counter Balance Valve, Dual Counter Balance Valve, Hand Pumps, Tube Clamp, Instrumentation Fittings, Lubrication Fittings, PP Pipe Clamp, Dowty Seal Copper Washer, Bonded Seal, Ferrule, Coupling in Carbon, Coupling Valves, Hydraulic Components.

Apurav Enterprises
Valves, Authorised Stockiest of AVCON Make Valves, Pneumatic Control Valves, Solenoid Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valves, Stockiest for Prime Controls Pvt, Ltd. For Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators, Pumps & Accessories, Ball Valves

Royal Tools
Since 15yr Leading Stockist Of Thread Inserts Coils & Nuts& Bolts, Hardware Engineering, Precision Tools, Metal Cutting, Carbide Tools, Hydraulic Pipe Fitting & Seamless Pipe Fitting, Heavy Spanner Wrenches, Pneumatic Tubes Fittings, Polyester Slings, Round Slings, Machine Tools Accessories, All Types Of Cutting Tools, Cartridge Tools & Mitayo Co. Products, Nose Piles, Screw Driver Bits, Pneumatic Bits, Electrical bits, Pneumatic Tools

Bhakti Steel & Engineering Co.
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Seamless Steel, ERW Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Non Ferrous Metal

Shiv Om Fasteners
Mfg. & Dealers in Fasteners & Industrial Hardware

Suyog Enterprises
Solenoid Valves, Irrigation Solenoid Valves, Manual Reset Natural Gas Solenoid Valves, LPG & Natural Gas Solenoid Valves, Natural Gas Filter, Gas Leak Detector, & Alarm Controller, Natural Gas Regulator, Gas Regulator, Shut Off Regulator For Natural Gas, Gas Pressure Filter Regulator , Natural Gas, Gas Pressure Filter Regulator, Natural Gas Alarm Controllers, Pneumatic Rotary Pack And Pinion Type Actuators, Tork Rotary Electric Actuators, Pulse Solenoid Valves, Natural Gas Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Angle Type Piston Valves, Drain Solenoid Valves, Gas Spring, Tension Spring, Locking Spring, Stainless Steel Gas Spring, Locking Spring Stainless Steel Gas Spring Valves, Telescopic Gas Spring Valves, Adjustable Gas Spring Valves, Adjustable / Self Compensating Shock Absorbers, Heavy Duty Safety Shock Absorbers, Air Knife, Air Amplifiers, Tool coolers, Suction Cups & Suction Plates, Vacuum Generators / Filters / Pumps / Control Valves

Asian Boiler Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Boilers & Asscessories, Waste Heat Boilers, Steam Generators, Baby Boilers, All Types Of Valves, Soot Blow, Forged Fittings, Super Heater, Economiser, Air Heaters, Separators

Gaurav Pneumatics
Stockist And Distributor Solenoid / Control Valfes, Air Cylinder, FRL, Auto Drain Valves

P.C.Engineering Corporation
Authorized Reseller/ Supplier For Steam Traps, Steam Valves, Pressure Reducing Valve, Safety Valve, Strainers, Moisture Separators, Disc Check Valves, Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valves, Ball Float Traps, Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Traps, Inverte

Excellent Hydraulics
Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic PP Pipe Clamps, Hydraulic Hose Assembly, Industrial Hoses, Hoses For Air And Water, Hoses For Welding And Cutting Equipments, High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses, Hoses For High Temperature Steam Lines, Low Pressure Hydraulic Hos

Aci Engineers
Authorized Stockist For Festo Pneumatic Product, Exair Compressed Air-Operated Products & Sick Sensor, Air Compressors, Cylinder, Valves,Grippers , Servo Pneumatic Positioning Systems, Air Knives,Control System Components, Vacuum Handling Devices, Sensors, Digital Flow meter To Monitor Air Consumption & Waste, Ultrasonic Leak Detector To Locate Costly Leaks In A Compressed Air System, Electronic Flow Control To Minimize Compressed Air, Air Nozzles & Jets To Reduce Excess Air Consumption & Noise Levels. Super Air Knives To Clean, Dry Or Cool Parts Webs Or Conveyors, Air Amplifiers, A Low Cost Way To Move Air, Smoke, Fumes Etc., Compressed Air Operated Line Vac To Blow off, Dry, Clean And Cool Pipe, Cable Etc, Vortex Tubes And Spot Cooling, Cold Gun Air coolant System To Cool Machining Operations With Clean, Old Air, Cabinet Cooler System, Atomizing Spray Nozzle, Industrial Housekeeping, Vacuums For Chip Removal, Liquid Transfer & Cleaning, Static Eliminator To Eliminate Static Electricity, Dust And Shock Hazard, Automation Light Grid, Detection And Ranging Solutions, Distance Sensors, Encoder, Fluid Sensors, Identification Solutions, Photoelectric Sensors Proximity Sensors.

Goodwill Traders
Industrial Gases Welding Equipment & Accessories, Sand Blasting Equipment, Plasma Cutting Machinery, Safety Equipment Engineering Tools, Paints & Hardware

Panalal Mohanlal & Co.
Auto. Stockist Of Leaders & WJ Valves, Dist. Of CIM Brand Italy Ball Valves, Dealers Of CRI Pumps & Valves, Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves

Swastik Industries
Industrial Valves, Globe Valve, Forged Valves, Ball Valve, Industrial Pipes, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes IBR, Seamless Boiler Tubes, CDW Boiler Tubes IBR, Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Mill Gins, Pipes

Pure Water Engineers
Stainless Steel Valves, Sanitary Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Loop Valves, Electropolished Tubes / Fittings, Cleaning Equipment, Pump, Filters, Strainers, Caster Wheels, Pure Water Distribution Systems, Pure Water Generation, Turned Components, Nut

Dalsons Valves
Valves, IBR Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, High Pressure Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Forged Steel Valves, Cast Steel Valves, Cast Iron Valves, Stainless Steel Valves, Process Control Valves, Sluice Valves, Ball Valves, Dual Plate Check V

Frp Equipments & Polymers
Designers & Mfrs.Of Chemical Equipments Like Tanks, Vessels, Piping, Ducting, Vacuum Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Scrubing Systems, Blowers Out Of FRP, PP+FRP, PVC+RP, CPVC+FRP, PVDF+FRP, ECTFE+FRP Etc. & Various Types Of FRP Mouldings, Dlrs.Of HDPE/PP Pipe

Panalal Mohanlal & Co.
Auto. Stockist Of Leaders & WJ Valves, Dist. Of CIM Brand Italy Ball Valves, Dealers Of CRI Pumps & Valves, Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves

Sudharshan Engineering Works
Mfrs.Of Industrial Valves & Fittings Ball Valves, Check Valves, Diaphragm Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Duplex Strainers, Duplex Type Strainers, Flush Ball Valve, Flush Bottom Tank Valves, Flush Bottom Valves, Four Way Ball Valve, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Indust

Kirti Steel Industries
Dlrs.& Mfg.S.S.Bolts, Nuts, Pipe Fittings, Allen Cap, Grub Screw, High Carbon, Copper, Brass, Bolts, Nuts, Sugar & Chemical Parts, Fasteners & Raw Materials

Kirti Steel Industries
Dlrs.& Mfg.S.S.Bolts, Nuts, Pipe Fittings, Allen Cap, Grub Screw, High Carbon, Copper, Brass, Bolts, Nuts, Sugar & Chemical Parts, Fasteners & Raw Materials

Trimurti Polymers
Manufacturer of MS / PTFE, MS / HDPE, MS / PP Lined Pipes & Fitting, Valves, Dip Pipes, Bellows and Strainers, Lined Pipes, Lined Fitting, Lined Flanged Bellows, Lined Sight Flow Indicators, Lined Valves, Lined Dip Pipes, Lined Strainers.

Nippen Tubes
Mfrs. & Exporters Of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Flanges & Special Products

Synergy Global Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Dairy Plant Machinery, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Bulk Material Handling Equipments, Screw Conveyor, Roller Conveyor, Milk Process Plant , Milk Deodorizer , Milk Evaporator And Spray Dryer, Spent Wash , Liquid Glucose , Tomato , Aml

Unique Corporation
Mfg. & Dealers in S.S. & M.S. Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Pipes Fittings & Other Industrial Hardware in All Specifications, Pipes & Tubes, Valves Pipe Fitting

Hex Bolt Full Threaded, Hex Bolt Half Threaded, Allen Head Screws, Grub Screws, CSK Screws, Trox Screws, Thin Nuts, Square Nuts, Hex Flanges Nuts, Wings Nuts, Dome Nuts, Castle Nuts, Ny lock Nuts, Eye Bolts, Foundation Bolts, J- Bolts, L-Bolts, T-Bolts, U

Miloni International
Cs Pipe Fittings, Ms Pipe Fittings, Pipes, Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Valves, All Types Of Flanges, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Studs, Screws, Dowel Pin, Clips, Hardware, Plain Washer, Spring Washers, Cables, Circlips, Screws, Flexible Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Pvc Insulated Cables, Thermcouples Compensating Cables Pvc Insulated Cables

Rioj International
Valves & Fittings, Hylok Tube Fittings, Hylok Valves, Hylok Manifolds, Manifolds, Needle Valves, Ball Valves, High Pressure Valves, Plug Valves, Check Valves, Relief Valves, Imported Valves, Imported Manifolds, Pipe Fitting.

