Fertilizers, Agro Chemicals Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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K-Tech (India) Limited
Speciality Chemicals, Coating Addtives, Speciality Additives, Paint Additives, Ink Additives, Paint Raw Materials, Polymer Additives, Additives, Leather Chemicals, Paper Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Pigment Additives, Pulp & Paper Chemicals, Flame Retardant Chemicals.

Sai Chem Corporation
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution & Industrial Chemicals, Hydrochloric Acid, Water Treatment Chemicals - Copper Sulphate, Alum: Ferric and Non Ferric, TCCA granules, Sugar Process Chemicals, Biocides, Polymers & Polyelectrolyte, Block Polymers, Housekeeping & Fabric Care Products - LumenX, ChloromaX-S, Pro Clean, Ultra Shakti

Ashok Surfactants Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Chemicals, Ethylene Oxide Condensates, Doss Surfactants Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Pesticide Chemicals And Emulsifier For Dipping Oil, Nonyl/Octyl/Styrenated Phenol, Lauryl/Cetosteryl/Tridecyl Alcohols, Stearyl/Coco/Tallow Amine, Castor Oi

Meru Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Solvents, Activated Carbons, Chemicals Powder, Minerals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Labarotary Instruments, Paint Chemicals & Grinding Media

Sangeeta Pharma
Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Liquid Syrups, I.V.Fluids, Liquid Injection, Powder Injection, Dry Syrup, Pharmaceutical Consultants, Job Works For Pharmaceuticals On Third Party Basis

August Organics
Export And Supply Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Bismuth Oxychloride , Bismuth Subsalicylate, Chloroquine Phosphate, Chloroquine Sulphate, Cis Tosylate, Isometheptene Mucate, Losartan Base, Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride, Mucic Acid, Sodium Selenite, Telmisartan, Tetra Butyl Ammonium Hydrogen Sulphate, Tetra Butyl Ammonium Bromide

Navyug Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Building & Construction Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Paint Coating Chemicals, Pigments, Leather Chemicals, Plastic Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Ink Surfacetants, Ethoxylates

Contech Welders (Bombay) Pvt.Ltd.
Can Making Complete Plants, Metal Canline, Complete Plants, Drum Making Complete Plants For Paint, Complete Round Line For Paint Industry, Complete Round & Rectangular Can Line For Lube Oil Industry, Complete Round & Rectangular Can Line For Pesticide Ind

New Bombay Acid And Chemical Co.
Acids, Phosphoric Acid, Acetic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Solvents, Ethyl Acetate, Tri Chloro Ethylene 99.5%, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Bromide, Potassium Formate, Calcium Phosphate, Sulphate Chloride, Sodium Fluoride,

Akshay Chemicals
Manufacturer Of High Value Added Castor Oil Derivatives. Heptaldehyde, Undecylenic Acid, Oenanthol sodium bisulphite, Zinc undecylenate, Heptanoic acid,Methyl undecylenate, Methyl Ricinoleate, Zinc Ricinoleate,Ricinoleic Acid, Castor oil.

Sigma Chemical Industries
Mfg.Of Speciality Chemicals, Used in Textiles, Paper & Metal Treatment Industries

Suketu Organics Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers / Suppliers Of insulating wire enamels,insulating varnishes,phenolic resins,Organic Chemicals

Karpan Technochem International
Amino Acid Powder and Liquid, Super Humic Acid (Liquid), Humic Acid Powder (Shining Flakes and Fine Powder), Special Fulvic Acid Liquid With Growth Promoters, Plant Extract Brassinoloide, Seaweed Extracts (Flakes, Poder Sargassum and Ascophyllum), Humi Green Granules, Humi Amino Zyme Liquid, Humi Amino Zyme Bentonite, Bio Vardhini (Fermented Castor Cake and Soya Cake Product), Fish Protein Hydrolysate (Fist Based Amino Acid 40%), Fish Oil Based Herbal Insecticide, Super Shakti, Bio Quit (Herbal Oil Mixture Repellent).

Riddhi Chemicals
Dealing in Construction Chemicals, Waterproofing Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Solvents, Pigments, Minerals, Grinding Media for Paint Industries, Tiles Industries, Construction Industries, Feed Industries, Welding Electrodes Industries, Adhesives Industries, Melamine, Carbon Steel Balls, Agate Pebbles.

Agri Science India
Formulation of Pesticides. Agriculture Product. Bio Fertilizer, Pesticide.

Agricides India
Manufacturer of Pesticides, Insecticides, Micro Nutrient etc.

Classic Organic Chemicals
Offering Non-Toxic and Effective Organic Chemicals, Agro Organic Chemicals, Industrial Organic Chemicals, Plant Growth Regulators, Amino Acids, Potassium Humate Powder, Protein Hydrolysate.

Croda India Company Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Agro Chemicals and Lubricants.

Gyeonggi Business Center
Adhesive Tapes, Organic Fertilizers, Houseware Products, Sports Equipments, Wireless CCTV Systems.

Frost International Ltd.
Traders in Minerals and Metals, Plastics, Textiles, Fabrics, Agro Commodities, Equipment, and Others.

Alpha Labs & Technologies
We Offer a Wide Range of Analysis and Testing Solutions. Water Analysis, Food Analysis, Environmental Analysis, Soil Analysis, Micro Macro Nutrients, N,P,K, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Geo Technical Services (SBC, SPT, etc.,), General Samples, Lime Samples,

Logan Exports
Vegetable, Castor Seeds.

R.K. Agro & Chemicals Product Pvt.Ltd.
Stable Bleaching Powder, Agro Chemicals.

Krishnaji Ballal And Co.
Trading In Agriculture Equipments, Fertilizers

Sanvik Asia Pvt.Ltd.
Processsing And Conveying Of Chemcials, Petro Chemicals, Food And Fertilizers And Pharmaceuticals

Milltech Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Disinfecants, Fumigents, Biocides, Fogging Machines, Cell Disintegrators, Dyno-Mill Machinery.

Mufaddal International
Paint Raw Material, Agro Chemicals, Grinding Media, Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Oxide, Cuprous Oxide, Chlorinated Parrafin Wax.

Nimitta Trading Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Petroleum Product, Agricultural Product, Tar Product, Paraffin Wax, Agro Product, Agricultural Chemical & Products, Agricultural Implements, Paraffin Wax, Agro Chemicals.

P. Subbaraj & Company
Manufacturer and Exporter of Crushed Bones, Bone Meal, Hydroxy Apatite, Bone Glue, Steamed Horn, Hoof Meal, Bone Grist, Crushed Horns.

Suresh Forestry Network
Agricultural Plant Supplier, Mangium Seeds, Grass Seeds, Flowering Tree Seeds, Medicinal Plants, Sandal Seeds, Fruit Tree Seeds.

R.S. Krishna & Co
Manufacturer and Exporter of Herbal Medicines, Senna Leaves, Neem Leaves, Amla, Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera Leave Juice, Aloe Vera Gel, Herbal Products, Herbal Insecticides, Herbal Larvicides, Herbal Extract, Neem Oil.

Swaroop Agro Services
Insecticide, Fertiliser, Agriculture Equipment

Sneha Plastics Pvt.Ltd.
Turnkey Projects, Machine For Food Proccessing Dairy, Agro Chemicals, Packaging, Mineral Water Food Processing Machinery.

