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Epoxy Coatings Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 24690247 / 9850126770 / 9967436363
Specialist In PTFE Coating, Industrial Product Finishing-Fluoropolymer Coatings, P.T.F.E., P.V.D.F., F.E.P., P.F.A, ECTFE Like Halar Coatings, Nylon Coatings, Plastic Coatings, PVC Coating, Powder Coating, Epoxy & Polyur...More

PUNE- 412206 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9604512297 / 8149831297 / 9921240404
Manufacturer Of Industrial Paints, Enamels and Primers, Epoxy Paints, Enamels, Stoving Enamels, Etch Primer With Hardener, Peelable Clear Lacquers, Texture Paint, Structure Finish Paint, Epoxy Stoving Paints, Epoxy ZMC R...More

Tel No. - 9752299689
We Manufacture, supply and trade a wide range of products that cater to numerous industries. For Jewellery Industries: Casting Units, Investment Powder, Wax, Tools, Machines, Moulding Dies, Polishing Compounds, Alloys, ...More

PUNE- 411017 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 7028469108
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of high quality Residential, Commercial, Industrial Cool Roof Coatings, Heat Reflective Cool Roof Coatings, Water Repellent, Epoxy Coating, Roof Insulation Paints, Thermal Insulation Prod...More

THANE- 400610 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 25898636 / 9322518798 / 9820454154 / 9819795768
Leading Contractors of Heavy Duty Industrial Floorings. We execute Industrial floorings such as Epoxy - PU Floorings, Special Cement based screed, Vacuum Dewatering Systems Floors, and are specialized in proprietary prod...More

THANE- 421302 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9997995105
Epoxy Flooring, EPU Flooring, PU Flooring, ESD Flooring, Car Deck Parking Flooring, All type Epoxy Coving, PU Wall Coating, Micron Coating, Heavy Industrial Coating, ARC Coating, Aluminum and Glass Work, Puff Panel Work,...More

THANE- 400607 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 21734477/ 21734488 / 21734499
Turbine Insulation, Perlite Blocks, Cold Insulation, EPS Thermocole, PUF Rigid Polyurethane Foam, Phenotherm Phenolic Foam, Marine Insulation, Fire Proofing, Refractory, Thermal, Acoustic Insulation, Spray Turbine Insula...More

PUNE- 412109 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9881737644
Manufacturer And Suppliers Of Paints, Industrial Paints, Paints For Chimneys, Paints For Silencers, Lead Free Paints, Quick Drying Paints, Fast Drying Paints, Anti Tarnish Coatings For Copper, Anti Tarnish Coatings For S...More

PUNE- 411058 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 25232607 / 9823078758 / 7720033758 / 9423166885
Dealer,Distributor Of Applicator, Service Provider, Industrial Paints, Industrial Lining Systems, Epoxy Adhesives, Quick Setting Epoxy Adhesives, Steel Epoxy Adhesives, Industrial Sealents, Water Proof Coatings, Water P...More

Tel No. 022 - 26852862 / 26852149
PTFE/ECTFE (Halar) / PVDF / FEP / PFA / Nylon-11 Coating & Lining On Chemical & Lab Equipments, Xylan / PTFE Coating On Bolt, Stud & Nut, Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coating For Special Application, PVDF / FEP / PP Lined B...More

Tel No. 022 - 24440276
Leading Organisation In The Field Of Water Proofing Which Introduce India Industry Of Construction the New trend Of Water Proofing Systems With Crystallization Method And Liquid Applied Membrane Of Various Natures For Lo...More

PUNE- 411026 ,INDIA
Tel No. 020 - 29860970 / 9970174035
Powder Coating, Powder Paint, Anti Microbial Powder Coating, Anti Microbial Coating, Epoxy Polyester Powder, Pure Polyester Powder Coating PP, Polyurethane Powder Coating, Heat Resistance Powder Coatings, Pure Polyester ...More

PUNE- 411046 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9657716421 / 7774050659
Manufacturer of Construction Chemical, Epoxy Floor Coating Services, Floor Coating, Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Paint, Epoxy Coating, Industrial Epoxy Flooring Service, Floor Painting, PU Flooring, PU Floor Coating, Polyuretha...More