Aditya Stainless (India)
Manufacture & Stockiest Of Stainless Steel Seamless, Butt Weld Fittings, Forged Fittings- Stainless & Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings, Nickel & Copper Alloy Pipe Fittings, Carbon & Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings, Flanges - Nickel & Copper Alloy Flanges, Stainless &

Bellows, Dampers, Valves.

Marina Engineering Corporation
Compressors Spares, Hydraulic Pneumatic Equipments, Gear Pumps, Horizontal Flow Pack Wrapping Machine, Horizontal Liquid Filling Machines, Hydrated Lime, Hydraulic Accumulators, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner, Hydraulic Cable Cutters, Hydraulic Fittings, Hydrau

Modern Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Hydraulic Pneumatic Equipments, Gear Pumps, Horizontal Flow Pack Wrapping Machine, Horizontal Liquid Filling Machines, Hydrated Lime, Hydraulic Accumulators, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioned, Hydraulic Cable Cutters, Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic Gauges, Hydrauli

Asiad Steel Industries
Alloy Steel Dealers, Tool & Alloy Steel, S.S.Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Dairy Fittings, Alloy Steel, Fasteners, S.S.Raw Materials, Steel Material, Valves, Wire Ropes

Mac Well Engineering Corporation
Brass Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Needle & Ball Valves, Tube Fittings, Twin Ferrule Tube Fitting, Connectors, Tube Clips

Polar Gases Pvt.Ltd.
Auth.Dlr.For Dupont Gases, Mettron Gases & Refron Gases. Refrigerants - F-12, R-134A, 404A, 410, 407C, 409, R-11, R-23 & SUVA-95, Oils / Expansion Valves / Driers / Insulations

Soman Associates
Hydrualic & Pneumatic Equipments, Authorised Dist.Of, Air Compressors, Pneumatic Tools, Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Seals & O Rings, Hoses, Air Filters, Air Dryers, Abrasives

Floline Corporation
Mfrs & Dlrs.Of All Types Of Industrial Valves, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Tubes, Non Slam Check Valves, Safety Valves (FLGD), Safety Valves (SCRD), Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Non Return Valves, Strainers, Needle Valves

Stores Trading Company
Dealers in Ball, Roller & Needle Bearings, Transmission Chains, Sprockets, Pulleys, Couplings, Hardware, Pipes Fittings & Valves, Welding Rods & Accessories

Pumps, Pumps Spares, Valves & Spares, Tool Room Work, Authorised Service of KSB Pumps, All Type Of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Job Work

Technocrat Engineers.
Mfg. & Dealers in Fasteners & Industrial Hardware

Arihant Engineers
Mfg., Exporters, Importers Of Linear Motion Bearings, Linear Guide Ways, Hard Chrome Plated Bars, Ball Screw, Rolled Ball Screw, Ground Ball Screw, Linear Shafts, Linear Ball Bushings, Sintered Bushes, Du Bushes, Dx Bushes, Self Lubricating Bushes, Fricti

Industrial Valves, Globe Valve, Teflon Lined Ball Check Valve, Flush Bottom Valve, Knife Edge Gate Valve, Ball Valve Two Piece Design - Teflon Lined, Ball Valve - 3 Piece Valve Design In PP, Plug Valve, Ball Valves, Ball Valve - 3 Piece Design Flanged End

Process Control Devices
Manufacturer of Flow Meters, Gas Flow Meters, Compressed Air Flow Meters, Digital Flow Meters, Natural Gas Flow Meters, Liquid Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meter. Flow Controller, Flow Meter Calibration, LPG Gas Meter.

Technocrat Engineers
Mfg. & Dealers in Fasteners & Industrial Hardware

Vimson India Engineers
Pharmaceutic Equipment, Designer, Consultants And Manufacturers In Chemical Process Equipments, Food Process Equipments, Aeromatic Distillation Plant, Blenders & Mixers

Sudharshan Engineers
Mfrs. Of Industrial Valves & Fittings Ball Valves, Check Valves, Diaphragm Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Duplex Strainers, Duplex Type Strainers, Flush Ball Valve, Flush Bottom Tank Valves, Flush Bottom Valves, Four Way Ball Valve, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Indus

Fabcon Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Water Distribution System & Utility Piping, Installation Of Turnkey, Sanitary Pumps, GMP Zero Dead Leg Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves & Globe Valves, Storage Tanks, Mixing & Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers As Per The GMP Standar

Sudarshan Enterprises
Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Three Way Valves, Sanitary Valves.

Jakim Valves Engineer
Manufacturing of Valves.

Subai Valves Industry
Pipe Fitting, Valves.

Sudarshan Valve Engg. Co.
Valves, Y Type Control Valves, Needle Valves, Globe Valves

Raj Enterprises
Dealer Trader & Stockiest Of Bonfiglioli, Elcon, PBL-Gear Boxes, L & T Valves, Audco Valves, Spirax Marshall Valves, Forbes Marshall Valves, Avcon Controls Pvt. Ltd. Baumer ( Warree) Instruments, Hindustan Motors, Siemens Motors, Industrial Valves ( Ball

G-Nam Valves & Fittings
Manufacturer And Suppliers Of Manifold - 2,3,5, Valve Manifold, Valve Ball Valve, Globe Valve, Needle Valve, Non Return Valve, Double Block And Bleed Valve, Check Valve, Gate Valve, Control Valve, Fittings - Single And Double Ferrule, S/W And B/W Fittings

Hylok Valves & Fittings
Valves & Fittings, Hylok Tube Fittings, Hylok Valves, Hylok Manifolds, Manifolds, Needle Valves, Ball Valves, High Pressure Valves, Plug Valves, Check Valves, Relief Valves, Imported Valves, Imported Manifolds, Pipe Fitting.

Techno Valves
Industrial Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Flush Bottom, Strainers

Flucon Valve Mfg. Co.
Manufacturer Of Valves, Type - Wafer Type Socket Weld NRV, Safety Valve, Needle Valve

Koil Jakim Valves Engineer
Manufacturing of Valves.

Utility Point
Hydrualic & Pneumatic Equipments, Authorised Dist.Of, Air Compressors, Pneumatic Tools, Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Seals & O Rings, Hoses, Air Filters, Air Dryers, Abrasives

Controls And Equipments
Production Counter, Preset Counters, Fan Winding Machine Counter, RPM Counter

Syndicate Metal & Alloys
Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal, Tools, Alloy Steels, Pipes, Tubes, Valves, Pipe Fitting, Flanges, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel & Tool Steel, Non-Ferrous Steel, Carbon Steel

Tech-Wel Engineering Works
Industrial Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Flush Bottom, Strainers

Floline Engineers
Chemical Plant Machinery, Vessels (process Plat), Pharmaceutical Equipment, Centrifugal Pumps, Chemical Plant Machinery, Dairy Plant & Equipments, Filters (industrial & Auto), Flanges, Lobe Pumps, Micron Filters, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Pipe Fittings, P

Valtech Engineers
Chemical Plant Machinery, Vessels (Process Plant), Tanks (Process Plant), Pharmaceutical Equipment, Centrifugal Pumps, Chemical Plant Machinery, Dairy Plants & Equipments, Filters (Industrial & Auto), Flanges, Lobe Pumps, Micron Filters, Pharmaceutical Ma

Crown Gaskets (India)
Valves, Diaphragms, Rings and Washers.

D.P. Pulveriser Industries
Valves, Cocks, Taps and Fittings, Metal Valves.

Fine Tech Engineering Corporation
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Tube Fitting & Valves, Instrumentation Fitting, Pipe Fitting, Ball Valve.

Jins Exim Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Diaphragms, Rings and Washers, Rubber Metal Smallwares.

