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Labindia Analytical Instruments P. Ltd.
Mfr And Distribution Of Analytical Instruments, FTIR, Freeze Dryer, Conductivity Meters, Laboratory Instruments,UV Spectrophotometers, Packaging Machines, Scienttific Instruments, Gold Testers, Moisture Analyzers, Titrators, Tablet Hardness Testes, Tablet Dissolution Systems

Samarth Electronics
(ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified) Leading Mfgr. Of Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments, Cleaning Sysems, Specialised In Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Sonicator, Accessories, SMPS Power Sources And Digital Timers. (All Over India And Export Also Dealer Network)

Hmg India
Mfgrs.Of, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Imported Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Instruments, Ovens, Deep Freezers, Stability Chamber, Laminar Flow Bench

Trident Labortek
Laboratory And Scientific Equipments, High Pressure Autoclaves, Heating And Cooling Circulators, Rotary Evaporator, Pilot Plants, Glass Distillation Units, Vacuum Controllers

Bio Technics India
Laboratory Equipments, Imported Laboratory Instruments, Humidity Chamber, BOD Incubator, Fume Chamber, Water Bath, Low Temperature Bath, Autoclave, Environmental Test Chamber, Oil Bath, Hot Air Oven, Humidity Control Oven, Stability Chamber, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Rotary Shaker, Deep Freezer, Environmetal Chamber, Orbital Shaker Incubators, Walk In Chamber, Fume Chamber, Laminar Flow Bench, Digital Moisture Meter, UV Inspection Cabinet, Fluoroscope, Clean Room Equipments, Bod Incubator, Viscometer Water Bath, CO2 Incubator, Constant Temperature Bath, Laboratory Autoclave, Vacuum Ovens, Laboratory Oven, Bacteriological Incubator, Vertical Dehumidifier, Humidity Ovens

Hexatec Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Laboratory Instruments Viz. Vertical Autoclave (Fully Automatic), Laminar Air flow Stability Chambers, Hot Air Oven, B.O.D. Incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, Muffle Furnace, Vacuum Oven, Deep Freezer, Tray Dryer, Rotary Sha

Sai Enterprises
Mfg. Of Scientific Instruments & Laboratory Equipments, Incubators & Ovens, Autoclaves, Laminar Air Flow, Laboratory Balances, Water Bath, Centrifuge, Cooling Equipment, Laboratory Shaking Machine, Microtome, Microscope, Laboratory Equipments, Food Processing Equipments, Oil & Petroleum Testing Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments, Pharmaceutical Instruments, Incinerator & Bio waste Treatment Equipments, Micro Mill

S.R.Lab Instruments
Mfg.Of Scientific, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Instruments, Cold Chamber Temp.-40 C/-80 C (Frost Free), Thermal Shock Chamber Temp. + 200 C To -40 C/-80 C, Ultra Low Temp. Freezer Temp. -40 C/-80 C, (Vertical), Low Temp. Freezer Temp. -20 C/-35 C (Hor

Classic Scientific
Mfg.Of Laboratory, Scientific, Surgical, Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipments & Instruments, Tray Dryers, Laboratory Ovens, Incubators, Muffle Furnaces, Vacuum Ovens, B.O.D.Incubators, Environmental Test Chamber, Dehumidifier, Silica Gel Dehumidifier,

Maksur Analytical Systems
Leading Instrumentation Marketing Company, Specialised For Analytical Systems, Corrosion Monitoring Systems & Paleo-Magnetic study Equipments, Also For Recognised Brands Cortest, Rohrback Cosasco, Zahner, uniscan, C.M.Beasy, Molspin, Agico, Specialised For Corrosion Monitoring Services, Retrieval Of Corrosion Probes, Retrieval Or Corrosion Coupons, Retrieval Of Injection Systems, Corrosion Data Evaluation and reporting, Maintenance Services, Annual Maintenance Contracts Of CMS, Hot Tapping Services

International Tools Syndicate
Precision Measuring Instruments, Calibration, Sales & Services Of Precision Measuring Instruments

Scitech Scientifics
Authorised Stockist Of Qualigens Range Of Product, Fisher Scientific Part Of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dlrs.In Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Surgical Items, Test Sieves, Scientific Instruments & Equipments, thermometers, Silicaware, TLC Plates, HPLC Columns, Membrane Filters & All Kinds Of Labware & Accessories, Specialised For Stockist Of All Types Of Lab Chemicals

Krishi Enterprises
Division Of Myco Tools Centre, Engineering & Cutting Tools & Solid Carbide Tools, Precision Measuring Instrument, Hardware, Mill Gin Stores & General Merchant, Stockist Of Precision Measuring Instruments, Hardness Tester, Magnetic Accessories, Pressure Gauges, Kinds Of Ball Bearings, Small Tools, Small Machinery, Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Machine Tools, Packing Materials, Hardware Testers, Fasteners, Specialised For Sugar Mills, Engineering Unit Etc.