THANE- 400606 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 25855371 / 9892589551
Specialist In Epoxy Coating System For Industrial Flooring, High Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, Polyurethane Floor Coating System, Antistatic, Vinegar Flooring,, ESD Floor Coating, Waterproofing Solutions, Epoxy Po...More

THANE- 400701 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9867143094
Manufacturer and Supplier of Epoxy Floor Coating, Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating, Epoxy Floor Coating Marine, PU Floor Coating, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Primer, Epoxy High Build Coating, Epoxy Heat Resistance Coating, Epoxy ...More

THANE- 400602 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 25441412 / 25003060
Water Proofing Contractors, Water Proofing Materials, Construction Chemicals, FRP Sheets Products, Roofing Sheets, Rafractories Materials, Pipes & Pipes Fittings, Roofing Contractors, A.C.Sheets, Galvanised Sheets, Sheet...More

THANE- 400701 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9867143094
Supplier of Epoxy Floor Coating, Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating, Epoxy Floor Coating Marine, PU Floor Coating, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Primer, Epoxy High Build Coating, Epoxy Heat Resistance Coating. ...More

THANE- 400607 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 25899799
Turbine Insulation, Perlite Blocks, Cold Insulation, EPS Thermocole, PUF Rigid Polyurethane Foam, Phenotherm Phenolic Foam, Marine Insulation, Fire Proofing, Refractory, Thermal, Acoustic Insulation, Spray Turbine Insula...More

Tel No. 022 - 23896537 / 9920295250 / 9322290235
Specialisation In Structural Repairs Waterproofing, Corrosion Prevention System Polymer & Epoxy Treatment, Pressure Grouting, Guniting, External Coatings And Finishes Plastering,External And Internal Painting Plumbing , ...More

PUNE- 411105 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9011066638 / 9112293388
Epoxy Coating, Polyurethane Floor Coating, Anticorrosive Painting, Water Proofing And Acid Resistance Coating, Parking Area Yellow Stripes Making Services, Tank Protective Coating Services, Heat Insulation Coating, Wall ...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9869472384
Manufacturer and Supplier of PP Self Support Tank, Air Ducts, Storage Cabinet, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Flooring, PU Coating. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 7606938401
Manufacturer of Pipe Fittings, Pipes & Tubes, Butt-Welded Fittings, Forged Fittings, Flanges, Sheets, Plates & Coils, Round Bar, Fasteners, Valves, Gaskets, Electrode Filler Wire, Olets Fittings, Tube Fittings, Wire Mesh...More

Tel No. - 9763663250
Epoxy Coating, Industrial Paints, Heat Reflective Wall Paints, Wear Resistant coatings, ceramic Adhesive Cements, Ceramic Coating Products, Heat Resistant Silicone Paint & Aerosol Spray. ...More

PUNE- 410501 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9545082371
Manufacturer of Waterproofing Paint Chemical, Epoxy Flooring Top Coat, Construction Chemical U 400, RAL 6018 Epoxy Floor Coatings, Plain White Waterproofing Fiber Mesh Roll, Epoxy Floor PU Clear Paint, White Nexo SBR Lat...More

Tel No. 0250 - 2455462 / 9869002291
Zinc Silicate Coatings, Polyurethane, Tile coating, Floor Coatings, Heat Resistant Coatings, Epoxy, Exterior Finishes. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9423081325
Mfg of Epoxy Base Barrel and Tube Coating, Vacuum Metalizing Coating, Industrial Paints and Varnishes. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 65014970 / 9820333799
Aluminium Sheets, Building Materials, Cement Dealers, Cement Pipes, Construction Chemicals, Epoxy Coatings, False Ceiling, Flooring Tiles, Flush Doors, FRP Sheets, Galvanised Sheets, Hume Pipes, Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Pl...More

Tel No. 022 - 25212630
Manufacturers& Application Contractors Of Epoxy & Polyurethane Systems, Jointless Floors, Anti-Static Floors, Epoxy Coving, Kota Joint Fillings, Epoxy On Oil Soaked Floors, Instant Repairs To Industrial Floors, Designer ...More