Dynamic Enterprises Inc
Moisture Separators, Centrifugal Moisture Separators, Air Receivers, Air Compressors, Dryer and Aftercoolers

Sawant Enterprises
FRP Process Equipment,Pipes & Fittings,Valves,Pipe Installation Services

Seahorse Oilfield Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Of Tube Fittings, Valves, Ferrules, Qrc, Hydraulic Fittings, Hose Fitting In M.S. S.S. Brass, Materials, Elbows.

Ras Engineering
Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Distributor of a Wide Range of Valves, Gaskets, Pipes and PumpsProducts We Deal in like Graphite with Tanged Insert Gaskets, Four Way Ball Valve, Filled PTFE Gasket, Expanded PTFE Gaskets.

Steel Tube Traders
All Kinds of G.I., C. I., M.S., S.S. Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Agriculture Goods, Valves, Boiler Mountings & General Order Suppliers.

Industrial Valves & Components
IBR, Pipe Fittings & Valves.

Aasraa Metal Forms Pvt.Ltd.(Industrial Valve Division)
Leading Manufacturers of Industrial Valves.

Bdi India Pvt.Ltd.
Bearings, Chains, Lubricants, Gear Boxes, Couplings, Seals And Valves

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Advance Valves Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. Of Dual Plate Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Balancing Valves

Aliaxis Utilities And Industry Pvt.Ltd.
Piping Systems, Building Technology Systems, Industrial Piping System, Pumps & Valves, Utility Piping System.

Alicon Castalloy Ltd.
Cylinder Heads (4W,2W), Brackets (Transmission & Engine Mounting), Intake Manifolds, Crankcase, Bridge Fork Top, CAC Tank, Oil Sump, CAM Box, EGR Valve, Rack Housing, Pipes, Swing Arm, Pump Housing, Railway Breaking Parts.

Anman Marketing Services
Ventilation Systems & Valves Marketing

Annapurna Bhaskari Group
Hot Thermostats, Cold Thermostats, Rotary Switch, Water Valve, Water Solenoid Valve.

Ari Armaturen Steamline Llp
Safe, Faba, Predu, Stevi, PRD's, Steam Energy Equipment And Valves

Deom Enterprises And Inways R Sales Corp.
Pumps Valves Control Panels Mech. Seal Industrial Domestic Trading

Globe Hydraulik
Hydraulic Pump, Pressure Gauge, Valve, Heat Exchanger, Hydraulic Oil, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine.

Hydro-Pneumatic Controls
Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves, Accessories, Electro Pneumatic Positioner, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Power Pack, Standard Cylinder, ISO Cylinders, Solenoid Valve, Manual Valve, Ball Valve, Flow Control Valve, Rotary Actuator, Control Valves, Feed Control Cylinders, Hydraulic Automation Systems, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic Valves, Hydro-Pneumatic Cylinders, Hydropneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Actuators, Pneumatic Automation Systems, Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Equipments, Pneumatic Valves, Power Pack Units, Pressure Switches, Rotary Actuators

Inline Technologies
SS Pipes And Fittings, Valves, Cleanroom Insulation, Flexible Hoses And Gaskets, Sight Glass And Luminaries, Valves And Differential Pressure Transmitters

J.K. Engineering Works
Flanges and Valves.

Jeevan Engineers
Dealers of Kirloskar Make Pumps, Dealers For Delta Therm Brand Welding Rods, Unisom Valves

Kale Krishi Udyog
Valves for Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Sugar Factory

M. P. Associates And Engineers
Import Export of Electronics Components, Sensors & Instruments, Valves

Matrix Conveying Systems Llp
Manufacturer suppliers, Traders & Exporters of Fly Ash Conveying System, Dump Valves, Denseveyors, Switch Valves. Dome Valves.

Neemai Instruments
Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Sealed, Accessories & Thermowells, Temperature Guage, Thermocouple, Valves.

Padmini Vna Mechatronics Pvt.Ltd.
EGR Valves, Throttle Bodies, Vaccum Pumps, Vaccum Modulators, Electric Controllers, Solenoids, Electrical Actuators.

Ph1 Industries Pvt.Ltd.
PTFE Lined Pipes, Elbows, Reducers, PTFE Lined Valves, PTFE Lined Cross And Strainers

Pumps India
Exclusive Magazine On Pumps, Valves

Shavo India
Valves, Solenoid Valves, Pilot Operated Valve, Manifold for SEAS, SEAA, Solenoid Valves, Solenoid Valve, Namur Valves, Direct Acting Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Manual & mechanical, Manual Valve, Rotary Valve, Foot Valve, Actuators, Technical Data, Compact Cy

Shree Engineering Agencies
Authorised Dealer Normex, Expert Engg, Unison, B.E.P. & All Kinds of Valves-Manual & Actuated

Shri Balaji De Watering System
Dewatering Systems, BF Valve, Pumps with Jet Fitting, WellPoint (PVC), Header Pipe with Saddles, Pipe Fittings, Discharge Pipe, Swing Joint, Valves.

Sri B.M. Tools
Valve Lifters, Valve Resetting Tools.

Stanpumps Engineering Industries
Valves And Pump Systems, Glass Lined And Stainless Storage Tanks, Reactors, Receivers, Rotocone Vacuum Dryers

A. V. I. International
Pipe Clamps, Couplings, Industrial Valves, Ball Valves, Pressure Gauges, Tubes Fittings, Needle Valves, Valves, Socket Weld Fittings, Valves Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Gauges And Gauge.

Advance Tube Co.
Dealers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves etc.

Aira Aurotech Automation
Mfg. of Valves & Flanges, Reflux & Butterfly Valves, Electrical & Pneumatic Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve.

Amit Sales Corporation
Dealers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves & Other Engineering Goods.

An Infra Projects
Valves, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron Pipes.

Antriksh Trading Corporation
Dealers of M.S. Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Flanges.

Apex Tubes Corporation
Marketing in Pipes, Tubes, Valves, Fittings.

Armsen Engineering Pvt.Ltd
Automobile Components, Valve Parts and Valves.

Asco Numatics India Pvt Ltd
Air Valves, Process Control Valve, Control Valve, Fluid Control Valves, Solenoid Pilot Valves, Angle Body Valve, Piston Valves, Linear Valve, Position Indicators, Redundant Control Systems, Pressure Sensors. Pneumatic Control Products. Motion Control Prod

Ashapura Valves & Boiler Mountings
All Types of Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fittings Flanges.

Autoflow Engineers & Controls Pvt Ltd
Valve Automation, Retrofitting Valves,Valve Actuators.

Basanti Engineering Works
Manufacturer Of Valves.

Bharat Hardware & Mill Gin Stores
Dealers of Lifting Trackles, Asbestos Products, Boiler Material, Pipe Fitting, Valves, Bearings, Power Tools, Monoblock Pumps, Box Packing Material, Welding Equipment, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings.

Bombay Sanitary Stores
Distributors of Cast Iron Pipes, Fittings, Parryware Sanitaryware, Kirti Fittings, Valves, Sanitary Wears.

C.C. Shah & Co.
Mfg. of Industrial Valves, IBR & Non IBR Valves.

C.K. Mehta & Co.
Dealers of Valves, Industrial Valves.

Citycat International Ltd.
Piston Rings, Bearings, Camshafts, Crankshafts, Pistons, Valves, Axle Alternator, Batteries, Bellows & Connectors, Electronic Fuel Injector, Cylinder Liners & Heads, Traction Motors.

Coimbatore Flow Controls
Engineering Industry, Industrial Valves like Butterfly, Rali, Check, Pulp & other Valves.

Continental Valve Corporation
Industrial Valves, Marine Valves Reduction Gear Boxes & Spares.

Cosmos Enterprise
Pipes, Fitting & Valves, Manufacturing of Valves, Sight Glasses.

Crescent Valves Mfg.Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. of Industrial Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Needle Valves, Plug Valves, Special Valves

Crs Marketing & Services
Stockist & Dealers of L & T Valves.

D.H. & Co.
Wocker Valves, Varsila P.R.V. Brook Flush Valve, P.R.V.Valves, Flush Bottom Valves.

Damodar Enterprises
Supplier Of Industrial Material Suppliers, Tools, Valves, Bearing, Nut Bolts, Couplings,Adhesives, Lubricants, Safety Item, Machines Spares, Lifting Equipment

Dev Traders
Elems / Corona Valves & Cocus ISI / IBR & Non IBR>

Devi Industrial Corporation
Supplier of Pipe Fitting & General Hardware. Stockist of Pipes & Fittings, Valves & Cocks.

Dipnal Valve & Tubestos Co.
Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fitting & M.S. Structural.

Dynatech Engineers
Mfg. of Gear Wheel Pumps, Valve Blocks, Proportional Valves.