Lab Instruments
Lab Instruments, Lab Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, BOD Incubators, Stability Chamber, Incubator, Auto Claves, Hot Air Oven, Laboratory Oven, Vacuum Oven, Deep Freezer, Tempeature Controllers

Volt-Amp Logic Controls
Mfrs. Of Process Control Electronic Instruments, PID Autotune Tempeature Controller, Data Loggers 21 CFR 11 Complaint PC Software, Customized Designs, Time Switches, Sequential & Combination Timers, Scientific And Pharma Machinery Instruments, Universal Timers & Counters, RPM & Rate Indicators

Teleflo (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture And Marketing Of Various Types Of Process Instruments And Equipments, Pumps And Valves, Safety Fittings, Mixers, Strainers And Filters

B.J.Scientific Co.
Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Distilation Instruments, Filter Paper, Analytical Instruments, Multimeter & Laboratory Glassware, Meters All Types, Thermometer

Emtek Instruments
Centrifuges For Clinical, Pathological Labs and Blood Banks, Bench Top General Purpose Centrifuge, General Purpose Centrifuge, Bench Top General Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge, Research Centrifuge, Gen. Purpose Research Refrigerated Centrifuge, Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge, Bench Top Highspeed Gen. Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge, Oil Testing Centrifuge, Floor Type High Volume Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge

Emtek Motors & Lab Equipments
Mfg. Of AC Motors, DC Motors, AC Geared Motors, Electric Motors, Laboratory Equipments, Conveyor Motors, Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers, Dental Equipments, AC Single Phase & 3 Phase Electric Motors, Blower Motors, Special Purpose Motors

Labtek Instruments
Laboratory Instruments, Binocular Microscope, Analytrical Instruments, Validation Services, Clean room Equipment, Scientific Equipment & Instruments,Clinical Lab Equipments.

Lab Intruments
Lab Instruments, Lab Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, BOD Incubators, Stability Chamber, Incubator, Auto Claves, Hot Air Oven, Laboratory Oven, Vacuum Oven, Deep Freezer, Tempeature Controllers

Scientific Instruments
Scientific Instruments.

Lab Equipment Co.
Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipments,Scientific Instruments.

Lab Manufacturing Co.
Scientific Instruments.

I.E.C.Equipment Corporation
Laboratory Instruments,Scientific Instruments.

Hindustan Apparatus Mfg.Co.
Mfg. Of Industrial Glasswares, Laboratory Glassware & Electrical Instruments, Oil & Petroleum Testing Instruments, Scientific Laboratory Instruments

Biomed Technologies
Trading Of Laboratory Instruments Viz. Vertical Autoclave (Fully Automatic), Laminar Air flow Stability Chambers, Hot Air Oven, B.O.D. Incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, Muffle Furnace, Vacuum Oven, Deep Freezer, Tray Dryer, Rotary Shaker, Ultrasonic C

1 Scitech Scientifics
Scientific Apparatus And Instruments

A Sterling Manufacturing Co
Manufacturers & Exporters Scientific Instruments ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology) , Laboratory Glassware, Porcelainware, Polytheneware, Measuring Instruments And Complete Range Of Microscopes

A. Kumar & Company
Scientific And Lab Instruments, Water Testing Instruments, Equipment And Consumable For Steel And Allied Ind., Filter Papers And Filtration Assemblies, Petroleum Testing Machines

A.Kumar & Company
Scientific & Lab. Instruments, Surveying Instruments, Metallurgical Lab Instruments, Filter Papers, Laboratory Chemicals and Glassware

Manufacturer And Exporters Of Scientific & Laboratory Instruments Like Heating Mantle, Extraction Mantle, Electric Bunsen, Sieve Filtration Sysems, Test Sieves

Ab Diachem Systems Pvt Ltd (D)
Imports & Distribution Of Scientific Instruments & Equipments

Advance Techno Systems
Fabricated Scientific Instruments And Equipments

Aeron International
Manufacturer Of Suppliers Of Scientific Instruments, Equipments, Laboratory Glassware, Plasticwares, Surgical, Safety Products.

