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Design and Manufacturing of Process Equipments like :

Agitators, Static Mixers, Drum Hoop Mixers, Stirred Vessels, Reaction Vessels,
Aerators and Carbon Filters.

We also Manufacture Custom Built  Packaged Systems, Dosing systems,
Pilot plants, small and medium scale plants on turnkey basis.



* Suitable for intermittent & continuous processes.
* Compact design & economically priced.
* Modular design enables various mounting arrangements.
   (i.e. from open tank to closed    tank.)
* Rigid coupling for the stability of long shafts.
* Various types of direct gear driven agitators.
* High efficiency impellers designed for specific process applications.
* Efficient Chemical duty Totally Enclosed ( TEFC ) or Explosion Proof Motors.
* Variable output speed by Variable Frequency Drive.
* Oversized tapered roller bearings for long life continuous processes.
* Power range from 0.06 HP to 25 HP & onwards.

Service / Criteria of Mixing

  • Blending, Dispersion, Reactions in solution. Flocculation, dissolution , solid suspension, Gas dispersion, High viscosity mixing ,Heat Transfer, Crystallization / Precipitation.

Typical applications in the industries Re-suspending settled solids before pumping out like solvents, paints.

  • Fluid batch preparation before injecting into the process.
  • Preventing stratification of fluids-coatings, lubricants.
  • Heat transfer.
  • PH control
  • High viscosity mixing.
  • Bringing various fluids to a uniform blend like dyes.
  • Gas dispersion


Designed & manufactured to match specific process applications ensuring maximum efficiency & performance with various types of impellers like

  • Turbines, Radial or pitched blade.
  • Propellers
  • High speed disc agitators.
  • Paddle agitator
  • Agitator with collapsible blades.
  • Helical screw agitator
  • Cone type agitator
  • Radial propeller



Agitator Mountings / Impeller Positions

  • Vertical at the center of the tank with various types of baffle arrangements-Baffling is essential for efficient mixing action by controlling swirl.
  • Agitator mounted in the angular off center position on angle risers or with clamps to achieve efficient mixing action without baffles. The angular position varies from one application to another
  • Above arrangements can also be provided with closed tanks.
  • Single or multiple impellers
  • Depending on particle size , impeller diameter 1, off bottom 2. on bottom. 3 At / Or below center line of liquid charge.



  • For wetted parts like impeller & shaft standard material of construction is SS316 / SS304
  • Optional material of supply is any machinable alloy.
  • Teflon coating or Rubber lining can also be supplied.
  • Histelloy C or Alloy 20



  • Different static mixing element configurations so designed that offer minimal energy consumption & better process optimization
  • No maintenance or spares required.
  • Capital cost is very low.
  • Installation is as easy as standard piping.
  • Mounting can be vertical or horizontal .
  • Very low pressure drop.
  • Designed to blend, disperse, React or Shear two or more fluids within minimum span of pipe length.



  • Flange of required standards, Threaded, Tri Clover or plane pipe end connections.
  • Pipe jackets for heat transfer
  • Injection nozzles
  • Special Paints


  • standard material of construction is SS316 / SS304
  • optional material of Construction in most metals and nonmetals including PVC, FRP, TEFLON coating or rubber lining.


Chemical Industries, Paint, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Food Processing, Oil, Brewing, Water and waste water, effluent treatment plants, mineral, pulp and paper industries, mining industries.



Applications In Industries:-

Mixing homogenizing thick viscous, chemical, drug and dye industries, food as well as producers of textile and leathers. In typical applications like dissolving solids in liquid, Polishing metal or plastic parts, cleaning containers by means of solvents.


Specifications :

Container Capacity :- From 50 liter container to 300 liter container.

Allied Equipments for Special applications can be supplied with drum hoop mixer.

Operation :- The container rotates about an inclined axis this rotating movement & the inclination of container wall results in a vigorous mixing effect which is based on the combination of gravity & frictional force. The mass of particles lifted while revolving the container & falls back into the product to be mixed. Which insures efficient mixing action.

Drum Hoop can also be used to convey the container for short distances.

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