Eastern Industrial Suppliers
Dealers of Valves, Flanges, Pipe Fittings, Water Meters, Valves & Cocks, Strainers, Gauges, Fittings, etc.,

Eastern Tube & Hardware Mart
Stockist of Rotary Pressure Joints & Accessories, Valves & Cocks.

Excel India
Dealers of Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves Hardware.

Ezzy Industrial Hardware
Dlrs in Neta, Leader Valves.

Flash Forge Pvt Ltd
Titanium Fitting, Valves, Flanges, Hydraulic Manipulators, Actuators, Filters And Complete Piping Solution

Fluid Power Corporation
Pneumatic Equipments & Components.

Fluidline Valves Co. Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers of Industrial Valves.

G-Nam Valves & Fittings
Valves & Fittings, Various Types Of Valves, Valves & Fittings, Pneumatic Valves, Ferrules, Flanges, Tubes & Pipes, Pipe Clamps & Flanges

Gandhi Bros.
Dealers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Iron & Steel, Structural, Ferrous-Non Ferrous Metals & Hardware, Mfg. of Diaphragm Valves, Forged Shafts, Wire Meshes.

Gauge And Tools
Chemical Valve Manufacturing & Servicing.

H.V. Enterprise
Stockist of GI Pipes Fittings & GM Valves.

Hawk Systems
Mfg. of Industrial Valves. Pressure Reducing Valves,

Hi Tech Butterfly Valves India Pvt Ltd
Butterfly Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, Swing Type Check Valves, Ball Valves, Knife Gate Valves.

Hightech Valves Vorporation
Trading in Valves, Pipe Fittings.

Honeytech Controls (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Pneumatic Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydropneumatic Cylinders & Presses, Pneumatic Solenoid Valves, Manually Operated Valves & Accessories, Control Valves With Actuator Mechanism, Air Dryers, Founda

Hydraulic Tubes And Valves Co.
Mfg. of Valves. Pipe Fittings & Flanges, Hydraulic Valves, Hydraulic Tube Fittings.

Indiana Group
Process Control Instruments. Automation, Instrumentation & Process Control, Electronic Instrument & Control, Cocks, Valves, Motors, Pumps, Ac Motor Drive, Dc Motor Drive.

Indo Industrial Agency
GI & MS, Pipes, Seamless Pipes, Boiler Tubes, MS Flanges.

Industrial Marketing
Pneumatic Products & Hydraulic Cylinders, Ex-Stock Available FRLS, Cylinders, Valves, Fitting, Pneumatic Systems.

J. J. Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd.
Dealing in Pipe, Welding Rods, Valves, Plug, Adapters.

J.M. Tube Corporation
G.I., M.S. Pipes & Pipe Fittings Valves & Cocks.

Jitendra Enterprise
Ball Bearing, Timing Belt, Rubber Item, Power Transmission Product, S.S. Bolt Nut, Pipe Fitting & Valves & Special Rubber Item.

Kadakia Associates
Supply of Pipes, Pipes Fittings, Valves & Other Hardware.

Karamsheel Engineers
3 Way Lever Type Valves, Servo Piston Valves, Diaphragm Type Valves, Solenoid Burners, Pneumatic Safety Shut Off Valves, Direct Acting Valves, Spool Type Valves, Needle Valves & Coils

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd
Pumps, End Suction Pump ,Monobloc Pump, Split Case Pump, Submersible Pump, Multistage Pump, Sump Pump, Vertical Turbine Pump, Special & Engineered Pump, Valves, Butterfly Valve, Sluice valve, Non Return Valve, Kinetic Air Valve, Foot Valve, FM Approved Ga

Lubra Diz Tube & Engg.
Valves & Pipe Fitting.

M.B. Enterprises
Dealers of Pipes, Fittings, Valves & Cocks, Flanges.

M.J.Patel India Ltd.
Seamless/Alloy/ Stainless Steel /Pipes & Steam Valves Super Heater, Economiser Elements

Mahalaxmi Pipe Fittings Corporation
All Kinds of Pipes & Pipe Fitting, GM & CT Valves, Plumbing & Sanitaryware.

Mahesh Industries.
Valve Spares, Industrial vales.

Marck & Care Engineers
Mfg. of Industrial Valves, Flanges & Automation Products.

Masaf Trading Co.
All Kinds of Valves & Brass & S.S. Pneumatics Fittings.

Mehta Brothers & Co.
Industrial Valves & Cocks, Bronze Industrial Valves, Cast Iron Industrial Valves.

Mehta Mill Gin Stores
Valves & Cocks Fittings.

N. K. Engineers And Contractors
Cocks, Valves, Motors, Pumps, Motor Grader Blade, Motor Grader Spare Part, Shaft, Gears & Gear Boxes, Gear, Gear Pulley, Pinion, Heavy Plant & Machinery, Ceramic Machinery, Material Handling Equipment & Services, Pulley, Timing Belt Pulley, Timers.

N.B. Corpn.
Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Iron & Steel.

National Ceramics
CL, AC, SWR, PVC, UPVC, Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Sinks, Water Heaters And Boilers, Storage Water Tanks, Sanitaryware, Valves, Cocks, Bathroom Fittings, A to Z Plumbing Fittings

National Commercial Corporation
ERW Pipes, M.S. & G.I. Pipes & Fittings, Valves & Cocks. IBR Pipes, Flanges.

Niru Engg. & Mill Stores
Pipe Fitting, Valves.

Noble Pipe Fittings Co.
Pipe Fitting, Valves & Cocks.

Online Industrial Sales Pvt.Ltd.
Buy Industrial Goods Online, Firefighting Equipments, Pipe Dealers, Gi Pipes, Ms Pipes.

Oriental Sales Company
Dlrs & Stksts in SAP, BONN, Kranti, IV Intervalve, All types of Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners, Safety Products, Power Tools & other Industrial Products.

Padmavati Tube Traders.
Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Flanges etc.

Paras Hardware
Valves, Pipes, Water Meter & Fittings.

Parekh Traders
Mfg. of Industrial Valves.

Phoenix Valves & Fittings
Valves & Pipe Fittings.

Premier Tube & Hardware Mart
Dealers & Stockists of Valves, Actuators & Jointing Sheets.

Pressure Tubes & Valves Co.
Mfg. of Valves And Strainers, Pressure Tube, Pressure Valves.

Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd.
PP-R Plumbing Systems, Solvent Weld, UPVC Pressure & Non Pressure Fittings, UPVC Agri Pipes, Borewell Systems, Valves.

Process Fluid Control Technologies
Tube Fitting, Valves, Tubes Accessories, Valves Accessories.

R. Narendra & Co.
Trading in Pipes & Valves.

Rank Controls And Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Flame Asbestos, Breather Valves Valves, Flame Asbestos, Breather Valves Asbestos & Asbestos Products.

Reliance Trading Co.
Bathroom Fittings, Plumbing Materials, Sanitaryware, Valves & Cocks.

Riddhi Metals
Manufacturers, Supplier Of Hotel And Kitchen Equipments, Office Furniture, Equipments, Hotel Kitchen Equipments, Hotel Furniture, Display Counters for Hotels And Bakery Industrial Railings, Refrigeration Equipments / Systems, Ducts and Exhausts, Dairy Machinery, Gas Pipe Line

Royal Enterprises
All Type Of Pipe Fitting, SS & H.T.Fasteners, Tools, Valve, Pressure Gauge, All Types Of Industrial Hardware Goods

Sangeeta Enterprises
Precision Tools & Pipes Fittings, Valves, Industrial Valves.

Savita Auto Industries
Valves,Clamps,Hydraulic Hoses.

Senthil Engineering Works
Automobile Parts,Valves Parts.

Shobha Hardware & Industrial Suppliers
Dlrs & Stksts of Valves, Industrial Pipes, Fittings, Water Meters & General Requisites.

Shriram Engineering
Salt Machineries, Motors,Pumps, Valves, Cables.

Singhal Engineers
Mfrs Of MS /CS / SS/ MS Range, Pipes And Fittings, Valves, Supliers Of Pipes, Plates, Circles

Sri Andal Engineering Works
Wooden Patterns, Aluminium Patterns, Castiron Sgi Patterns, Epoxy Patterns, Pumps Shaft Sleeves, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Valves, Gear Pumps and Gear Boxes, Shafts for Diesel Engines.

Sri Balaji Alloys
Valve Stems & Stem Nuts.

Steam & Heating Engg.Co.
Industrial Pipes Fittings & Valves.