Aman Machine Tools
Mfg. & Supplier Of Pharmacy, All Scientific Instruments, Educational And Lab Equipment, Biological Models, Engineering Apparatus, Glassware, Clamps, Laboratory Instruments, Glass Blowing Machine, Lathe Machine

Ambala Laboscience
Manufacturer Of Scientific And Laboratory, Pharmacy & Medical Instruments And Equipments

Amc Instruments
Analytical Instruments, Medical & Life Sciences Instruments, Control System, Engineering Instruments And All Other Research & Scientific Instruments

Anand Industries
Manufacturer & Supplier Of Process Control & Scientific Instruments, Pressure & Temp. Gauges, Digital Process Indicators, Temp.& Pressure Sensors, Level Gauges & Switches, Humidity

Bangalore Fine Chem
Laboratory Chemicals, Scientific Instruments, Models, Maps, Charts For School And Colleges

Bansal Instruments And Chemicals Co.
dealers Of All Types Of Scientific Instruments, Educational Equipments, Medical Equipments, Laboratory Glassware And Chemicals

Bio Techno Lab
All Laboratory & Scientific Instruments, Oven, Water Bath, BOD Incubator, Autoclave, Distillation

Censico International Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Scientific Instruments, Supplies And Laboratory Furniture, Abrasive Cutters, Precision Saws, Mounting Presses, Grinder

Central Sales Corporation
Deals In Scientific, Electronics & Testing Instruments.

Classic Enterprises
Electrical, Scientific And Electronic Instruments Sales And Services

Classic Instruments
Manufacturer And Importers Of Anaytical Laboratory Equipments And Scientific Instruments

Edutek Instrumentations
Mfr And Exporter Of Quality Laboratory Equipment And Scientific Instruments

Galaxy Scientific Equipments
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters Of Overhead Lab Stirrers, Hot Air Oven, Vacuum Oven, Muffle Furnace, K.F. App., Melting / Boiling Point App., UV Cabinet, Shakers, Oil Bath / Water Bath, Constant Temp. Bath, Environmental Chamber, pH Meter, Conductivi

Glacier Glass Works
Manufacturer Of Laboratory Glassware & Other Scientific Instruments

Hazari Trading Company
Humidity Controller, Time Totalizer, Industrial Electrical, Electronics And Scientific Instruments And Raw Materials

Indeecon Equipments & Instruments Company
Salt Spary Chamber, CO2 Incubator, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Oven, Stability Test Chambers, Humidity Chamber, Scientific Instruments, Cleanroom Equipment

Jal Jyoti International
Dealers Of Chemical Products, Scientific Instruments, Biochemical Equipments And Glasswares

Jignesh Agency
Laboratory Chemical, Laboratory Glasswares, Lab Equipments, Scientific Instrument, Purity Solvents, Filtration Products, Liquid Handling Products, Pharmaceutical, High Purity Filter Paper, Chromatography.

K B N Enterprises
Dealers In Chemicals Equipments & Glasswaress & Scientifc Instruments.

All Types Of Solvents, Allied Products And Lab Chemicals, Glasswares And Scientific Instruments

Kathuria Enterprises
Leading Manufacturers Of Scientific Instruments & Teaching Modules For Physics,Electronic & Electrical Education

Kemi Scientific
Manufacturer Of Scientific Instruments

Labpro International
Laborato Equipmwnts/ Scientific Instruments

Labscientific Supplies
Scientific Instruments, Chemicals & Glasswares, Medical, Surigicals, Survey & Electronics

Laxmi Instruments Co. (M)
Mfr Of Packed G.C.Column, Packed G C Glass Column, Hplc Spares, Fitting Of Hplc & G.C.

Macro Scientific Works Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Scientific Instruments.

Menzel Labortechnik
Scientific Instruments And Equipments

Mrunal Scientific Co.
Scientific Engineering And Meterological Instruments

Mxrady Lab Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Importer Of Scientific Instruments And Lab Accessoreis

Nova Instruments
Sales & Services & Custom Design Of Scientific Instruments

Optolab Zone
Leading Exporter Of Kinds Of Microscopes, Lab Equipments, Scientific Instruments, Human Anatomy Models, Optical & Ophthalmic Instruments, Pharmaceutical Machineries, Herbal Food Supplements & Sports Equipments.