Excell Engineers
Organic Waste Composting System LPG Products

Universe Educational Visuals
Chemicals, Dyes & Allied Products.

Dd Garlic & Agro Spices
Fenugreek Seeds, Soybean Seeds, Fresh Garlic.

Harshit Chemicals
Manufacturer Of Acrylate, Additives, Biocides, Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Defoamers, Dispersing Agents, Dextrin, Emulsifiers, Ethers, Fine Chemicals, Gum Powder, Metalic Stearates, Minerals, Monomer And Acrylates, Paint Chemicals, Paints, Pigments

Heranba Industries Ltd.
Producer Of Agro Chemicals.

Indochem Agrovet Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Pesticide Supplier

Jairamdass Khushiram Impex Pvt.Ltd.
Exporters Of Herbs And Spices, Oil Seeds, Gums, Millets.

Kalyani Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Public Health Insecticides, Agricultural Insecticides, Agricultural Pesticides.

Gauri India Chemtech Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Pesticide , Insecticide and Herbicides

Gharda Chemicals Ltd.
Agro Chemicals, Pesticides And Fertilizers.

Multiline Agro Industries
Agricultural Products to Provide Growth & Herbal Pesticides

Elpizo International Trading Plc
Agro Processing And Packing, Power Energy And Cable, Sugar And Fertilizer.

Jabs International Pvt.Ltd.
Spices, Sesame Seeds, Raisins and Other Agricultural Commodities.

Fine Finish Organics Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer For Resin And Hardener.

Krishanaji Ballal And Company
Seeds, Fertilizers, Insecticides, Electrical Gardening Equipments

Krishna International
Dyestuffs, Pesticides, Resin, Starches, Iron Oxide.

Mukete Estates Ltd.
Aricutral Products.

Shreenath Chemicals
We Manufacture, Supply and Export Material as per Various Pharmacopoeias. Choline Derivatives, Ferric Salts, Amino Acids, Calcium Products, Vitamin Powder, Potassium Iodide Powder, Laboratories Reagents, Agro Chemicals.

Maruti Ferochem Ltd.
Marketing Neem Based Fertilisers & Pesticides

Spectra Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Sulphur & Fertilizers, Chemical & Solvents, Pharmaceuticals, Food Additives & Antioxidants.

Samson Extrusions Ind.Pvt.Ltd.
Air & Water Pneumatic Chemical, Pesticides Spray, Rock Drill, Gas Welding.

R. J. Group
Manufacturer of Neembased Fertilisers & Neem Based Pesticides

Ente Krishi
Agriculture Products.

Rock Stone Industries
Chemical and Fertilizer, Solubilised Vat Dyes,

S.Amit Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Dimethyl Sulphide, Polymer Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Agro Chemicals.

Ushkiran Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Agro & Animal Products, Chemical & Allied.

Namdeo Umaj L Agritech (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Import seeds of all vegetables and ornamental flowers and garden tools and distributing all over India

Snap Natural & Alginate Products Pvt. Ltd.
Agro Chemicals,Carrageenans,Alginate.

Ulhas Oil & Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier of Agricultural Dusting Powder, Sulphur Powder, Sulphur Powder Rubber Grade, Sulphur Powder Industrial Grade, Fungicides, Insecticides, Pesticides, Roll Sulphur.

Calchem Industries (I) Ltd.
Manufacturer of Calcium Carbonates.

Texsol Chemisol Pvt.Ltd.
manufacturer of Speciality Performance Chemicals for Various Industries like Textile, Water Treatment, Paint, Paper, Agro, Fertiliser, Construction etc.

Chemexcil India
Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export. Dyes & Dye Intermediates.

Suppliers and Sourcing Agents Dealing in Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Agro Chemicals. Fertilizers, Plasticizers and Industrial Raw Materials.

Honesty Overseas
Distributor and Trader of Rice, Jowar, Maize, Cashew Nuts, Rag, Isal Seeds, Niger Seeds.

Agpulse Organics
Herbal Insecticides, Herbal Presides.

Kalyani Industries
We Are One of the Leading Insecticides Suppliers, Manufacturers And Exporters.

Ashwath Croptech Pvt.Ltd.
100% Organic Fertilizers In Powder, Liquid, Granular, Get Form Made From Sea Weed Extract

Beluga Biozymes Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and Trader of Speciality Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Agro Products, Commodities, Flavours, Food Additives, Pharmaceutical.

Benzo Chem Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Pharmaceuticals, Biocides,Agrochemicals,Perfumery Chemicals

Bombay Seeds
Trader of Fogging Machines, Pesticides, Hermitscides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Germicides, Germecides.

Krushi Bio Technologies
Manufacturing And Marketing Of Bio Pesticides Such As Larvicide, Promoters/ Regulators Etc.

Chemspark India Pvt. Ltd.
Chemical Raw Materials, Organic Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Hydrolyzed Silk, Octocrylene, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Para Amino Phenol.

Monolith Support System
Chemical Dealers, Pesticide Dealers.

S C Enviro Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Prallethrin Technical.

Jayantilal Laxmichand & Sons
Trader, Distributor and Supplier of Natural Spices, Forest Herbs, Dried Fruits, Powders, Contract Packaging, Oil Seeds, Pulse.

Shree Chem (India)
Manufacturing Mosquito Repellant, Insecticides, Weedicides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Promoter.

Sushil Corporation
Manufacturer, Importers, Exporters, Suppliers, Traders Of Organic Fertilizers, Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Bio Fungicides, Bio Insecticides, Bio Bactricides, Botanical Pesticides & Insecticides, Plant Growth Promoters, Plant.

Ultima Search
House Hold Pesticides,

Wiltek Care
Mfr Of House Hold Insecticides,

Anil Nutrients Ltd.
Manufacturers of Organic Fertilizers, Feed & Feed Supplements.

Resonance Impex Pvt. Ltd
Pharmaceutical chemicals, Petrochemicals, Dye and Dye intermediaries, Agro chemicals, Speciality chemicals, Perfumery and Flavour chemicals, Food ingredients and Nutritional supplements.

Saraf Organics Pvt. Ltd.
Trader of Chemicals, Solvents etc.

Sian Exim Pvt.Ltd.
Supplying Agro & Commodity Products.

Akruti Trexim Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Herbicides, Sodium Salt, Amine Salt, Acids

Alfa Agro Tech Inc.
Manufacturer Of Organic Fertilizers, Agricultural Chemicals

Transworld Furtichem Pvt Ltd
Fertilizers, Sulphate of Potash (SOP), speciality chemicals & Fertilizers.

Vaishnavi Biotech Corporation
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Organic Fertilizers, Bio Organic Fertilizers, Fungicides & Nutrients, Agricultural Pesticides & Insecticides, Naphthalene Acetic Acid, Plant Hormones & Vitamins, Amino Acids, etc.

Aadhaar Wholesale Trading & Distribution Limited
Distributer And Trader Of Pesticides, Animal Feed, Pgp, Seeds, Grocery Like Pulses, Flax Seeds, Edible Oils, Snacks, Cold Drinks, Biscuits

Jay Chemicals
Manufacture Of Fine Chemicals, Fine Organic Intermediate Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals For Agro, Pharmaceutical, Plastic & Color Industrial, Meta Nitro Para Toluidine, Fast-Red B Base, Fast Bordeaux GP Base,

Aimco Pesticides Limited
Chemical Dealers, Agricultural Chemical Dealers, Fungicide Dealers, Insecticide Distributors.