Steel Tube Corporation
All Kinds of ERW and Seamless Tubes, G.I. and M.S., C.I., S.S. Pipes Fittings and G.M.C.I. Valves and Rigid, P.V.C. Pipe Fittings.

Stetters Pneumatics
Pumps, Valves, Frls, Cylinders.

Sudarsan Fluidtech
Hydraulic Power Packs, Cylinders , Valves, Accessories, Filters, Pumps, Pressure Gauges, Hydraulic Presses.

Sujal Enterprise
Industrial Valves.

Super Fasteners Industries
Mfrs. & Stockists Of Hydraulic Pneumatic, Pneumatic Equipments, Valves, P.U., Nylon Tubings, Instant & Push On Fittings, Tube Fittings, P.U.Coiled Hoses, F.R.L., Solenoid Valves, Hand Lever Valves, Flow Control Valves, Cylinders, Silencers & All Types Of

Tarun Valves (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Industrial Valves.

Thakorlal & Co.
Pipe Fittings, Valve & Cocks, Rotary Joints, Flanges.

The Riveraa Pumps India Pvt.Ltd.
Electric Motors, Monoblocks, Jet Pumps, Submersibles, Compressors, Valves, Stamptings.

Trisha Engineers
Importers & Authorised Dealers Sanking Taiwan, UPVC / PP / CPVC / VALVES, Actuated Valves / Fittings,

Tubes N Valves
Valves, Cocks & Boiler Mounting.

Untied India Traders
Suppliers of Structural Steel, Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Valves & Hardware Merchants, Asbestos Goods.

Urshit Industrial Corporation
Valves, Industrial Valves.

Utsav Impex
C.I. & D.I. Pipes, Fittings, Valves & Water Meter.

Valves Repairing
All Types Of Valves Repairing

Vijay Trading Corporation
Reduced Bore Ball Valves, Energymiser Ball Valve, Full Bore Ball Valves, Ecoseal Ball Valves, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, High Pressure Ball Valves.

Wam India Pvt.Ltd.
Screw Conveyors and Feeders, Mechanical Conveyors, Valves, Air Filters and Waste Water Treatment Equipment.

Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Thread Fittings, Pipes, Sheet, Coil, GI Pipe, Seamless Pipe, ERW Pipes, Hydraulic Tubes, Copper Tubes, Copper Fittings.

Weldeal Enterprises
Industrial Pressure Guages, Thermometers, Pipes, Flanges, Valves, Fastners and Hydraulic Hoses.

Yoke Engineering Outsourcing
Valves & Valve, Actuator Parts

Alba Tube Industries
Stockist & Dealers of Seamless Steel Tubes, ERW Boiler Tubes, Pipes Fitting & Valves etc.

Baxcell Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Tubes & Tube Fittings, Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Valves.

Ex Process Equipments
Valves, Electrical Junction Box, Control Panel, Rota Meters, Level Switches, Level Gauges, Flow Meters, Level Transmitters, Strainers, Sight Glasses & More

Fairdeal Tubes Corporation
Calibration Of Pressure Gauges,Valves,Thermometer.

Hindustan Metals & Tubes
Seamless Pipe, ERW Pipe, Valves, Flanges & Pipe Fittings.

Khd Valves Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial Valves.

Lacier Industries
Valves, Forged Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves

Lintec Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Carbon Steel Tubes, Carbon Steel Pipes, Stainless Steel Tube, Stainless Steel Bars, Valves, Pipe Fittings, Heat Exchangers.

Microfinish Group Of Companies
Microfinish Valves, Ball Valves, Bellows Sealed Globe Valves, Globe Valves for chlorine service

Perfect Pollucon Services
Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Stack Emission Monitoring.

Pure Tech Industries
Ultra Pure Bio Phrma Tubes, Tube Fittings, Pumps, Valves, Filter Housing Tank & Clean Room Furniture.

Sumeet Products
Filter Housing, Storage Tanks, Vessels, U.V., Valves And Allied Equipments.

Weirbdk Valves
Dealers of Valve. Industrial Valve.

Ackruti Metal
Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal, All Stainless Steel Products

Air Technology System
Valve Dealers, Solenoid Valve Dealers, Hydraulic Cylinder Dealers, Coil Dealers, Pneumatic Cylinder Dealers, Pneumatic Dealers, Cylinder Air, Aluminium Fitting Dealers, Brass Fitting Dealers, Solenoid Coil Dealers.

Al Mashaan General Trading. & Contracting. Est.
Supplier & Stockiest : Valves, Pipes, Pipes Fittings, Flanges,

Ali Zehra International
Importer, Exporter and Suppliers of Industrial Hardware and General Merchandise, S.S.Fastners, Valves, Flow Control Valve, Hoses and tubes, Temperature Gauges, Water Filter.

Ameya Filters Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, Filter Valves

Atul Pipe Company
Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader, Exporter and Importer of Industrial Flanges, Valves & Fittings such as Steel Flanges, Carbon Steel Flanges and Short Bend Elbow.

B.D.K.Group Of Companies
Control Panel Boards, Process Control Equipment & Instruments, Valves

Baumer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Gun drilling machines. Our manufacturing range includes Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, RTD’s Thermocouples Thermo wells, Pressure Switches, Needle Valves, Manifolds, Instrumentation Tube Fittings, Level Indicators, Level Switches, Press

Best Solutions Engineering & Services
Flamproof Equipment, Proving Tank, Hose Pipe, Valves, Pipe, Pipe Fittings & Fire Fighting Equipment.

Bharat Forge & Pipe Industries
Mfg. & Stockist Of M.S., C.S., S.S., A.S., All Kinds Of Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Valves IBR & Non IBR Etc.

Core Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Compressors, Pumps, Tools Lifting / Material Handling, Air Motor Engine Starter, Application Technologies HVAC, Valves, Nuclear Products.

Dev Metal & Engg. Ind.
We Are Manufacturing In All Type Of Stainless Steel Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Valves, Butt Welded Fittings, Alloy Steel Dealers, M.S.Flanges

Drs Flow Technologies
Flush Bottom Mixing, Valves, Flow Division Valves, Submersible Pump, Safety Valve & Pressure Reducing Valves.

Eaton Power Quality Pvt.Ltd.
Electrical Sensing And Controls,Fuel, Ground Fueling,Hoses, Couplings, Ducting And eals,Hydraulics, Customer, ervices,hydraulics Connectors,Electronics And Software,Hose And Hose Fittings, Motors, Pumps, Valves.

Energy Pak (K) Limited
Boilers, Valves and Steam Products

Essam Engineers
Fabrication, Patterns, Valves

Fairfield Engineers
Mfg.Of Ferrule & Flare Fittings, Screwed/Socket/Butt Weld Fittings, Valves, Cock, Strainer, Camlock/Quick Release Coupling, Hose & Bellows, Industrial Fasteners

Fbv Inc
Engineered Solution, Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve.

Flowserve India Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Cocks, Valves, Motors, Pumps - Diaphragm Pump , Pump , Pump Industrial , Pump Process , Pump Split Case , Valve , Valve Actuated Butterfly , Valve Actuator Thermostat , Valve Butterfly , Valve Diaphragm Cooling & Refrigeration - Cooling Water Treatment Pl

Graco Inc
Automatic Lubricant System, Controllers, Hose Reels, Hot Malt, Equipement, Injectors, Material Packages, Pressure Washers, Pumps, Sports Field Markers, Valves, Texture Sprayers.

Heat Flow Engineering
Flow Diversion Valves, Diapharagm Valves, Installation Material, Sampling & Tank Flush Bottom Valves.

Hi-Tec Valves
Manufacturer of Valves.

Hyloc Hydrotechnic Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Tube Couplings, Valves, Clamps, Adaptators And Flanges (Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel) Forged Fittings And Diagnostic.

Instrumax Enterprises
Tube Fittings, Valves, Manifolds, Condensate Pot, Air Headers Etc.

We Are A Renowned Manufacturer And Trader Of A Qualitative Range Of Industrial Automation And Building Technology Products. Converters, Multiplier, Insulators, Controllers And Process Indicators, Clean Room Indicators, Communication Modules, Air Velocity

Jay Bee Enterptise / Neel Industries
Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Fittings and Cutting Tools. Our range includes Pipes and Tubes, Cutting Tools, Valve and Flanges, Pneumatic Ball Valve, Wafer Butterfly Valve, Brass Ball Valve, Float Valve, Mac Valve, Plumbing Valve, Air Relief Val

Kor Valve(I) Pvt Ltd
Gate Valves,Globe Valves ,Ball valves,butterfly valves,check valves.

Leader Valves Limited
Manufacturer of Widest Range Of Valves & Fittings for All Applications.

