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Kirti Steel Industries
Contact Person: MR. KEYUR KOTHARI - PROP.
Tel No. 022 - 66595864 / 23446121
Dlrs.& Mfg.S.S.Bolts, Nuts, Pipe Fittings, Allen Cap, Grub Screw, High Carbon, Copper, Brass, Bolts, Nuts, Sugar & Chemical Parts, Fasteners & Raw Materials

Kirti Steel Co.
Contact Person: MR. K.K. KOTHARI
Tel No. 022 - 23446121
Dlrs.& Mfg.S.S.Bolts, Nuts, Pipe Fittings, Allen Cap, Grub Screw, High Carbon, Copper, Brass, Bolts, Nuts, Sugar & Chemical Parts, Fasteners & Raw Materials

Contact Person: MR. IRSHAD KHAN
Tel No. 02192 - 262728 / 9742409053
Air Conditioning Ducting Service, Tank Insulation, Hot Pipe Insulation, Bright Bar Die, Wire Drawing Die, Chain Link Fencing Die, Rockwool Insulation Services, Air Duct Fabrication, Hot Tank Insulation, Boiler Insulation, Electric Motor Rain Cover Ac Duct, Steam Pipe Insulation, Wire Nails Making Machine, Chain Link Making Machine, Barbed Wire Making Machine, Welded Wire Mesh Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine, Wire Pointing Machine, Header Machine, Wood Screw Making Machine, Nut Bolt Making Machine, Bright Bar Draw Bench Machine, Bull Block Drawing Machine, Tube Draw Bench Machine, Rivet Making Machine, Wet Wire Drawing Machine, Stainless Steel Tube Mill Machine, Sheet Slitting Machine, Metel Roofing Sheet Machine, Hydraulic Hand Press Machine, Steam Boiler, Chain Bending Machine, Automatic Hollow Block Machine, Nails Machine Spear Parts, Wood Gas Steam Boiler, Pit Type Wire Furnace, Electric Furnace, Automatic Thread Rolling, J Hook Machine.

National Wire Products
Contact Person: MR.TARUN AGRAWAL
Tel No. - 9881751800
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Wire Mesh, Filter Mesh, Chicken Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Galvanized Iron Wire, Galvanized Wire, Barbed Wire, Binding Wire, Chain Link Fencing, Wire Nails, GI Wire Mesh, M.S. Weldmesh, Concentric Coils

Paras Engineering Corporation
Contact Person: MR. RAHUL SANGHANI
Tel No. 0 - 9322790894
MS Wire, MS Wire Nails,Panel Pin,Stainlees Steel Nails, Stainless Steel Wire & Wire Rod.

Sri Navin Industries
Tel No. - 9865166609
Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of Chain Link Fences & Barbed Wires, Wire Nails, Stay Wire, G.I. Wire.

Raj Industries
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH S. BHANDARI
Tel No. 020 - 25462365
Mfg of SS/ MS bar and Wire, GI Wire, Wire Nails, Binding Wire.

Reliable Wires And Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0712 - 2775450/ 2724254
Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Wires, Springs, Wire Nails, Wire Ropes etc.

Saggu Wire Products
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0183 - 2581161
We Specializes in Automatic Bolt & Nuts Plants, Wire Nail Plants and Taper Rolling Machines.

Ajit Wire Products
Contact Person: MR. RANVEER
Tel No. 0183 - 2582204
We Supplies Crank Type High Speed Panel Pins, Wire Nails & Horse Shoe Nails Making Machine.

Tel No. 1482 - 291033 / 291034 / 291035
Woodern Screw, Wire Nails, Binding Wire etc.

Kainya Wires Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ANUKUL KAINYA
Tel No. 141 - 5123859
MS, HB, GI, CA, Wires, Barbed Wires, Wire Nails, Ca, Strip, Stranded Stay Wires.

Arecotech Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. SWAPNIL
Tel No. - 9765339960
Wire Nails.

Narayan Wires Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 33 - 22581392 / 93 / 94 / 95
Manufacture of M. S. Wire and Wire Products, G. I. Wire, H. B. - Wire, Annealed Wire, Barbed Wire, Stay Wire, P.V.C. Coated Wire, Panel Pin, Chain Link, Wire nails etc.

Sn & Ks Industries
Tel No. - 9344752250
Wires, M.S.Drawn Wires, Wire Nails.