Kesar Enterprises Limited
Petroleum Produts, Sugar Manufactring, Seeds Manufacturing , Spirit Manufacturing

Annapurna Agricultural Agencies
Pesticides, Seeds, Sprayers, Fertilisers

Navin Agro Agencies
Distributors for Seeds & Pesticides

Nascent Chemical Industries
Organic And Organic Chemicals.

Nishant Aromas
Manufacturers & Exporters For Essentilal Oils & Organic Chemicals

Asia Bio Genetics
Producer Of Seeds, Agrochemicals And Fertilizers

Dvs Chemicals & Engineering Industries
We Manufacturer Of Grades Of Sulphur Like Sulphur Powder Of Technical Grade, Rubber Grade, Pharma Grade, Explosive Grade, Agrochemicals Like Sulphur, WDG, Sulphur, DP, Sulphur, WP And Also Sulphur Rock.

Eburon Organics (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of T- Buhl Calix 4 Arene, Calix 4 Arene, 1,4, Benzodioxane Methanol, Dimethoxy Aclohexane.

El Waha For Trade
We Are One Of The Major Exporter Of Rock Phosphate, Silica Sand Feldspar Quartz Talc Iron Oxide, Urea, DAP, MAP, NPK, GSSP, GTSP,

Rallis India Limited
Export of Agro Chemicals.

Grauer & Well (India) Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Speciality Chemicals For Metal Finishing Processes & Other Organic Intermediates.

Hazel Mercantile Ltd.
Agro, Automobiles, Building & Construction, Ceramics, Colorants, Confectionary Dairy Products, Electronics, Energy, Food & Beverage, Footwear.

Bhavesh Trade Links
Exporter Of Turmeric Fingers, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Millet, Sunflower Seeds, & All Other Agro Products.

Sandhya Industrial Chemicals
Manufacturing Phosphorous Based Speciality Chemicals and Agro Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Antioxidant, Deformers.

Sanjay Chemicals India Pvt.Ltd.
Drugs, Pharmaceutical, Agro Chemical, Dyes Intermediate, Plastisizers.

Indian Chemical Council
Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Dyes, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Paints Speciality & Fine Chemicals, Petro Chemicals & Petroleum Refining etc.

Agro Food Processing Plants, Botting Plants, Mining , Ore Cement Handling, Plants & Chemical Industry

Iyappan & Co
We Are Manufacturing Certain Chemicals As Well As We Are Also Buying And Selling All Types Of Organic And Non-organic Chemicals.

Jai Lakshmi Agro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Dealers of Chemical, Adhesive, Agro Chemicals.

Fertilizers, Zinc Sulphate, Zinc Dust, Tin Sulphate

Sterling Agricultural Services
Distributors Of Agro Chemicals, Fertiliser.

Dcm-Shriram Consolidated
Chemcials, PVC Resins, Calcium Carbide, Cement And Urea

Desai Speciality Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Palmitoyl Chloride, Acetyl Chloride, Butyl Chloride, Acid Chlorides

S.R.Fine Chemicals
Manufacturer, Distributor Importer & Exporter Of A Comprehensive Range Of Sugar Processing Chemicals, Industrial Maintenance Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Specialty Performance Chemicals.

Dolphin Chemicals
Manufacturer Micronutrient Fertiliser

Agri Unlimited
Trading And Marketing Of All Agricultural And Horticultural Related Products Like Green House Infrastructures, Irrigation-Spraying Systems, Fertilizers, Pesticides And Growing Media.

Agrimas Chemicals Ltd.
Pesticide Formulations

The Process Plant & Machinery Association Of India
Oil & Gas Processing, Refineries, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fibre

Amareswara Agri - Tech Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Like Cotton, Sun Flower Seeds, Paddy Others.

Excel Pulverising Company
Cpp, Endo, Cyper, Malathion, Lambda, Quinal

Trader Of Agriculture Products, Seaweed Fertilizers

Gharda Chemicals Ltd.
Gharda Chemical, Producting Agrochemical (Pesticides, Insecticides And Herbicides)

Gohil Dyechem Corporation
Mfg. DEG, TEG, PG- Industrial Grade, PEG All Grades, PVA All Grades, DMP, NPG, Enzymes And Biocides

Ashok Agro Inputs Pvt.Ltd.
Trading Of Seeds/ Fertilezers/ Cement

Accurate Weight Industries
Manufacturer Spl.Brass Weight, Pharma, Seeds, Dairy, Poultry & Bio-Tech

Trading In Agricultural Products, Chemicals & Real Estate.

Hi-Field-Ag Chem (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Pesticides, Fungicides, Plant Growth, Regulators, Insecticides

Bessen Pesticides Manufacturer
Manufacturer Exporter Of Pesticide, Insecticide, Herbal Insecticide, Fungicide

Altra Pure Infusions Pvt.Ltd.
All Type Of Herbal Products

Indian Pharma
Chemicals, Methylecnce, Lactic Acid, Pesticide Chemical, Guar Gum Powder, Aerosil.

Bora Agro Foods
Manufacturers & Exporters of Hulled & Natural Sesame Seeds, & Importers of all Types of Spices & Chemicals etc

Apara International
Tobacco Products, Herbal Extracts, Oils, Raw Harbs, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs, Intermediates, Flavours & Fragrances, Pesticides.

Apratim International
Exporters & Amp, Importers Of Petrochemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Paraffins, fertilizers, Solvents, Alcohols, Petroleum Products, Chemicals

Cambium Biotechnologies
Supply Of Herbal Raw Material, Natural Plant Extracts & Aromatic Oils, Contract Farming Against Orders, Customised Plant Product Development.

Champion Plastic Industries
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Pet And HDPE Item, Fridge Bottles, Pesticide Bottles, And Pickles Jar

Asian Agri Biotechnologies
Bio Fungicides, Bio Seed Treatment, Bio Bacterialcidel, Bio Fertigation Liqueid & Powder, Bio Insecticide & Fungicide & Bio Fumigation Granules, Bio Mitecide

Cheminova Agrotech
Neem Products, Cake Neem Insecticide

Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Corpn. Ltd.
Nitrophosphate, Weak Concentrated Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Menthol Amonia

Dhananjaya Engineers And Contractors
Chemical Equipment Organic, Inorganic

C & M Agro
Manufacturer Of Agricultural Formulations, Agricultural Chemicals

Chiteri Biotech Pvt.Ltd.
Aldepol, Sniphor, Aquavet, Bio Chemical Medicines

Coromandel Fertilisers Ltd.
Mfg Of Fertilisers, Pesticides.

Crystal Phosphates
Manufacturer Of Agro Chemicals

Cure Chem India
Water Treatment Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Paint Raw Material, Food Chemical

Maruti Fertochem Pvt.Ltd.
Organizations in The Field Of Agriculture Inputs

Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
Pesticides, Speciality Chemicals, Sodium Nitrite

Giri Agro Agencies
Selling Of Agro Chemicals, Agri Pesticides

Devkishanji Vaktaji Seeds
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Comprehensive Range Of High-yielding Vegetable Seeds. Furthermore, These Quality Seeds Help The Vegetables To Grow In Good Sized Shapes

Global Negoce & International Trading
We Dealin With All Kind Of Agro Chemials And Fertilizers

Mira Organics & Chemicals Private Limited
We Are One Of The Leading Processors And Exporters Of Inorganic Industrial Chemicals, Fertilizers And Adhesives. Which Are Extensively Used In Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Textile And Glass Industries.