Luxmi Industries
Supplier And Manufacturer Of Regulator Valve, Lpg Regulators, Inlet Valves, Hydraulic Actuation System, Tank Bottom Valve, Foot Pedal Valve, Screwed End Valve, Reciprocating Compressor Valve.

Mahesh Trading Company
Deals in Hand Tool, Cutting Tool, Grinding Wheel, Valve, Pneumatic Tools, Precision Tools, Machine Tools, Pressure Gauges, Electronic Tools, Welding Accessories, Adhesive, Portable Electric Tools.

Manomay Supplies Pvt.Ltd.
Supply of Valves, Tube Fitting, Pipes Fitting, Cable Trays, Gratings, Energy Saving Systems for HVAC Plants, Water Treatment System etc.

Mohinder Singh & Sons
Traders Of MS & SS Pipes, Fitting, Flanges, Valves And Boiler Mountings.

Patsons Metallics Pvt.Ltd
Ci Castings, Sg Iron Castings, Casting, Valves

Pradeep Metals Ltd.
Valves, Gears, Automative, Manifolds, Forged Flanges, General Engineering.

Punjab Metal Works
Valves Manufacturer, Tarder, Exportors,

Renuka Sales Corporation
Exporters Of Valves, Rubber Products, Pressure & Temperature Gauges Gauges & Gauge Glasses

Revolve Valves & Bearings
Manufacturer All Kinds of Industraisl Valves

Shriram Polymers
All Types Of Valves, Cooling Tower Spray Nozzles, DM/Softner Nozzle

Spot Trading Company
Electrical Equipment. Industrial Belt & Pulleys, Hydraulics And Pneumatics, Instrument Sensors, Industrial Fire Extinguisher, Portable Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher Systems, Adhesive Glues, Drive Motors, Terminal Blocks, Industrial Terminal Blocks,

Techno Sales Corporation
Pipes, Fitting, Specials, Gratings, Valves, M/H Cover & Allied Items.

Thm Huade Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.
Cartridge Valves, Accumulators, Hydraulic Cylinder, Directional Control Valves, Filter, Hydraulic Power Pack, Pressure Control Valves, Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump, Flow Control Valves And Accessories

Tksct Corportion India Liasion Office
Fittings, Regulators, Valves, Switchover Boards, Safety Valves

United Engineering Corporation
Pipes & Tubes, Sheets & Plates, Valves, Fitting, Bellows & Hoses, Flanges, Bar & Wire, Non Ferrous Metal. Actuators.

Vaishnavi Associates
Valves, Refrigeration Compressor, Heat Exchangers

Virgo Valves & Control Limited
Control Valves, Ball Valves, Valves.

Vitona Elastomers
Valves, Gaskets, O-rings, Rubber Seals Gaskets, Other Rubber Products.

Zed Sales
Sales And Management Software

1.Moxy Steel Impex
Erw & Seamless Pipe/ Tubes & Fittings, Sheet/ Plates,Round, Hex, Square, Valve, Flanges & Fastners

A 1 Enterprises
Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Pipes, Specials, Valves.

A-1 Hydro Pneumatics
Brass, SS & CS Tube & Pipe Fittings, valves, Instrumentation, Hydraulic Hoses Ptfe

A. S. Controls
Manufacturer Of Digital Controllers & Valves For Air Conditioning, Refrigeration And Ammonia Plants.Telecom Industries, Food Processing Industries.

Paint Driers, PVC Stabilizer, FRP Accelerator

Manufacturer Of : Industrial Valves (ibr & Non Ibr) Pipe Fittings & Investment Casting Ball Valves

Manufacturer Of Bathrrom Fittings And Valves

Aarbee Aqua
dealers For Industrial And Domestic Water Treatment / Filtration Components, FRP Composite Vessels, Dosing Pumps, Cartridge Filters, Multiport Valves, High Pressure Pumps, Hydro Pneumatic Tanks, Rotameters, Pressure Gauges, All Domestic RO / UV Components

Aarjay Traders
Manufacturer Of All Industrial, Chemicals, Petrochemical & Process Control Valves, Valves (All Types)

Abhay Trading Co
Ball Bearings, Timing Belts, Valves

Adi Engineer
Auth Dealers For Valves, Pipes, Seamless & Erw Pipes & Tubes, S.S.Pipes & Fittings

Adison Hyderalics India
Manufacturer Of Hydraulic Pumps, Valves & Accessories, Pump, Relief Valves, DCV, Check Valve, Pressure Switch, etc

Aditi Industries
Mfg. Of All Types Of Valves

Aditya Enterprises
Exporter Of ISI & IBR Apporved Valves & Cocks.

Advance Traders
Industrial Goods, Engineering Cutting And Measuring Tools, Bearing, Welding Items, Hardware Items, Valves & Cocks, Taps & Dies, High Tensile Fastners, Tool Bits, Hacksaw Blades, Hand Tools, Files, Drills, V Belt, Hose

Air Fill
We Offer To Sell Ferrous Casting, Non- Ferrous Casting, Brake Hubs, Brake Assemblies, Brackets, Exhaust Bends, Piston Road, Turbo Charger Assembly , Valves, Air Compressor Spares, Textile Machinery Spares, Engineering Spare Parts.

Air Gas Engineering & Co.
Compressor Valve, Suction / Discharge Valve, Valve Plate, Spring Plate, Cushin Plate

Air Pace
Manufacturer Of Pneumatic Valves, Fittings Accessories

Air Tech Pneumatics
Hand Lever Valves, Push Pull Valves, Slide Valves, Disk Rotary Valves, Roller Valves, Solenoid Valves, Flow Control Valves

Air-Tech Pneumatics
Mfg Of Pneumatic Products, High Pressure Regulators, Filters, Water Filter, Lubricators, Regulators, Solenoid Valves, Directional Control Valve

Airmax Controls
Solenold Valve, Frc Unit, Roto Seal, Valves

Al Mighty Corporation
C.S.Seamless Pipes, S.S.Pipes And M.S.Pipes, Alloy Steel Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Flanges And Valves

Alfa Seals & Systems Co.
Mechanical Shaft Seals, Agitator Seals, Compressors Seals, Couplings, Valves

Altech Flow Control
Mfr. of IBR-Non IBr Industrial Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valve, Check Valves, Plug Valves, Needle Valves, Glass Tube Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Steam Trap

Amar Plastics
HDPE Pipes, Fitting & Valves

Ameya Engineers
Valves, Threaded Components, Precision Components

Anna Hydro Elements Trad.Co.
Kompass Hydraulic Pumps, Valves And Accessories

Apple Metal
Air Control Valve, Jet Assembly, Gun Metal Nozzle, Foot Valve, Control Valve, Pump Casing, Thrust Bearings, Pumps Thrust Bearing, Ltb Bushes, Clamps, Handles

Aquanomics Pool Products (M)
Water Treatment, Pressure Vessels, Membrane Housings, Pump, Valves, Resins, Chemicals, Prefab Pool, Booster Systems

Arihant Mill Stores
Deals In All Kinds Of Brake Liners, Concrete Vibrators Spares, Bearings And Valves

Aroon Amulakh Sheth & Co.
Distributors Of Pipes And Fittings, Valves, HDPE & PP Bags

Arun Sales Corporation
Pipes & Fittings, Blocks, Sheets, Rods, Flexible Gaskets, Valves & Profile

Aryan Polyplast Industries
Poplypropylene, Hdpe Pipe, Pipe Fitting & Valves, Steet & Welding Accessories.

Asali International
Flow meters,Oil Flow Meters,Gas Flow Meters,Water Flow Meters,Cables & Connector,Vaccum Pumps,Valves, & Industrial Products Manufacturing

Ashish Engineering
Water Distribution Systems, Sterile/ Cleanroom & Laboratory Furniture, Process & Utility Piping, Valves for Process & Utilities, Teflon lined Coated Vessels Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Valves, Reactors, Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels

Ashish Enterprise
All Type Of Industrial Valves Cast Iron, Steel, Alloy Steel, Teflon Lined Valve

Ashish Industries
Mechanical Seal Shaft & Spares Engineering Products & Valves.

