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Vr Hr Consultancy
Recruitment & Training Services, Head Hunting, End To End Solution, Permanent & Temporary Staffing. Recruiter Staff For Industry Verticals, Finance Companies, Banking, Insurance Firm, Manufacturing Sector, IT, BPO/Kpo, Hospitality, Tour & Travels, Industr

Midgules Multi Services Llp
Placement Services, Job Placement Consultants

Advance Manpower Network
Job Placement Consultancy, HR Consultancy, HR Consultant Firm, HR Consultant Jobs, HR Consultant Services, HR Consultant, JOB Placement Consultants, Placement Consultants, Placement Services

Shree Swami Samarth Services
Labour Services, Job Placement Consultant, Manpower Consultant, Manpower Services, Manpower Requirement, Payroll Management, Payroll Processing Consultant, Placement & Management, Recruitment, Placement Consultant

A.G. Enterprises
Overseas Recruitment Services, Placement Services, Placement & Management Services, Placement Consultants, Recruitment & Placement Consultants, Overseas Placement, Overseas Recruitment Agency.

Aditya Placement
Placement Services.

Bright Placement
Placement Services, Placement & Management Consultants, Manpower Consultants, Manpower Recruitment, Recruitment & Placement Consultants, Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Consultants.

Eagle Eye Enterprises Llp
We Provide Back Ground Verification Services & Recruitment Services.

Galaxy Big Star Company
National & International Placement Services. Placement & Management Consultants, Placement Consultants, Manpower Consultants, Manpower Recruitment, Overseas Recruitment Agency, Overseas Placement.

Hemal Jobs
Placement Services. Placement & Management Consultants, Manpower Consultants, Manpower Recruitment, Recruitment Agency, Recruitment & Placement Consultants, Recruitment, Recruitment Agents, Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Consultants.

High Tide Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
Recruitment & Placement Services.

Hirers Business Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Manpower Services, Placement Services, Placement Consultants.

Honeybeez Consultancy
Placement Services. Placement & Management Consultants, Manpower Consultants, Manpower Recruitment.

Igi Aviation Services Pvt.Ltd.
Placement Services, Recruitment Services, Manpower Services.

Impression Hr
Placement Services. Placement & Management Consultants, Manpower Consultants, Manpower Recruitment.

Ingovt Jobs Alert Pvt.Ltd.
Jobs Alert, Placement Services, Placement Consultants.

Jiya Consultants
Placement Service and Holiday Planning.

Kurukshetra Consultancy
Placement Consultancies, Business Consultancy.

S. P. G. Consultancy & Training
Placement Services, IT Consultants & Training

Soni Placement
Placement Consultancies.

Sr Global Service
Placement Consultancies, Job Placement Consultants, Overseas Placement, Recruitment Agency, Recruitments, Recruitment & Placement Consultants, Recruitment Consultants.

Stap Management Consultant
Stap Management Consultant, Placement Consultancies.

Times Ahead Placements
Placement Consultancies

Trusted Manpower Services Co.
Manpower Services, Placement Consultancies.

Vantage Consultants
Placement Consultancies.

Vaze Placement Services
Recruiter, Man Power Providing

Xenon Info Solutions
Placement Consultancies.

Yadav Enterprises
Placement Consultancies, Recruitment & placement Consultants, Recruitment Agency.

Zii Tech
Placement Consultancies.

Job portal for semi-skilled and unskilled workers looking for jobs as housemaids, cooks, drivers, caretakers, babysitters, housekeeping staff, office boys, courier boys etc.

Jobtrack Management Services Pvt Ltd
Placement Agency, Recruitment Agency, Employment, Job Placement, Management Consultancy, Consultants.

Placement India Com
Placement Services.

Volcano Systems
Placement and Job Training Centers.

Ambe International
Employment Agency, Overseas Recruitment Agency.

Assertive Enterprises
Placement Agency, Training Centre, Manpower Consultants

Enhance Consultants
Placement Consultancy

A.R. Agencies
Manpower Consultant, Man Power Placement, Labour Consultation.

Aura International
Placement Consultant & Services.

Bharat Naukari Consultancy
Manpower & Placement Consultants.

Cartel Career Solutions (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manpower & Placement Consultants.

Easy Placement
Manpower & Placement Consultants.

Kapil Hr Solutions & Marketing
Manpower Placement Consultants.

Lead Manpower Services Pvt.Ltd.
Manpower Placement Consultants.

Solution Consultant
Manpower Placement Consultants.

The Best Placement
Manpower Placement Consultants.

Aegis Jobs Pvt.Ltd.
Manpower & Placement Consultants.

Perfect Management Consultants
We Provide all Types of Staff. Office Staff, Technical Staff, Placement Consultant, Manpower Consultant.

Pperfect Enterprise
Manpower, Placement, Requirtment.

Theincircle Com
Job Consultancy Services.

Abc Consultants
Placement Services, Overseas Placement Services.

Tapping Talents
Activities of Employment Placement Agencies.

Shipteck Marine Solutions Pvd.Ltd.
Activities of Employment Placement Agencies.

Maids4u In
Activities of Employment Placement Agencies.

Goa Jobs Junction
Activities of Employment Placement Agencies.

K.P.S. Air Links
Contractor Labour, Skilled Labour, Placement Services.

Olive Consultants
HR Placement Consultancies, Interior Decorators and Design.

Zyn Services
Placement Services.

G9 Consultant Pvt.Ltd.
Business Consultant & Placement Consultant.

Work India
Employment Agency Services

Fair Connects
Employment Providers Services.

Saisidha Enterprises
Security Services, House Keeping Services, Placement Consultants For Security Guards.

Vinayak Job Consultant
Placement & Recruitment, Contract Staffing, Manpower Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Housekeeping & Allied Services.

Sudeep Consultancy
Job Placement Consultancy.

Adroit Placements Inc
Engineering & Construction Recruitment Agencies.

Blazon Consultants
Management And Recruitment Services, Placement Services.

Ana Consultants
Placement Agencies.

Headstart Manpower Consultants
Priority Jobs, Career Consultation, Resume Making, Placement Service.

Nicco Ventures Ltd.
Placement Service, Manpower Placement Services.

Careers And Job
Placement Consultants, Recruitment Service.

Aasaan Jobs Pvt. Ltd.
Employment Service, Consultancy.

Bright Life
Manpower Consultants.

Caliber Placement
Placement Agencies.

A F Ferguson And Co.
Placement Agencies, HR Management , Outsourcing Services.

Jerry Varghese International Ltd.
Placement Consultant Middle Level For Candidate.

Brihan Consultants
Recruitment Consultant, Placement Services.

Sanjeevini Services
Recruitment & Placement Consultant.

Omni Consultants International
Placement & Recruitment Services.

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