Hallochem Pharmal. Co. Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Veterinary Drugs, Agrochemicals, Bio Chemicals. Intermediates And Specialy Chemicals

Shriram Alpine Sales Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Automotive Components, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Engineering Goods, Consumer Durables etc. Bearings, Brake Lining, Clutch Plate, Drive Kits.

National Fertilizers Limited.
Agro Chemicals And Fertilizers

Himedia Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Pharmaceuticals, Organic Chemicals

Hirasuman Agro Agencies
Deals In Reatiling Of Fertilizers Insetisides Seeds

Everest Fertilisers
Crop Protection Products

Hyderabad Chemicals Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Pesticides.

dealers For Various Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Solvents, Minerals, Polymers, Manomers, Acrylates Fertilizers]

Insecticides India Ltd.
Marketing And Development In Pesticides According To Internet Page (Home Page)

Jagannath Herbal & Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Cassia Tora Gum Manufacturer & Cassiatora Clean Seeds.

Jinan Shengruixiang Pharmaceutical R & D Co., Ltd.
Custom Synthesis, Raw Drugs, Veterinary Drugs, Agro Chmecals, Interm Diates.

Green Gold Seeds Ltd.
R & D/ Processing Of Hybrid Seeds, Products Category Hybrid Seeds Of Cotton, Pulses, Vegetable, Careals Etc.

Henan Hengyu Solvent Co Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Pesticide Intermediates, Chloro Acrylonitril, Both Triazine Fungicides, Alcohol, Ether.

Pyramid Chemicals
Water Treatment Chemicals, Sugar Mill Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Nitrobenzene, Solvents, Basic Chem

Tina Organics Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Chemical Manufacturers & Dealers.

R.G.Khandekar & Company
Neem Karanjia Castor Oil And Cake Bio Organic Fertilizers And Pesticides

Inventys Research Company Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. Contract, Advanced Intermediates For Agro Chemicals, Perfumery And API Application

Lunawat Enterprices
Agri Product, Soyabeen, Grains, Pluses, Grams

Janhavi Enterprises
Manufacturer Of Grains, Lubricants, Soya Products

Maharashtra Pesticide Ltd
Formulated Pesticides, Weedicide

Kingquenson Industry Group.
Export All Kinds Of Insecticide, Herbicide, Fungicide And Their Intermediate.

Krishidhan Seeds Ltd. Jalna
Agro Research And Development Of All Kind Of Seeds, Vegetable Seeds,Including-Agriculture Seeds.

Lemmens Shardlow India Pvt.Ltd.
Bio Products For Maintenance Of Sewage Treatment Plants And Grease Traps

Libra Biotech
Agro Products, Bio Fertilizers, Additives Paints, Pesticides, Personal Care Products

Shiva Fertilizers Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Fertilizers

National Fertilizers Ltd.
Agro Chemicals And Fertilizers

National Tarai Seeds Company
Seeds, Crops, Grains & Vegetables Bio-Organic Products, Packing Materials

Mandev Enterprises
Industrial Chemicals, Agro Commodities And Home Furnishings

Shrikala Trading Company
Dealers For Fertilizers And Agricultural Products

Siddhi Trade Enterprise
Speciality Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, API, Lubricants & Additives, Magnesium Oxide, Veterinary Chemicals, Herbal Raw Materials

Omega Memtronics
Membrane Switches, Medical Equipment, Measuring Instrumentation, Data Systems, Fire & Security Alarms, SMD Components

Opg Biotech P.Ltd.
Pesticides Formulators

Midas-Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Aerosol, Loving Air Freshner, Cosmetic Products, Insecticides

Spectrum Offshore & Onshore Services Pvt.Ltd.
Oil & Gas, Fertilizers & Power, Petrochemicals, Ship Building

Paramount Chemical Industries
Agro Chemicals, Lubricants.

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Pigments And Pesticides

National Fertilizers Limited.
Agro Chemicals And Fertilizers

Neo Chemical Industries
All Kinds Of Agro And Food Chemicals

Supra Biotech
Agrochemical Products Crop Care Products

New Unity Enterprise
Trichoderma, Triacontanol, Fatty Alcohol, Chelated Micro Nutrients

Techno Creation India Pvt.Ltd.
Fertilizer & Chemical Industries Consultancy, Designing, Supplying Equipments, & Turnkey Plant

Phoenix Marketing Services
Deals in : All Kinds of Laboratory Equipments, Chemicals & Glassware, Distributor for Medox Biotech ( I ) Pvt.Ltd., Biotech Teaching Kits

Plant Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Marketing Pesticides, Seeds, Micro Nutrient, Fertilizers & PGRs

Vanashree Agrotech
Seeds, Bio Technology

Varad Fertilizers Pvt.Ltd.
Fertilizers, Seeds, Logistics Cotton

Rhodia Specialities Ltd.
For Mfg Shampoos, Detergents And Pesticides

Saaj Chemicals
Trading Business For Chemicals, Pesticide, Insecticide, Herbicides & Other Agro Chemicals.

World Marketing Sarl
Camera, Mobile, Fertilizers

Puyang Xinyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Raw Material, Agro Chemicals, Powder Coating Chemicals, Textils Chemicals.

Quimica Sagal
Agro Chemicals, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Pesticides

Sai Traders
Manufacturer & Supplier Of Many Types Of Essential Oils, Comestic Oils, Vegetable Seeds, Forest Developments, Seeds And Ayurvedic Herbs

Seminis Vegetable Seeds Ltd
Agriculture( Vegetable Seeds)

Sheti Udyog Bhandar
Distributes Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides And Pest Control Chemicals And We Also Provide Landscaping Services & Serve the best products for creating beautiful Gardens

Advanta India Ltd.
Seeds, Agricultural, Horticultural and Floricultural.

Shewale Agro Agencies
Fertilizers, Pesticides

Shree Gajanan Krishi
Deals In Drip Irrigation, Sprinklers, Drip Tapes, Pesticides And Seeds

Sudarshan Consolidated Ltd.
Manufacturer All Insecticides, Pesticides, Herbal Insecticide

Sulphur Mills Ltd.
We Are Mfg Of Pesticide Product

Aditya International Agro Suppliers
Anti Termite Suppliers, Gel Applicator, Cockroach Gels, Agro Seeds, Bedbugs Chemical.

Eta Llc.
Major traders in raw materials, metals, fertilizers and biggest player in shipping in Middle-East & Worldwide.

Solas Croptech
Manufacturer Of Agrochemicals Including Biopesticides, Organic Manure, Enzymes, Micronutrients

Shri Organic Farming
Organic Fertilizer, Plastic Mulch, Low Tunner, Anti Bird Net, Green House, Protected Cultivation.

Sparsh Organix Pvt.Ltd.
Bio Stimulants, Herbal Pest Resistant.

M/S. Doxin Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Acids, Their Anhydrides and Acid Halides, Thioglycolic Acid.

Ashoka Paints & Chemicals Co.
Basic & Fine Organic Chemicals.