Asian Metals & Tools Corp.
Dealer/Stockiest/Deals In All Metals, Pipe & Fittings, Valves, Tools, Welding, Measuring Mill, Fire, Safety Equipments, Paints, Fasteners, Pump & Motors & All Electrical Items, Wires & Cables, Light Fittings & Lamps

Asian Valves & Tubes
Stockist & Dealers Of M.S & S.S. Pipe Fittings, Flanges & Forged Fittings, Industrial Valves, High & Low Pressure Hose Pipes, Ferrule Fittings, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings, Siemag Solonied Valves, Air Blow Guns, F.R.L.Units, Pressure Gauges, Cylinders

Asm Tech Inc
Wanted Boiler Valves, Pipe Fitting, Sanitary Ware, Hand Tools Bulk

Aster Engineering
Instrumentation Double & Single Ferrule Fitting, Valves, Valves Manifolds, Syphon Air Header Pr Gauge Snubber & Special Valves & Fittings

Atlas Engineering Company
Pneumatic Valves, Cylinders, FRL, Fittings

B.D.K. Engineering Industries Ltd.
Diaphragm Valves,Butterfly Valves,PFA Lined Valves,Gate Valves,Globe Valves,Check Valves,Plug Valves,Forged Steel Valves,Ball Valves,Cast Iron Valves,Actuators,Gear Boxes

Baba & Co.
Manufacturer Of IC Engine Valve

Balaji Hydro Lifting & Hardware
Brack Ling, Lifting Hydraulic, Safety Welding, Pipe Fitting, & Valves

Bans Aerosol Pvt.Ltd.
Silicone & Allied Products, Maintenance Aerosol Products, Anti-Friction Preparations, Perfumes & Consumable Aerosol Products, Toiletaries & Homecare Products, Aerosols Cans, Valves & Sprayer.

Bansal Traders
Traders In Gun Metal Valves & Cocks.

Barmecha Brothers
Valves CI/CS/SS/GM Moc Gate, Globe, NRV, Ball, Butterfly, Plug, Knife, Pulp

Bdk Group Of Companies
Gear Boxes, Actuators, Valves, Diaphragm, Check Valves

Bell Fluidtechnics Pvt Ltd
Hydraulc Valves, Pumps & Accessories. Directional Valves, Pressure control Valves, Modular Valves, Vane Pumps, Gear Pumps.

Best Forgings India Pvt Ltd
Mfr And Supplier Of Forged Parts, Forged Pipe Fittings, Forged Valves, Automobile Components, Flanges, Non-Ferrous Components,Electrical Parts, Agriculture Parts And Machined Components

Bhalchandra Traders
Dealers In All Type Of Industrial Hardware, Tools, M.S., S.S. & High Tensile Nut Bolts, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Valves, Fittings & Cylinders, G.I., M.S. & S.S.Pipes & Fittings, Metals, Electrical Products & Power Tools, Adhesive, Laboratory Chemicals, Stati

Bhide & Sons Pvt Ltd
Mfgrs Of Valves & Cocks

Bk. Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Process Control Instruments & Valves.

C.B.Trading Corporation
K.S.B., Spirax, Microfinish Forbeson, Expert, Nisha, Neta, C.I.M Make Valves, Pipes & Pipe Fitting & Gauges

C.Champaklal & Co.
Auth.Dealers Of D.I., C.I.S./S Pipes, D/F Pipes, Specials & Sluice Valve, G.I.&M.S.Pipes, Fittings, G.M.Valves, Water Meters & Oil Meters

C.P.Valves Industry
Complete Range Of ISI & IBR Approved Valves & Cocks

Pumps And valves For: Infrastructure, Water Treatment, Sewage & Effuent Disposal, Fire- Fighting Systems, HVAC

Cadel Engineering Works
CADCON Iris Diaphragm Valves are Ideal To control The Flow Of Free Flowing Powders, Granules, Crystals. The Industries who use these Valves Extensively Are Pharma, Chemicals, Food Processing, Dairy Products & Detergents

Caneast Trading Inc.
Release Couplings, Brass Fittings, Steel Fittings, Adapters, Brake Tubings, Hoses, Valves, Sanitary Fittings

Dealership Of Valves. Refractory Lining Etc.

Champak Steel House
Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel, Valves, Mild Steel & Carbon Steel.

Champion Seals (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Asbestor/ Non-Asbestor, Gaskets/ Jointing Sheets, Glang Packaging, Pump & Valve Gland Packging, Ptfe Tape/ Rope, Rings/ Tape/ Graphite Sheets

Chandra Engineering & Mechanical Pvt.Ltd.
Safety Fittings & Equipments, Positive Vessels/Storage Tanks, Liquid Evaporators (Vapourizers)

Chemtrols Samil (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Spraying Systems, Valves, Pipe Fittings

China, Changsha 4100821 Seai Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Rubber Valves Seal, The Whole Car Gaskets, O-Ring, Valve Mats Damping Pouches.

Chirag Industries
We Are Manufacturer And Exporters Of Tube Clamps, Tube Fittings And Hydraulic Fittings, Check Valves, Needle Valves, Thorttle Valves, Non Return Valves, Manifolds Valves, Flow Control Valves, Quick Release Couplings

Competence Engineering
Actuators, Emergency Switches, Diesel Generators, Valves, Pressure Gauges, Transmitters, CNG Compressore Services, Instrumentation Errection And Commissiong Contracts.

Craftsman Automation Pvt Ltd
Automotive, Printing Machine, Textile, Marine, Locomotive, Air Compressor, Valves And Controls

Cri Pumps
Waste Water Pumps, CH Pumps, Drainage Pumps, Pressure Booster Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Valves

Cri Pumps Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of All Types Of Pumps And Valves

Dairy Pharma Chem Liners
Stainless Steel Valves, Sanitary Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Loop Valves, Electropolished Tubes / Fittings, Cleaning Equipment, Pump, Filters, Strainers, Caster Wheels, Pure Water Distribution Systems, Pure Water Generation, Turned Components, Nut

Danish International
Ferro Alloys, Pumps, Hardware, Valves.

Dattatray Engineering Work
Leading Manufacturer Since 1974 For Industrial Valves & Filters, Specialised For Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Strainer, Y Type Strainer, Basket Strainer, Flash Bottom Valve, Globe Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve Etc. (All Types Of Industrial Valve & Filters

Davey Products
Water Treatment Plants Requiring PP/PVC/HDPE Rods, Pipes, Fittings, Discs, Valves.

Delta Sales Corporation
Manufacturer Of Hydraulic Power Packs & Cylinders Auth Dealer Of All Types Of Valves, Pumps Etc

Drp Metal Works
Manufacturer Of CI And GM Valves And Cocks, Pipe Fittings

Durga Trading Co.
Butterfly Valve, Thermostatic exporterValve, Digital Room Thermostates, Drier & Core, Valve Actuators, Hot Gas Valve

Eastern Trading Corporation
Complete Range Of ISI Marked Fire Extinguishers, C.I.Specials/ Pipe Fitting & Valves

Manufacturer Of Auto Electrical Parts For Exports, Parts Used in Starter Motor, Alternators & Brake Parts, Valves

Electronic Kraft
Solar Products, Solar Street Light, Solar Pumps, Industrial Automation Systems, Valves, Conveyors, PLC

Elems Vavles Punjab Metal Works
Manufacturer And Exporters of Valves

Energy Technics.
Valves, Stop Valves ( Piston Valves ), Pressure Reducing Valves, Safety Valves, Moisture Seperators, Strainers, Air Eliminators, Compressed Air Drain Traps, Non Return Valves, Boilers & Accessories, Steam Traps

Enerjet Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Valves, High Pressure Valves, Special Material Vales, Urea Grade Valves, Preheater Protection Vales, Media Operated Preheater, Byepass Valves, Pipe Fittings, Vibration Analsys Systems, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Industrial Ignitions Systems

Entech Controls
Valves & Actuators

Manufacturer And Distributions Of Products Like Seals, hoses, Valves, Rubber, Plastic Etc.

Esjay Industries
All Types Of Industrial Valve And Pipe Lined Materials

Essqube Enterprise
Authorised Deales For Kirloskar Bros.Ltd., For Pumps, Motors, Valves, DG Sets & Bharat Bijalee Ltd., Crompton Greaves, Electric Motors

Esvee Marketing
Dealrs Of Pumps And Valves

Evershine Engineers
All Kind of Industrial Valves And Ball Valves

Excel India Trading Company
Pipe & Tubes, Pipe & Fittings, Valve, Pumps, Plates, Coils, Sheets, Fastrners Etc.

Excel Pipe Fitting Co.
Manufacturer And Exporters Of Flanges, Fittings, Fasteners, Valves, etc

Expert Engineering
Manufacture & Exporter, Service Provider Single Oil Spring, Conical Spring, Multispring Seals, Double Mechanical Seals, Teflon Bellow Seals, Rubber Bellow Seals, Reactor & Agitator Seals

Express Tubes & Valves
Pipes Of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Seamless Pipes, Galvanised Black Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Pressure Gauges, Laboratory Tap, Water Meter, Tools, Hardware, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal.