THANE- 400602 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9820832020
Acrylic Resins, Adhesives, Air Drying Paint Finish/Epoxy Painting, Anti Foaming Agents, Binders (Adhesive), Building Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Defoaming Agents, Epoxy Castings, Epoxy Compounds, Epoxy Coatings, E...More

Tel No. - 9004083535 / 9850877207

Tel No. 022 - 28405861 / 9869657461 / 9869838790
Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing Contractors, Water Proofing Chemicals, Building Chemicals, Plastic Chemicals, Pigments, Leather Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Agro Chemicals ...More

THANE- 421204 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0251 - 2870205
Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Flooring, Clean Room Finishing, Water Proofing, Anti Corrosion Coating, Other Speciality Coatings ...More

THANE- 400701 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 65107156 / 65121404 / 65173431
Paints, Pigments, Primers, Varnishes, Thinners, Polyurethane Paints, Architectural Coatings, Road Marking Paints, N.C.Paints, Chlorinated Rubber Paints, Synthetic Paints, Heat Resistant Paints, Epoxy Paints, Chimney Pain...More

PUNE- 411062 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 65100628 / 9822463601
Vacuum Impregnation Plants, Vacuum Pressure Machinery Plant, Vacuum Drying Plants, Oil Impregnation Plants, Epoxy Mixing Plants, Pouring Plants, Transformer Oil Filter Machines, Insulation Oil Processing Plants & Equipme...More

Tel No. 022 - 27402758
Polyurethane Resins and Waterproofing Chemicals, Polyurethane Compounds, Polyurethane Foam Sytems (Rigid & Flexible), Polyurethane Casting / Potting Compounds, Polyurethane Elastomers, Polyurethane Coatings, Polyurethane...More

Tel No. 231 - 2520351
Mechanical Seals, Welding Rods, Dosing Pumps, Epoxy Coating, Industrial Valves, Special Purpose Machines ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23433105
Waterproofing & Specialised Coatings, Raised Access Floor / False Floor , Woodcore / Chipboard / Particle Board Raised Floor, Epoxy Coating & Flooring. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 8087778631 / 7020814816
Surface Coating, All Types Of Epoxy Coating, PU Coating, ESD Coating, Wall Painting, Marine Care Chemicals, Industrial Care Chemicals. ...More

PUNE- 411007 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9325577175
Manufacture & Service Provider of Floor Coating, Wood Coating, PU Coating / Polyurethane Coating, Epoxy Coating, Wall Protective Coating, Floor Protective Coating, Wall Protective Coating Services, Floor Protective Coati...More

Tel No. 044 - 22652003
Water Proofing, Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Grouting, Structural Repairs. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9003066199 / 7397378448
Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Zebra Crossing, Polyurethane wall coating, Solvent less Floor Coating. ...More

Tel No. 0129 - 2277877, 4042975
Protective Coatings Such As Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Heat Resistant Coatings, Electrostatics, Wood Coatings, Floor Coatings, Quick Drying Paints, Synthetic Enamels, Stoving Finishes, Putties, Primers, Thermoplastic Acryli...More

Tel No. 0 - 9444045280
Epoxy Resins & Hardeners, Epoxy Floor Coating, Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring, Injection Crack Grouting, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Chemical Resistant Coating, Chemical Resistant Heavy Duty Linings Flooring, Epoxy Resin, Heavy M...More

Tel No. 0 - 9884852889
Epoxy Potting And Encapsulation Compounds. ...More

Tel No. 0124 - 4301776
Automotive, Industrial And High Performance Epoxy, Polyurethane & Special Polymer Based Coatings. ...More

PUNE- 411033 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9860674100
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Industrial Paint ...More

Tel No. - 9763663250
Dealers of Epoxy Ceramic Wear Resistant Coating. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9597596495
Epoxy Coatings, Roof Coat Chemical, Water Proofing Contractors. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23403605
Epoxy Coatings, Industrial Floor Coatings, Polyurethane Coatings, Sports Floor Coatings, Wood Floor Coatings ...More

PUNE- 410506 ,INDIA
Tel No. 02114 - 222234 / 222522
Manufacturer & Supplier Of Epoxy Powder Coating, Epoxy -Polyester Hybrid Powder Coating & Polyester Powder Coating. ...More

PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 7276040261
PU Coating, Epoxy Coating, Metalic Coating, Stipol Finish , Strecher Finish, Wood Finish, All Types of Industrial And Decorative Painting. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 66716630
Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier And Service Provider Of Industrial Paints And Coatings, Our Range Includes Acid Resistant Coatings, Elastomeric Pu & Polyurea Coatings, Epoxy Coatings, Epoxy Floor Coatings And Polyuretha...More

Tel No. - 7385094448
Dealing and Contractor Epoxy Resins and Hardners, Epoxy Adhesives, Silicone sealants, Epoxy Coatings etc. ...More

Tel No. 33 - 23371120
Waterproofing & Epoxy Flooring, Grouting Machine, Coloumn Foundation, Structural Rehabilitation & Renovation etc. ...More

THANE- 400701 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 24928993
Mfg. of Specialty Coatings, Polyurethane Coating, Epoxy Coatings. ...More

Tel No. 33 - 23633338 / 32958589
Services of Water Proofing, Epoxy Coating / Epoxy Flooring. ...More

Tel No. - 8527593923 / 8527593921
Flooring Service, Floor Densification Service, Fibre Reinforced Concrete Surface, Epoxy Coating and Dust Proofing Concrete Flooring. ...More

PUNE- 411030 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 24460799
Installation of Epoxy & PU Coatings Floor Coatings ...More

Tel No. 022 - 26500846 / 26500847
Manufacturer & Exporter of High Performance Specialty Coating Materials, Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Coating, Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing Chemicals. ...More

PUNE- 411019 ,INDIA
Tel No. 020 - 27472054/65310658 / 9822215789
Electroplating Jobwork, Zinc Nickel, Iron Zinc, Alkaline Zinc, Cynide Free, CED Coating, Epoxy Coating, Trivalent Passivation ( Blue, Yellow, Black ) ...More

PUNE- 411207 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9960724656
Industrial Coating, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy ...More

Tel No. 22 - 25961974
Industrial Paints, Enamel, Epoxy Coats, Polyurethane Paints And Primers, Other Speciality Coatings Such As Aluminium Silver Paints, Hammertone Paints, Quick Drying Automobile Paints ...More

Tel No. 022 - 25003679
High Precision CNC Vertical Machining Services For Your Dies And Moulds On Best In Class Making Machines In Mumbai. Machining For Die Casting Dies, Plastic Injection Moulds, Epoxy Castings, Pharma Applications, Thermofor...More

PUNE- 411035 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - M-9822018900
Epoxy Coating, Water Proofing, Painting Contractors ...More

Tel No. - 9890971031
Dealers in Grinding Wheels, Chemical, Epoxy Coatings, Anti Corrosive Paints, Adhesives ...More

THANE- 421301 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0251 - 3255851
Manufacturer Of Epoxy Flooring, Expoy Coating, Chemical Resistance Coating, Speciality Lubricants, Aerosols, Lubricants ...More

PUNE- 411036 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 26880372
Waterproofing Chemicals, Contractors, Construction Chemicals, Epoxy Coating & Concrete Cuttings ...More

Tel No. 240 - 23515762335293
Chemical Resistant Coating, Coating Paints, Powder Coating, Non Stick Coating, Epoxy Coatings, Anti Corrosion Coating, Heat Resistant Paint ...More

Tel No. 120 - 6517232
Manufacturing And Exporting Of Epoxy Floorings, Construction Chemicals And Waterproofing Chemicals Including Solvent Free Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Bonding Agent, Epoxy Based Concerte Impregnate, Wall Epoxy Coating, Tile Adhes...More

PUNE- 411026 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8240281662
Manufacturer Suppliers Of Epoxy Based Protective Coatings & Compounds,Industrial Chemical Resistant Floorings,Self Levelling Monolithic Floorings,Crusher Backing Compounds,Ceramic Wearing Compounds,Metal Repair Compounds ...More

Tel No. 129 - 4081412
Floor Hardners, Epoxy Coatings & Floorings, Polyurethane Coatings, Joint Sealants, Sealer Coatings ...More