Sun & Ocean Agro (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Pesticides, Fungicides, Weedicides, Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Micro Nutrients, Water Soluble Stabilizers

Al Majeed
Trading Chemicals And Fertilizers

Satya Services
Petro Chemicals, Fertilizers, Distillery And Allied Industries

Gajanan International
Supplier, Exporter and Trader of Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Celery Seeds.

Hemani Intermediates Pvt.Ltd.
Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers, Pigments.

Hilton Organic Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Petroleum Products, Pharmaceuticals Resins Inorganic Acids and Anhydrides, Organic Acids.

Herbicides (India) Ltd.
Pesticides, Insecticides, Weedicides, Fungicides & Herbicides.

Krishi Chemicals
Pesticide, Insect Pesticide, Bio Pesticide, Agrochemical Pesticide.

Natraj Organic Chemicals
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides.

Sun Seeds
Manufacturing and Supply of High Productivity Seeds for Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs.

Taxon Seeds & Agro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Vegetables Seeds, Grains & Flower Seeds, Microfertilizer & Biotech Products.

V.Kumar & Sons
Manufacturer, Exporters & Suppliers Of Plant Growth Regulators & Plant Growth Stimulant, Folic Acid, Humic Acid, Silamol, Amino Acid, Phosphorous Acid, Dipsol, Brasinoilide, Nitrobenzine

Metco Export International
Manufacturer and Exporter Engaged in Offering a Variety of Oil Seeds and Edible Oil such as Sesame Seeds, Groundnut Kernels, Safflower Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Poultry Seeds, Guar Products, Animal Feeds, Animal Food, Animal Meals, Animal Nutrition Products.

Pesticides Analysis

Vijayalakshmi Agencies
Distributors For Pesticides, Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Spayers & Agricultural Relevant Products

Sonali Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Chemical, Calcium Carbonate.

Ugs International
Spl. in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Steel & Metal, Agro Products, Building Materials

The Bombay Seeds Supply Company
Distributing and Supplying of Soil Rich Germi Quick Block.

Universal Starch Chem Allied Ltd.
Chemical Industry, Agro Base Products

Chemical Palette
Mfrs of Surfactants, Biocides, Preservatives, Thickners, Solublisers, Emulsifiers, Foaming-Defoaming Detergents etc.,

V S Global Syndicate
Manufacturer & Supplier Of Medicinal & Aromatic Seeds & Planting Materilas, Supplier Of Vegitable Seeds & Agri Inputs

Vardhaman Fertilizers & Seeds Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Marketing Of NPK Compound Granulated Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers

Vin Corporation
We Are Offering Mosquito Mats, Natural Mosquito Repellents, Household Insecticides, Pesticides And Other Products. Our Main Objective Is To Delight The Customers By Providing Exemplary Services And Quality Products Along With Timely Delivery Of The Consig

Yash Polymer
Fertilizer Bags Printing

Sar Incorporation
Manufacturer of Cleaning, Soil Treatment & Solar Module Cleaning, Water Proofing Chemical, Agro Chemical, Cement / Concrete Removing Chemical.

Jammu And Kashmir Medicinal Plants Introduction Centre
Medicinal Plants, Herbal Seeds, Forest Products, Fruit Plants.

Bayir Chemicals
Herb and Spice Plants, Spice Extracts, Organic Chemicals.

Evergreen Exports
Whole Spices, Ground Spices, Oil Seeds and Animal / Bird Feed.

Popawala Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Distributor And Supplier Of Speciality Chemicals, Chemicals :- Sodium Bromides, Potassium Sulphates, Potassium Bromates, Performance Chemicals, Ethoxylates.

Seya Industries Ltd.
Manufacturing And Exporting Of pigment,Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals And Rubber Chemicals Intermediates.

Suvochem Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer of Agro Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Weedicides.

Manmohini Krushi Trading Co.
Oil Seed, Spices Seeds, Agri Product.

Pesticide Consultant
Agro Chemical, Pest Control Consultant

Agro Gennx Industries
Mfg. Of Agro Chemical.

Fineotex Chemical Ind.
Leading Manufacturers Of Chemicals For Textiles, Construction, Water-Treatment, Fertiliser, Leather And Paint Industry.

Gayatri Agencies
Chemicals - Pest Control Services Production & Sales

Gokhale Agro Products
Natural and Organic Fertilizers for Farm

Agrosynth Chemicals Ltd.
Industrial Chemicals, Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers.

Nandolia Organic Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing and Supplying of Anisic Acid. Industrial Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Intermediate.

Bharat Rasayan Ltd.
Fertilisers, Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers.

Malade Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. Of Organic Chemicals.

Hikal Chemical Industries Ltd
Agro Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals.

Agro-Guard Lab
Hexanol, Natural Pesticide, Pesticide, Herbal Pesticide.

Amrutha Organics
Hydrated Lime for Foundry, Activated Carbon, ACETICACID, Agro Chemicals, Chloroform, Citric Acid, Ethyl Acetate.

Fibro Organics India Pvt.Ltd.
Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers.

Vijay Chemical
Manufacturer of Organic Chemicals, Aromatic Chemicals, Granules Chemicals.

Hercules Pigment Industries
Herbicides, Plant Growth Control Substances, Chemical Spray Products, Fumigants.

Rainbow Home Care Products
Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers.

Siris Crop Sciences Ltd.
Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers.

Advance Pesticides
Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Of Different Types Of Eco-Friendly Bio-Pesticides And Insecticides.

Sudershan Crop (India)
Pesticides, Pest Control Services, Insecticides, Weedicides.

Neha Bio Science
Manufacturer Of Fertilizers, Animal Feed Suppliment.

Indra Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Of Pp Bags, Single Super Phosphate(Ssp) Fertilizer, Gssp, Pp / Hdpe Fabric, Bopp Bags, Perforated Bags, Valve.

Futura Polyesters Ltd.
Organic Acids, Ttheir Anhydrides and Acid Halides, Acetic Acids.

Prerana Enterprise
Organic Fertilizers, Chemical Supplies, Minerals & Refractories.

Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.
Inorganic Chemicals NES, Organic Acids.

I G Petrochemicals Ltd.
Organic Acids, their Anhydrides and Acid Halides, Phthalic Anhydride.

Boss Agro Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Dealers of Agro Chemicals.

Allwin Industries
Manufacturer of Agro Chemical, Bio Fertilizers, Veterinary Medicine.

Sonali Agro Pvt.Ltd.
Dealers of Agro Chemicals.

Grow Safe Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Jayvin Sales Corporation
Manufacturer of Organic Pesticides, Agriculture Equipment & Machinery, Agriculture Inputs / Fertiliser.

S.S. Crop. Care Ltd.
Suppliers of Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Sarkar Agro Enterprises
Suppliers of Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

R.D. Plaster, Minirals & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd
Tamarind Seed & Natural Veg. Dyestuff, China Clay.

Galaxy Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Intermediate for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Specialty Agro Chemicals.

Emtelle Bio Tech Pvt.Ltd.
Micronutrient Fertilizer And Bio Fertilizer.

Raj Pesticides Pvt.Ltd.
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides.

Uni Royal Care Products
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides.

Orgpick Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Products.

Blue Bird Chemicals
Textile Lubricants, Mixing Oil, Yarn Lubricants, Yarn Conditioners, Cotton Spray Oil, Modified Cotton Spray Oil, Antistatic Agents, Fiber Lubricants.