Faizan Engineering Works
Hose Pipe Fittings, Valves And Machinery Spare Parts

Filtek (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Centrifugal Oil Cleaners, Retrofitting of Centrifugal by-Pass Filters

Finger Engineering
Flame Arrestors, Breather Valves, Emergency Valves, Chargeover Valves, Tank Blasketing Systems, Pressure Regulating Valves, Level Instruments, Flow Instruments

Fitwel Engineering Works
Manufacturers & Supplies Of Instruments, Tube / Pipe Fittings, Valves And Accessories

Flacon Engineers
Manufacturer Of Valves Flanges, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly,n Strainer And Slipon, Weld Neck, Blind, Plate Flange

Water Heaters Solar, Valves, Pumps (All Types), Dewatering Pumps, Water Level Controllers

Supplers Of PP Filter Presses, Screw Pumps, Helical Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, PP Pumps, Valves, Teflon Lined Valves, HDPE Pipes & HDPE Fittings.

Flow Care Industries
Manufacturer Of Gate, Check Valves.

Fluidtech Valves
Manufacturers & Exporter Of Industrial Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Ball Valves, Plug Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Bellow Sealed Valves Use In Diverse Industries Such as Power, Chemical, Process

G.S. Hydraulics
Stockist & Dealers Of Hydraulic Components, Pumps, Motors, Valves, Filters, Seals, Accumulators, Accessories.

Pumps, Motors, Valves, Fittings, Accessories, Accumulators, Seals, Cylinders, Power Packs, Dealers Of Plastic Processing Machinery & Accessories, Spares For Injection Moulding Machines

Gadiya Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Screw Conveyors, Heat Sinks,Valves

Galaxy International.
Manufacturer & Merchant Exporters Of Various Products Like Pumps, Valves, Spares For Centrifugal Machines

Garima Engineering Enterprise
Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Cylinders, Filters, Valves

Genuine Machining Systems
Manufacturer For Solinoid Valve, Blow Down Valve, Oil Level Indicater, Minimum Pressure Valve, Non Return Valve.

Global Valves & Fittings Co.
Instrumentation Valves, Pressure Accessories, Fittings Components, 2way / 3 Way/ 5 Way Manifold Valve, Needle Valve, Gauge Saver, Tube Fitting, Flanges, Thermowell Etc

Gowthami Pupms & Valves
Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel Sanitary Pumps, Valves & Pipe Fitting

Great Metal Industries
Stainless Steel Sheets, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Dairy Fitting, Valves, Nut Bolts

H.R. Brothers
dealers, Of Paints, Electronics Components, High Tensile Bolts, Ball Bearing, Valves, Project Order Suppliers

Hagglunds Driven India
Motors, Power Units, Valves

Hanekom Innovations Limited
Suppliers Of Pumps And Spares, Electricals, Instrumentations, Valves, Sealing Products, Gearboxes, Hadraulic And Pneumatics, Crusher Spares

Harekrishna Engineering Industries
V.P.Parts, Air Lock Valves Parts, SS Bolt In 904L/316/INCONEL-625/F-51/F53

Haresh Steel Centre
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel, Nickel & Nickel Alloys, Copper & Copper Alloys, Aluminium, Titanium, Cupronickel, Brass, etc in forms of Pipe, Tube, Sheets, Plates, Coil, Flats, Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Round Bar, Angle, Channel,

Hari Krishna Nand & Co
Manufacturer & Wholeseller Of Chemical Pumps, Pipe Fittings, All Type Of Chemical Valves, Boiler Mounting.

Harihar Alloy Castings Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Quality Alloy Steel Castings & Forgings & Exporters Of Valves.

Hawa Valves (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Pressure Reducing Valve, Pipeline Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Dual Plate Check Valve.

Hindustan Mills & Electrical Stores.
Bearing, Couplings, Valves, Power Tools, Precision Tools, Water Meter, Rubber Hose Assembly, Industrial Chains

Hindustan Seals
Actuator, Valves, Screw Compressor Valves, Pressure Gauge, Mining And Automobile Industries, Mainly Our Products Are Rubber Sleeve, Rubber Cords

Hita Enterprises
Importers, Exporters & Suppliers Of Bearings, Testing Instruments, Valves.

Hong Yuan Valves Industry
Rubber Hose, Hammer Union, Frac Tank Unions, Manifold, Valves

Hutaib Engineering Co.
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings, M.S./ S.S./ Brass Fittings, Oil Seals, O Rings, Hose Pipes, Valves

Hydra Engineers
Hydraulic Axial Piston Pumps, High Pressure Gear Pump, Hydraulic Cylinders, Valves, Filter Elements

Hydraservice Engineers
Axial Piston Pump, Hydraulic Cylinders, Filter Elements, Valves

Hydrotech Engineering Works
Manufacturer Of All Kinds Of Hydraulic Hose Pipe Fittings, S.S. Bellows, Teflon Corrugated Hose Assemblies, Male Straight Coupling, S.S. Fittings, Valves, High Pressure Couplers.

Ihp Ltd
Valves Hose And Pipe Fitting Distributor

Imi Norgren Harion Pvt.Ltd.
Actuators, Valves, Pressure Sensors, Airline Equipment, Solenoid Valves, Proportional Valves, Pneumatic Fittings And Tubing

Indian Pumps And Valves Review
We Offer Products Like Pumps, Valves, Seals

Indian Trading Company
Hardware, Electrial, Electronics, All Type Of Valve & Sefety Equipments.

Indotech Hydraulics
Deals In Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Motors, Valves, Vacuum Pumps, Gear Pumps, Excavator Pumps

Inox Fastening Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Self Drilling Screws, Drywall, Chip Board, Poprivets, Self Tapping, Stockist Of Mild Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Hexagonal Head, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Machine Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Thruhold Concrete Anchore Fasteners

Inox Metaproducts Pvt.Ltd.
Importers & Exporters Of All Types Of Industrial Fasteners & Allied Products

Internet Steel Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Spring Washers, Plain Washers, Stainless Steel Studs, Foundation Bolts, Anchor Fasteners, Grinding Media Steel Balls, High Chromium Balls, HCHC Steel Balls, High Carbon Steel Balls, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Valve

J. E. Controls
Manufacturer Of Solenoid Valves/coils/Burner Guns. Diaphram Solenoid Valve, Magnetic Pullers.

Jaimaa Founders & Engineers
Valves, Gate Valves, Rotary air lock valves, C.I.Casting

Janata Hardware Stores
Wika Pressure & Temp. Gauges, Airmatic Frl Units, Compair Solenoid Valves

Jeet Enterpries
Engineering Items, Hardware, Valves, Adhesive Items, Material Handling, Fabricated Hose, Machine Work.

Jh Stainless
Machined Components, Pump Shafts, Valves, Fasteners, Machine Tools, Dairy Equipments, Surgical & Medical Parts, Threaded Bars, Studs, Bolts, Pins, Hinges and Handles

Jheel Enginering
Instrumentation Fittings & Valves.

K S B Pumps Ltd
Pumps & Valves

K-Mass Control Pvt.Ltd.
Valve Test Benches, Valve Components & Valves

K. Valves & Tubes Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers Of All Types Of Valves Pipes Pipe Fittings Gaskets Flanges.

K.R.Industrial Corporation
Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Valves & Cocks

K0thari Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Pipes, Fittings & Valves

Kadakia Enterprises
Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves

Kamal Industrial Corporation
Manufacturer & Stockists Of Rubber Hoses, Sheets, Mats And Hydraulic Hoses, Deals In All Types Of Industrial Products

Kamdhenu Valves Pvt Ltd
Engine Valves/ Automobile Components, Mfgs Genset Components

Kansal Sanitary Store
G.I., M.S, PVc, CI, RCC Pipes & Fittings, Water Tanks, Valves, Sanitary Ware & Tiles, ACC Sheets, GI Sheets, Fiber Sheets

Kazaf Engineering Co.
Hoses - Hydraulics Tube Fittings Valves, Pumps, Pressure Gauges, Valves

Kejriwal Castings Ltd
Ductile Iron/ cast Iron Pipes, Fittings & Valves

Keytech Engineering Company
Manufacturer Of Chemical Equipment Product Such As Trays, Valves, Fittings Etc

Khanderaya & Sons
Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges & Valves

Kimplas Piping Systems Ltd.
Pipes, Fittings, Valves, Tools

Kishor Pumps Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Sewage Pumps, Valves

Kothari Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Pipes, Fittings & Valves

Kp Sales Corporation
Couplings, Valves, Pipes, Pipe Fittings