Tel No. - 9890075438
FRP Lining And Moulding, Scrubber Making Acid Storage Tanks Making And M.S.Surface Protection Lining, Epoxy Coating ...More

Tel No. - 9870723374
Sand, Shot And Copper Sand Blasting, Industrial Painting, Epoxy Coating, Acid Cleaning Epoxy Coating, Shot Blasting Work ...More

PUNE- 410507 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9921852424
Eopxy Cotaings ...More

Tel No. 022 - 28877151 / 52
Industrial Coatings, Epoxy Primers, Floor coatings, Water Proofing Chemicals. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 2493 4001/24992500 / 9920018025
Manufacturer Of High Performance Coatings Like Epoxy, Polyurethane, Zinc Silicates, Chlorinated Rubber Paints For Corossion In Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power, Refineries, Fertilizers ...More

Tel No. 022 - 28798959
Manufacturer of Paints, Coating, Thinners, Acrylic, PU, Epoxy, Various Type Of Finishes. ...More

Tel No. 79 - 22902525 / 22902626
Manufacturer & Exporter of : Acid Proof Tiles (10mm to 25mm thick) Acid Proof Bricks (38mm & 75mm thick), Acid Proof Cement - Mortars, (Mastic, K-Silicate, Furane, Phenolic, Cashew CNSL), Epoxy Floor Coating & Lining, Ac...More

THANE- 400701 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9867742839
HDPE/PP Spiral Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Reaction Vessels, Scrubbers, Picking Tanks, Chimneys, Fume Absorbers, Epoxy Coatings, etc ...More

THANE- 421501 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9324621383
Hot / Cold Insulation, Acid Proof Tile Lining, Epoxy Coating, Mastics Flooring, Anti Corrosive Painting ...More

Tel No. 022 - 25548596
Specialised In Gunning Shot And Sand Blasting, Epoxy Coating, Airless Spray Painting, Industrial And Decorative Painting ...More

THANE- 421203 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0251 - 2871078
Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Resins, Polyester Resins, FRP Products & Equipments, Metalic Putties ...More

THANE- 400708 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9320794551
Bulding Repairs, Chemical, B B Koba, Box Type, App Membrane Waterproofing, Painting, Epoxy, Pu Floorings, Coatings. ...More

Tel No. 44 - 43111101
Manufacturer And Supply Polyurethane Coatings, Pu Coatings, Polyureyhane Floor Coatings, Polyurethane Paint, Epoxy Coatings, Polyurethane Finish, Polyurethane Plastic, Acrylic Polyurethane, Liquid Polyurethane Coatings. ...More

PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 66490186
Spl.In Water Proofing Chemical, Bar Anchoring, Epoxy Coating, Core Cuttings & Demolition Work ...More

PUNE- 411006 ,INDIA
Tel No. - M-9970633366
Epoxy Coatings, Epoxy Floorings, Water Proofing, Anti Corrosive Coating, Anti Corrosive Paints, Wall Coatings ...More

PUNE- 411023 ,INDIA
Tel No. - M - 90280 36503
PU Coatings, Spray Painting Works, Epoxy Coatings ...More

Tel No. 80 - 41108395
Manufacturer Of Epoxy Coatings & Adhesives, Speciality Chemicals ...More

PUNE- 411019 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 27484756
Manufacturers of All Types of Industrial Heaters ...More

PUNE- 411009 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 -
Epoxy Coatings, Epoxy Compounds, Epoxy Floorings, Wall Coatings, Water Proofing MS-1230 ...More

THANE- 400602 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 25425418 / 25423486
CPVC / FRP / PP / PPGL / PVDF Equipments, Epoxy / Polyurethane Coatings, High Abrasion Resistant Coatings, Blast Cleaning ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9702817768
Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy Coving, Parking Deck Flooring, Housekeeping Service, Epoxy Coatings ...More

Tel No. 022 - 26438939
Heat Resistant Paints, Chemical Resistant, UV Resistant, Fire Retardent, Epoxy Coatings ...More

Tel No. 7104 - 235862
Synthetic Enamel Primer, Epoxy Coating, P.U.Coatings ...More

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