Creative Plastics
Manufacturing and Supplying an Excellent Range of Products Including Agri Films, Agri Nets, Growing Accessories, Greenhouse Accessories, Plant Growth Promoter etc.

Anand Biotech
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Pocha Seeds Pvt.Ltd.
Ornamental Plants & Trees, Veg & Flower Seeds, Plastic Pots, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Garden Implements, Gardening Books, Garden Consultancy Etc.

Palekar & Co.
Sprayers, Pesticides, Veg Flower Seeds, Garden Tools, Agriculture Tools, Garden Implements, Agricultural Implements.

Mpm Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Foundry Consumables Used And Applied In The Critical Spectrum And Eco System Of Casting Preparation Such As Mold And Core Making, Feeding And Methoding Systems And Melt eparation..

Veronik Micronutrients Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture of Straight Mixed, Compound or Complex Inorganic Fertilizers.

Pralsons Agritech Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture of Urea and other Organic Fertilizers.

Rallis India Ltd.
Manufacturers of Agro chemicals .

Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd.
Seeds , Crop Care , Agri Advisory Services , Seed Potato , EPC by Mahindra , Saboro Fruits.

Prerana Agro Industries
Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Neem Fertilizer.

Fab Trade Enterprise
Supplier, Trader And Exporter Of Organic Chemical, Inorganic Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Pharma Intermediary, Chemicals, Organic Chemical, Inorganic Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Pharma Intermediary, Chemicals, Solvents, Adipic Acid.

Deva Pesticides Pvt. Ltd.
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Hydrocarbons & Chemicals
Manufacturer of Organic & Inorganic Chemicals.

Krishidoot Bio Herbals
Organic Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators.

Excel Crop Care Limited
Agriculture Inputs / Fertilizer

Jeevan Biotech
Mfg. And Exporter Of Biochemicals.

Akry Organics Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Organic Chemicals .

Suresh Baykeri
Organic Chemical.

Vrutikhesh Organik Produkts
Manufacturer and Supplier of Organic Fertilizers Earthworms.

Scientific Agriculture Laboratory
Biochemical Pesticides and Fertilizers.

Future India Chemicals
Manufacturer of Industrial & Agricultural Chemical, Lime Product, Cleaning Compound.

Biocare India Pvt .Ltd.
Plant Nutrition, Plant protection, Bio Fertilizer, Soil Nutrition, Bio Pesticides, Organic Manure, Agricultural Fertilizers.

Godavari Fertilisers And Chemicals Ltd.
Exporter and Manufacturer of Fertilizers etc.

Shree Pushkar Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd.
Manufacturer of Acid Dyes, Animal Feed & Direct Dyes, Fertilizers, Reactive Dyes, Soil Conditioner.

Chaitanya Group India
Organic Agro Chemical Manufacturers.

Lasky Herbal
Manufacturing & Export Of Food Products & Natural Food Colours, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products, Agro, Veterinary, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Herbal Cosmetics Products.

Meramex Ltd.
Inorganic / Organics Chemicals.

Maharashtra Traders
Producing Onion Seeds

Antriksha Chemicals
Manufacturer & Suppliers of Industrial Chemical, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Organic Chemicals.

Agro Life Science Corporation
Agriculture Inputs, Fertiliser.

Makes India Clean
Biogas Plants, Insinkerators, Water Treatment Plants, Rain Water Harvesting, Organic Fertilisers, Solar Technology

Asn Agri Genetics Pvt.Ltd.
Processing And Supplying An Extensive Gamut Of Soybean, Wheat & Agro Seeds.

Vanashree Agriculture Pvt.Ltd.
We are one of the Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers Neem Seed Powder/Dragon Fruit Plants, Honey/Vermicompost, Earth Worms, Beehive Box/Stevia Powder.

Jaroli Agro Pvt.Ltd.
Suppliers of Spices, Grains, Oil Seeds, Agro Products.

Agri Search India Pvt.Ltd.
Amino Acid Chelates, Organic Fertilizer, Bio Pesticide, Soil Conditioner.

Lue Bionics Pvt.Ltd.
Agriculture Products. Fulvic Acid, Super Potassium Humate , Seaweed Extract.

Nacl Industries Ltd.
Pesticide Technicals And Formulations.

Advance Fertilizers(India) Pvt. Ltd.,
Agriculture Inputs / Fertiliser.

Indore Fertilizers
Agriculture Inputs, Fertiliser.

Suman Phosphates & Chemicals Ltd.
Suppliers of Fertilizer, Organics Fertilizer, Phosphats, Industrial Chemical.

Balaji Agrotech
Dealers of Agro Chemicals, Fertilizers.

Deva Pesticides Pvt.Ltd.
Suppliers of Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Greencross Agro Cemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Insecticides, Agro Chemicals, Fungicides, Herbicide, Weedicides.

Kilplay Pesticides
Suppliers of Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Modi Agro Pvt.Ltd.
Suppliers of Agro Product.

Royal Products
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides

Ezzy Bioscience Pvt.Ltd.
Agrochemical Fertilizer.

Polyvalent Organics
Fine Chemicals, Organic Chemicals.

S.B. Global International
Agro Chemical & Fertilizers.

Ayush Health Products
Manufacturers of Neutral Pellets, Sugar Pellets and Nonpareil Seeds, Healthy Product.

Blaze Agri Tech Pvt.Ltd.
Trader of Pesticide Formulations.

Kilpest India Ltd.
Manufactures About 50 Pesticide Products, Microfertilizers, Biofertilizers And Biopesticides.

Bayer Crop Science Limited
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides.

Alrahatam Biological Pesticides And Fertilizers
Organic Pesticides & Fertilizers Producer.

Agricultural Vermicompost.

Airoil Flaregas India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture of Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Steel Plants.

Sree Ramcides Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Our Product line Includes Insecticides, Pesticides, Weedicides, Fungicides and Specialty Products.

Suraksha Pest Control
General Pest Control, Rodent Control, Anti Termite Treatment, Organic Chemicals.

Arasan Phosphates Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Exporter of Organic Fertilizers used for Agricultural and Commercial Applications.

Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals And Fertilisers Ltd.
Specializes in Chemical and Fertilizers such as Alkali Chemicals, Soda Ash, Ammonium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate.

Madras Fertilizers Ltd.
Chemicals and Fertilizers. We offer Bio Fertilizer and Agro Chemicals.

Crop Care Federation Of India
Leading Pesticides Manufacturers And Formulators.

Pralshar Bio-Products Pvt. Ltd.:
Manufacturing, Distributing, Importing, Exporting, Selling, Stocking And Otherwise Dealing In All Types Of Agro Inputs I.E. Agro chemicals, Fertilizers, Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators, Seeds Etc.

Tm Media
Manufacturer & Supplier Of Premium Quality Microbiology Culture Media, Biological Media Bases, Antibiotic Sensitivity Disc, Laboratory Chemicals, Dehydrated Media, Biological & Biotech Products...

Bio Chemicals.

Manibhadra Industries
We Are Manufacturers Of Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel, Pipe Fittings, Forge Fittings, Fasteners & Flanges. Importer, Stockiest & Dealers Of Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel Pipes, Sheets, Plates, Round Bars, Hexagonal Bars, Square Bars, Coil Circle, Flat, Angle, Channel, Beam, Flange Guard, Hose Clamp Etc. We Are Successfully Supplying To: Chemical, Fertilizer & Petrochemical Industries, Sugar & Distillations Plants, Pumps & Valve Manufacturers, Engineering, Electrical & Chemical & Cement Industries, Shipbuilders For Their New Projects, Project Expansion & Routine Maintenance.