Oswal Scientifics
Pharmaceutical, Medical And Biotech Instruments, Chemicals And Glasswares

Pharmaceutical & Scientific Instruments

Pravin Electronics & Electricals
Testing Instruments, Electrical Switchgear, Electronic Protection Relays, Scientific Instruments, Wires, Cables, Timers, Counters, Diodes, Thyristors, Push Buttons, Led Lamps, Transformers, Micro Switches, Pressure Gauges, PID Controllers, Temperature Sen

Radical Scientific Equipments Pvt.Ltd
Profile Projectors, Industrial Microscopes, Optical Instruments, Cameras And Softwares

Rahul Scientific Industries
Manufacturer Exporter And All General Order Supplier Of Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipments

Rohin Enterprise
Scientific Instrument, Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware, Safety Product, Boilers

Royal Industries
Cashew Net Processing Machinery, Powder Coating Plants, Industrial Ovens, Industrial Furnace, Food Processing Machinery, Sceintific Instruments, Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical Processing Equipments

Rupali Instruments Corporation
Lab Instruments, Scientific, Lab Glassware, Lab Plasticware, Pharmacy Microscopes, Anatomical Models.

Mfr Scientific & Laboratory Instruments

Sai Scientific Instruments
Analytical Weight Box, Retort Stands, Rings, Clamps, Boss Heads, Tripod Stands, Laboratory Jacks, Tongs, Spatula, Gas Tap, Burners, Heating Mantle, Water Bath, Magnetic Stirrer, Uv Cabinets, Filter Holders Etc.

Scientific & Surgical Corporation
Exporters Of Scientific Instrument & Laboraotry Chemicals

Scientific International
Manufacturer & Exporters Of An Extensive Range Of Laboratory Scientific Equipment & Instrument in Laboratories

Sharma Scientific Instruments
Manufacturer of Scientific Instruments, Scientific Equipments, Lab Equipments

Shree Jee Industries
We Are Manufacturer Of Scientific Instruments, Chemicals, Laboratory Wares, Lab Solutions, Diganostic Reagents, All Sort of Test Indiators Papers

Siri Engg And Scientific
We are Dealing With All Types Of Foundry Chemicals, Foundry Equipment, Scientific Instruments, Glass Ware For Lab, Testing Instruments

Sree Rama Scientific Glass Works
Mfr & Suppliers Of Laboratory Glass Apparatus, Chemicals & Scientific Instruments

Subhadra Scientific & Surgical Co.
Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Equipments, Electrical Heating Equipments, Instruments & Apparatus, Micro Analysis Furnaces, Effective Zone Constant Temperature System, Low & High Temperature Furnaces, Industrial Dryers, Ovens, Heating Mantles, Gold, Zi

Swara Enterprises
dealers In All Surgical Scientific Laboratory Instruments Equipments Furniture Like Laminar Flow, Microscope

Swastic Scientific Co.
We Are Manufacturer Of Scientific Instrumental, Vacuum Oven, Muffle Furnace, Water Bath

The Educational Supplying Co.
Dealing In All Type Of Scientific Instruments, Laboratory / Industrial Chemicals & Diagnostics Kits

The Scientific Edge
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Scientific Instruments Like Biological Instruments, Heat / Refrigeration System, Laboratory Glassware, Chemistry & Educational Instruments

Variety Traders
Electrocal/Electronics/civil/ Mechanical Engineering Instruments Scientific Instruments

Vinsyst Technologies
Online Check Weighers, Conveyor Based Detectors, Free Flow Metal Detectors, Scientific Inst

Zohaib Corporation
Importers / Distributors Of Scientific Instruments, Metallurgic Instruments, Ferro Alloys, Copper Mould Tubes, Thermocouple Tips And Measuring Instruments

Instrucare & Solutions
Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipments And Analytical Devices, Bacteriological Incubators, Bath Sonicators, Bod Incubators, High Temperature Oil Bath, Incubators, Lab Equipments, Ph Meters, Laboratory Autoclaves, Heating Mantles, Stainless Steel Hot Plates, Digital Polarimeters, Abbe Refractometers (Manual).

Maxcor Agro And Allieds
We Are A Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Importer And Trader Of Fresh Agro Products And Agricultural & Scientific Instruments Like Agriculture Seeds, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Medicinal Plants, Scientific And Agricultural Instruments, Adhatoda Vasica, Agricultural Equipments, Agriculture Seeds, Cattle & Poultry Feeds, Spices, Ajwain Seeds.

Instruments Mfg. Company
Oil & Petroleum Testing and Scientific Instruments.

New Tech Instruments
Carl Zeiss,Olympus, Tempo Instruments, Endoscope, Microscopes, electronic, Physics & All Laboratory Instruments For Scientific & Research Laboratories.

The Scientific Suppliers
Scientific & Laboratory, Testing & Measuring, Educational & Research Equipment.

Pooja Electro Time Technology
Scientific Appartus & Instruments,Testing, Measurement Equipments.

Scientific Lab Instruments, Educational Scientific Instruments, Testing Lab Equipment ,Labs Glassware Scientific instruments, laboratory equipments, scientific instrument exporters scientific instrument manufacturers , scientific instrument suppliers ,

Biolinx Labsystems Pvt. Ltd.
Laboratory and Scientific Instruments, Autoclaves, Sterilizers, Bioreactors, Fermenters.