Muna Trading
Contact Person: MR. PRAKASH KUMAR
Tel No. - 971506454805
Importers And Exporters Of All Kinds Of Wire Nails In Dubai

Cool Fab Engineers
Contact Person: MR. K. P. ANTO
Tel No. 22 - 28528252
Manufacturing, Trading, Exporting and Supplying of Cooling Tower Drive Shafts, Coupling, Twisted Nails, Cooling Tower Spares, SS Bolts, SS Wire Nails.

Ets. Sadhana S.P.R.L.
Tel No. - 00257 22 9582
Mfg. Of Wire Nails And Wire Products, Roofing Nails

Maharashtra Bolt Nut Co.
Contact Person: MR. BIPIN K. DOSHI
Tel No. 22 - 23438535 / 23112125
M.S.Fastners, High Tensile Fastners, Non-Branded High Tensile Fastners, S.S. Fastners, Brass Bolt Nut, Foundation Bolt Nuts, Wire Nails, All Kind of Machine Screw, Spring Washer, Dowell Pins, Rivets.

S.N. & K.S. Industries
Contact Person: MR. ER. SERMAPANDIAN
Tel No. 452 - 2534369 / 2524588
Wire Nails and M.S. Drawn Wires.

Avishkar Tools
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 61427191/ 605080
Cooling Tower Manufacturers, Polycarbonate Sheet, Turbo Air Ventilator, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Washing Machine Trolley, Air Ventilator, Turbine Ventilator, Wire Nail, Wire Nail Making Machine Manufacturers.

Atul Industries
Contact Person: MR. ATUL
Tel No. 22 - 26853690 / 26778184
Manufacturer Of Wire Nails, Roofing Nails, U Nails

Bagwandas Sampatraj
Contact Person: MR. VIKAS SINGHVI
Tel No. 2982 - 224087
G.I.Wires, Nails, Nuts, Bolts, Binding Wires, Barbed Wires

Bedmutha Industries Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. AJAY VEDMUTHA
Tel No. - 7038902713
Galvanised Steel & M.S. Wires, Chainlink Fencing, Barbed Wires, Wire Nails, Stitching Wire, Staple Wire.

Elme Plast Co.
Contact Person: MR. AJAY VEDMUTHA
Tel No. 253 - 2351291 / 2351292
House Of Wires, Barbed Wires, Binding Wires, Galvanised Wire, Wire Nails

Ezzi Hardware And Paints
Contact Person: MR ADNAN ROYAL
Tel No. 731 - 2369129
Wholesale Supplier Of Hardware Items- Binding Wire, Wire Nails, Nut Bolts, G.I.Wire, Weldmesh, Chainlink And Building Materials

Gurnani Metals Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. GOPAL GURNANI
Tel No. 253 - 2381428 / 6601846
M.S. Wire Nails, Star Export House

Iaa Nail Works
Contact Person: MR. ADNAN SHAIKH
Tel No. - 9987265039
Manufacturer Of Different Types Of Wire Nails

International Wires
Contact Person: MR. SYED YUSUFF
Tel No. 4 - 25268884 / 25268883
M.S.Wires, Wire Nails, Galvanised Wires, Barbed Wire

Kashmira Industries
Contact Person: MR. VIJAY DOSHI
Tel No. 22 - 23439303
Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Studs, Washers, Wire Nails, Twisted Nails

Kreepa Steel Industries
Contact Person: MR. VIVEK KENGE
Tel No. 253 - 3252740
Manufacturer Of Hot Dipped Galvanised Wires, Cable Armour Wires, High Carbon Wires, Earth Wires, Wire Nails

Nesvi Export
Contact Person: MR. NESVI SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 25121701
Manufacturer Of Wire Nails

New Steel Art
Contact Person: MR. AMIT MAKWANA
Tel No. 250 - 6450298 / 99
Manufacturer Of Wire Nails From M.S. Wire, And Also In Fabrication Work

Noble Wire Products
Tel No. 22 - 23112786
S.S. Nails, S.S. Wire Nails, S.S. Screw Shank Wire Nails, S.S. Tiwisted Wire, Rivets, Washers, Spring Washers, Pop Rivets, Blind Rivets, Copper Nails.