Greenstar Fertilizers Ltd.
Leading Manufacturer And Marketer Of Fertilizers In India. Chemical Fertilizers , Granulated Fertilizers , Secondary Nutrients, Micro Nutrients , Water Soluble Fertilizers , Organic Fertilizers , Industrial Chemicals.

Photon Chemicals
Functional Fluorecent Dyes, Custom made UV-A and UV-B Absorber Dyes, Pharmaceutical Drug Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Impurities, Agrochemical Intermediates, Agrochemical Impurities, Catalysts, Nano-Materials.

Alchem Synthon Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Bulk Actives, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Intermediates, Agro Chemicals, Perfumery-Flavoring Ingredients.

Bss Foods And Spices Pvt.Ltd.
Celery Seed, Cassia Fistula Tribulas Territries.

Upl Ltd
Agrochemicals,Industrial & Specialist Chemicals.

Adinath Petro Chems
Chemical Raw Materials, Organic Solvent, Organic And Inorganic Chemicals, Organic Fertilizers, Chemical Intermediates, Common Organic Solvent and Organic Chemical solvent.

Amrutva Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Cashew Nut Kernel, Ground Nut Kernel, Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Dill Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds.

Aquatic Agro
Trader of Agro Chemicals Humic Acid, Bentonite Granules, Bio Granules, Seaweed Extract, Amino Acid, Nitrobenzen, PGR, Bio Fertilizer.

Aries Agro Ltd.
Exporter, Supplier and Manufacturer of Multi-Micronutrient Fertilizers Chelated, Micronutrient Fertilizers, Other Nutritional Products, Major Fertilizers.

Crop Chemicals India Ltd.
Insecticides, Pesticides, Weedicides, Fungicides, Bio-Fertilizers, Herbicides, Micro-Nutrients.

Indnan Drugs & Botanical Herbs Co.
Medicinal Herbs, Roots, Leaves, Whole Plants, Flowers, Ginseng Roots.

Jayesh Kumar Shamji & Co
We are Involved in Rendering an Array of Agro Products like Cooker Rice, Andhra Ponni Rice, Aromatic Rice, Rice Grain, Basmati Rice, Long Grain Rice.

Kamna Exim Pvt.Ltd.
Exporter, Supplier and Trader of Red Chilly, Turmeric, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Coriander, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Fennel Seeds.

Kings Fiesta Food Co.
Distributor and Supplier of Rice, Wheat, Maize Manufacturer of Rice, Wheat, Maize Trader of Rice, Wheat, Maize, Spices.

Pratap Organics
Bromoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal, bromoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal, 2-bromomethyl-1, 3-dioxolane, 4-phenylbutyric acid, 2-phenylbutyric acid.

Simosis International
White Sorghum, Yellow Sorghum, Red Sorghum, Green Millet, Yellow Millet, Grey Millet, Finger Millet, Red Millet, Flax Seeds.

Supreme Micronizing
Give Guidance And Direction Of Senior Industrialist And Technologist Of Pharmaceutical Industries.

Anglo Gulf Limited
Speciality Chemicals manufacturing company located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. AGL established in 1991 to manufacture varied range of Speciality Chemicals.

Ankur Seeds Pvt.Ltd.
Fruit & Vegetables(Fresh, Processed & Dry), Raw Cotton And Cotton Waste, Seeds

Bio-Chemical, Fine, Organic or Specialty Research Chemical

Disha Chemicals India Pvt Ltd
We Are Pesticides Formulators And Marketers.we Are Also Into Plant Micronutrients Production And Marketing

Green Crop Chemicals Industries
Manufacturer Of Humico Liquid, Micronutrients, Amino, Seaweed, Seeds, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Agro Chemicals.

Greentree Micro Minerals Exim Pvt.Ltd.
Agrochemicals, Aromatic Solvents, Industrial Fuel, Insecticides, LAWS, Paraformaldehyde, Pesticides, Petrochemicals, Phenol,

Manali Chemicals
APIs, Agro, Dyes & Pharma Intermediates, Organic, Inorganic Chemical, Petrochemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Solvents and Chemicals for Paints, Resins, Textile Industries etc.

Mass Transfer Products Industries
Manufacture of a Range of Plastic and Metal Random Tower Packing and Tower Internals. Petro Chemical, Fertilizer, Bulk Organic Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals.

Premier Intermediates Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Exporter of a Wide Range of Chemicals to the Textile Mills, Organic Chemical, Aromatic Chemicals, Dyes.

Srinivasa Marine Chemicals
Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Seaweed Fertilizers And Seaweed Extracts Available In Liquid, Powder And Granular Form.

Su Organic Sciences Private Limited
Export, Import, Distribution and Trading of API's, Bulk Drugs, Industrial Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical Row Materials and Specialty Chemicals.

Unitop Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Agro Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Pulp & Paper Additives, Construction Chemicals, Leather Auxiliaries.

Agro Seeds Company
All Kind Of Agriculture Inputs.

Ajeet Seeds Ltd.
Agricultural Seeds Processing & Packing

Annette Trading & Transport Company
Auth.Distributors Of RCF & Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals ltd.

Bommidala Sreeram Agro Traders Pvt.Ltd.
Tobacco, Cotton Seed Extractions, Solanesol.

Carnival C.C.Pvt.Ltd.
Agro Chemicals, Raw Cottos, Tobbacco, Non Perishable Vegetabels, Dry Fruits

Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.
Manufacture A Variety Of High Quality PVC Resin Products, Chlorochemicals , Organic Chemicals, Phyto Chemicals.

Darya Agro Chemicals
Insecticides, Humic Acids, Amino Acid

Dhruv Pesticides
Manufacturer Of Pesticides, Insecticides

Gargi Packing Industries
Agro Chemicals & Fertilizers

Gujarat Apollo Industires Ltd
Asphalt Plants,Paver Finishers, Wet Mix Plants, Bitumen Sprayer, Kerb Paver, Compaction Equipment, Crushing & Screening Machine, Road Marking Machine, Allied Equipment,

Gulf-American Company Ltd.
Metal Scraps, Cocao (Coco Products), Agro Chemicals

Hari Om Trading
All Type Of Agro Product.

Hindchem Corporation
Agro Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Horticultural Impex
Wholesale Of Tree Seeds, Forestry Plants Seeds, Soil Conservation, Tropical Plants.

India Pesticides Ltd.
Pesticides Manufacturer Unit Like Lindanc, Monocrotophos, CPP, Quinalphos, Captan, etc

Krishimitra Compost
We Are Suppliying Best Quality Organic Fertilizer Which Is Purely Made From Agro Waste.

Krishna Chemicals & Fertilizers
Manufacturer & Marketers Of Fertilizers, Plant Nutrients, Soil Conditiners, Bio K, Neem Powder, Gypsum, Organic & Vermi Compost, Bio Stimulants.