Borosil Ltd.
Laboratory Glasswares, Scientific Glass, Scientific Glass Equipments, Scientific Instruments, Scientific Laboratory Instruments, Glass Ampoules, Tubular Glass Vials, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials, Toughened Glass, Scientific

Jaguar Instrument Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Agricultural & Bio-Tech Scientific Research Instruments.

Kfw Scientific Industries
Boilogy, Dental Instruments & Equipment, Hot Air Ovens, Insustrial Ovens, Kitchen Equipments, Laboratory Glassware & Equipment, Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital Supplies, Microscope, Model Designers, Ophthalmic Instruments, Optical Goods & Sunglasses, Pharm

Nila Scientific Suppliers
Chemical, Scientific, Lab Chemical, Potassium Nitrate, Glass Laboratory, Scientific Models.

Shree Akshar Enterprise
Laboratory Equipment, Weighing Machine, Scientific Instrument, Laboratory Chemical, Measuring Instrument, Stirrer, Mitutoyo TDS Meter, Weighing Scale, TDS Meters, Measuring Instruments (Misc.), Measuring Instruments Online, Weighing Systems, Weighing Mach

Coronation Instruments
Scientific & Electronic Instruments.

Esco Biotech Pvt.Ltd.
Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Clean Benches, Pcr Priducts, Cleanroom Products, Lab Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Air Curtain, Air Showers, Clean Rooms, Filters, Filteration Equipments

Mahendra Engineering Corp.
Dealers & Stockist Of All types Of Engineering, Precision & Measuring Tools, Textile Instruments For Yarn Testing, Repairers & General Suppliers

Physics Instruments Co.
Manufacturer of Scientific Instruments.

Swastik Scientific Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Laboratory Thermometers, Scientific Instruments.

Universal Bio Chemicals
Bio Chem Scientific Instrument.

Akansha Scientific
Scientific and Laboratory instruments and Equipments.

Ravi Scientific Instrument
Survey Instrument, Soil, Cement, Concrete, Bitumen & Scientific Instrument.

The Surindra Sc. Glassware Co.
Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of Laboratory Glassware, Scientific Instruments.

Covai Glass Works
Manufacturer of Scientific Industrial Educational Laboratory Borosil Quartz Glasswares & Chemicals Doing Repairing Works.

Dinesh Scientific
Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory Glassware, Dinesh Scientific, Laboratories

Glass Agencies
Laboratory Glassware, Scientific Instruments, Physiotheraphy Equipments, Hospital Instruments, Hospital Hollore.

Sachin Precision Calibration Centre
Calibration, Sales & Servicing Of Precision Measuring Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments, Surface Finish Tester, UTM (Universal/Tensile Testing Machine), Low Flow Meter 1000 mL/minute, Electrostatic Discharge Tester, Dead Weight Tester, Gauge

Vipin Scientific Associates & Co.
Leading Provider of Precision Measuring Instruments. Scientific Instruments, Geological Services.

Pratham Engineers
Manufacturer & Exporting Of Scientific Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

Chandra Scientific Industries
Astranomical Instruments.

Technotrade Engg.Co
Measuring Instruments, Analytical Instruments, Thermometers, Testing Instruments, Electrical Assessories, Thermocouple, Scientific Instruments, General Lab Instruments, Electrical Instruments.

Thermocon (India)
Manufacturers and Exporters of Superior Quality Scientific Equipment. Laboratory Testing Instrument.

Sachdeva Instruments Co.
Manufacturer Exporter & Suppliers of Scientific Instrument.

Swastika Electric & Scientific Works
Manufacturers & Exporters of a Wide Spectrum of Scientific Equipment like Laboratory Equipment, Lab Testing Equipment, Hot Plate Manufacture, Centrifuge Machine.
School Of Inspirational Leadership
'Entrepreneurship Development Partner' Building Entrepreneurs Who Are The Pillars of Tomorrow’s Business Culture & World Economy
Technolab Associates
Educational Equipments, Advance Pneumatic Trainer, Advanced Pneumatic Trainers
Polylab Engineering Equipment
Educational Equipments, Applied Mechanics Lab, Control Engineering Lab
Industrial Instruments
Thermometer, Thermocouples
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
Microtech Engineering
Educational Equipments, Engineering Equipments, Scientific Equipments, Laboratory Equipments
J.P.Techno Instruments
Advance Pneumatic Trainer, Computerised Engine Test Ring
Biolinx India
Scientific Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory Shakers
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