Madhvani International S.A.
Chemicals, Water Soluble Fertiliser

Magoment Ltd.
Prilled Urea, Granular Urea, Diesel

Mahyco Seeds Ltd.
Production Of GMO Detection Kits, Manufacturer Of Elisa Kits And Gene Detection Strips

National Fertilizers Limited
Agro Chemicals and Fertilizers

Omni Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Emulsifiers For Pigment & Paints Leather & Textile Auxiliaries Adhesives Agro Chemicals Latex Detergents.

Pecopp Pest Control Services
Termicopp - Termite Control, Pecopp Spray - Control Of Crawling Insects, Rodent - Control Of Rats, Mice, Bandicoots, Bed Bugs Control, Woodbores Control, Mosquito & Weed Control, Multipurpose Plastic Sprayers.

Rama Phosphate Ltd.
Manufacturing Single Super Phosphate, Gssp And Npk Mix Fertilizers.

Rcf Ltd.
Fertilizers & Chemicals.

Roots-Florentinecurtis Pvt.Ltd.
ManufacturerOf Fungicides, Insecticides, Seeds, Agri Inputs, Fertilizers

Sanjay Insecticides P.Ltd.
Mfg. of Premium Grade Quality Pesticides, Insecticides And Micronutrient Fertilisers For All Types Of Plants And Crops

Shree Datta Fertilizers & Chemical Pvt.Ltd.
Maniratna Single Super Phosphate Powder & Granulation Unit

Sogyan Chemicals Corporation
All Type Of Acids, Chemicals, Solvents, Minerals, Oil, Agrochemicals, WTP Chemicals

Sulphur Mills Ltd.
Aricultural Pesticide Formulations

Suppaya Traders
Traders Of Agro Chemicals, Petro Chemicals, Oil, Gas, Cement, CRCA, FCMP, Sugar

Tamil Nadu Agro Service Centre
We Are Dealing With Agro Pesticides & Fertilizers.

Tamilnadu Agro Service Centre
Agro Chemicals Ans Growth Promoters

Tricom Agrochem Limited
Manufacturer Of Fruit Pulp And Concentrates

Validain & Company
We Are Supplying Maize With Cotton And Seeds, Alphanso Mango

Vardhaman Hi-Tech Agro Products
Manufacturer Water Soluble Fertilizers And Micronutrients

Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd.
Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulator, And Intermediates.

Advanta Technologies India Ltd.
Plantation Products, Sunflower Seeds, Agricultural, Horticultural and Floricultural.

Agrocrops Exim Ltd.
Plantation Products, Rape and Rapeseed, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds.

Ambarnath Organic Pvt.Ltd.
Dyes, Chemicals, Organic Chemical.

Blue Circle Organics Pvt.Ltd.
Sodium Compounds, Inorganic Chemicals NES, Miscellaneous Organic Chemicals.

Bommidala Bsm Group
Herb and Spice Plants.

Stanagro Seeds
Seeds, Agricultural Seeds, Horticultural Seeds and Floricultural Seeds.

Ultima Cosmetics Pvt.Ltd.
Agricultural Chemicals, Insecticides. Detergents, Soaps, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Waxes and Polishes. Dyes, Colourants.

Coromandel Agrico Pvt.Ltd.
Soft Chemistry, Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides.

Northen Minerals Ltd.
Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers.

Effective Pest Control Services
Pest Control Service, Insecticide Pesticide, Ant Control, Bird Control.

Dalmia Bros Pvt.Ltd.
Agricultural Chemicals.

Fibre Chem Industries
Chemicals for Cosmetics, Perfumery, Detergents and Soaps, Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides.

Ficom Organics Ltd.
Agricultural Chemicals, Insecticides. Detergents, Soaps.

Ganga Rasayanie Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Acids, Their Anhydrides and Acid Halides, Cresotic Acids.

Gujarat Agrochem Ltd.
Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers Herbicides.

Grand Organics Pvt.Ltd.
Leather & Textile Chemicals, Organic Chemicals.

Evergreen Chemicals India
Micro Nutrients Mixture Fertilizers & Agro Chemicals.

Goenka Industries
Manufacturer Of Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides & Bio Pesticides & Seeds.

Jai Agros
Pesticides,Insecticides, Weedicides, Fungicides & Herbicides.

Sri Krishna Pesticides
Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides.

R.J.K. International
Suppliers of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug & Solvents, Cosmetic Raw Materials, Agro Chemicals,Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and other products such as Injection, Humic Acid, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Raw Materials, Agro Chemicals, Cosmetic Chemicals, Poultry Feeds, Vitamins.

Snehadeep International
Suppliers, Traders, Importers and Exporters of Premium Products such as Organic Chemicals, In-Organic Chemicals, Petroleum Chemicals, Bitumen 60/70, Rubber, Chemicals etc.

Bayer Crop Science Ltd.
Agro Product, Pharmaceutical Product, Leather Chemicals, Bio Fertilizer.

Biogold Industries Llp
Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters of High Quality Organic Foods and Agro Products. Our World Finest Range of Product Includes Cattle Feed, Animal Feed, Biscuits Products, Organic Liquid Fertilizers, Organic Plant Protectors, Basmati Rice, Food Ingredient

Konda Lab
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Organic Nematicide, Organic Antivirus, Soil Ph Reducer, Plant Antitranspirant, Bacterial Blight Control, Vegetable Hydrolysed, Acetamide, Acetic Acid, Agricultural Chemicals, Amino Acid Chelate, Bio Fungicides, Bio Insecticide.

Intech Pharma Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture of Insecticides, Rodenticides, Fungicides, Herbicides.

Sajjan India Ltd.
Manufacturer With Expertise In Large Scale Production Of Active Ingredients (Agro), Electronic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals And Intermediates Having Application In Agrochemicals, Pharmacueticals And Dyestuff.

Swal Corporation Ltd.
Agro Chemical, Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Agricultural Insecticides.

Sweta Electrical P.Ltd.
Construction , Leather / Agro Chemicals.

Devidayal Agro Chemical
Manufacturer of Agricultural Chemical.

Gramco Infratech Pvt.Ltd.
Certified Seeds, Fertilizers And Nutrients, Soil Testing, Crop Protection Chemicals.

Hreem Organic & Fertilizers Pvt.Ltd.
Dealers of Organic Chemical, Fertilizers.

Kastur Pulse Mill
Raw Spices, Natural Pulses, Whole Grains, Oil Seed.

Gayatri Insecticide India Pvt.Ltd.
Dealers of Pesticide, Chemicals.

Lentus Biotech Pvt.Ltd.
Suppliers of Agro Insecticide, Agro Pesticides, Bio Fungicides, Bio Miticides.

Agro Life Science Corporation
Agriculture Inputs / Fertiliser .

Monark Translog Llp
Exports All Kind of Foodstuff Items Also Puja Items for Indian Diaspora Overseas. Indian Spices all Kinds, Pulses, Rice.

Cbc Corporation India Pvt.Ltd.
Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Foods and Nutraceuticals.

Map Multi Agro Services Pvt.Ltd.
Neem Oil Cake, Agro Chemicals.

Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd.
Manufacturer of Fertilizers & Pesticides.

A.M.Kamba Limited
Agrochemical/General Contractors And Suppliers, Paraquate And Glyphosate.

Tagros Chemicals India Ltd.
Manufactures & Exports Agrochemical Products. We offer a range of High Value Synthetic Pyrethroids, Pesticide Intermediates and Fungicides
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
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