Contact Person: MR. DHIRAJ BOOB
Tel No. - 9373901130
Wire Nails, Roofing Nails, Panel Pins

Pagasus Products
Tel No. - 9888800086
Manufacturer Of Horseshoe Nails, Farrier Nails, E Series Nails, Hook Nails, Animal Nails.

R K Wires
Tel No. 40 - 27714438
Manufacturer Of Wire Nails.

Reliable Polymers
Contact Person: MR. NILESH LALWANI
Tel No. 20 - 24264166
Mesh Bags, Laminated Multicolor Printed Woven Bags, PP Non Woven Bags, Fabrics, Wire Nails

Shree Ganesh Industries
Contact Person: MR. NITIN GATTANI
Tel No. - 9423127543
Wire Nails, Wire Drawing, Wire Products

Sri Guruprasad Trading Company
Tel No. 0 - 9420281750
Wire Nails, Binding Wire, MS/ SS Powder

Syndicate Machines
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 28470396
Buying & Selling Of New & Quality Used Machines, Hydraulic Variable Rake Angle Shears, Hydraulic Press Brakes, Turning Center, Vertical-Machining Center, Ungeared Press, Slotting Machine, Over Crank Shearing Machine, Horizontal-Milling Machine, Incliable

System Engineering
Contact Person: MR. V. R. KHOPADE
Tel No. 20 - 26931436 / 24268248
Manufacturer of Instrument Cabinets

Tcm Steel And Wire
Contact Person: MR. HITESH GUPTA
Tel No. - 9419797100
Manufacturer Of Binding Wires, Wire Nails, Barbed Wire, China Link Fencing and Wire Mesh

Uma Nails & Steels
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH JAIN
Tel No. 2525 - 255183
M.S. Wire Nails And Pannel Pin Etc

Ustun Makine San.Tic.
Contact Person: MR. OZCAN KAGAN
Tel No. 90212 - 7388292
Manufacturer Of Wire Drawing Machines, Wire Nail Machines & Equipments

Vaishnavi Traders
Tel No. 253 - 2511488
Wire Nails, Wires

Vardhaman Engineers
Contact Person: MR. KIRAN D.PORWAL
Tel No. 231 - 2672076
Manufacturer Of Wire Nails

Vijay Wire Industries
Contact Person: MR. SARAT GUPTA
Tel No. 33 - 32915545
Manufacturer Of H. B. Wires, Wire Rods, Wire Drawing & Bright Bar Units, Annealed Wires, & Wire Nails.

Weld Wire Technology
Tel No. 2551 - 230696
Co2/ MIG Welding Wire, M.S. Copper Wire, Stiching Wire, Wire Nails & Wire Forms.

Wire Formars
Contact Person: MR. SIDDHARTH SHAH
Tel No. 233 - 2645119 / 9881007030
Manufacturer Of Binding Wires And Wire Nails

Yash Industries
Tel No. 832 - 6413375
Pop Rivets, Solid Rivets, Wire Nails
Anand Enterprises
Manufacturers Of PCB Mounting Hardware, Round Spacers & Bushes, Hex Spacers
Anand Enterprises
Manufacturers Of PCB Mounting Hardware, Round Spacers & Bushes, Hex Spacers
Industrial Engineering Co
External Circlips, Internal Circlips, Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hardware, Fastners, Nuts & Bolts, Washers, Dowel Pins, Valves, Tools, Disc Springs, Snap Rings, Wave Washers
Shri Parvati Industries
Manufacturer and Stockist Job Working Unit. (ISO 9001-2008) for Stainless Steel Fastners
Aasraa Metal Forms Pvt.Ltd.
External Clip, Internal Circlip, E Clips, Spring Dowel Pin, Spring Disc Washer
Rsv Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Hinges, HMI, Handle, Locks, Latches, Round Bush
Keyur Corporation
Brass & Brass Products, Circlips, Diesel Gen.Sets, Fasteners, Gaskets, Hardware, Industrial Fans, Ma
Mahavir Enterprises
Mfg. Of All Kind Of Washers & Special Press Part Any Size Any Material, Brass, Nut Bolt, Screws
Royal Tools
Stockist Of Thread Inserts Coils & General (All Types Of Bolts, Nuts, Bearings, Valves, High Tensile
Aqua Products & Services Pvt.Ltd.
Water Control Products, Kitec Composite Piping System, Studor AAV, OR Valves, Franklin Electric, UT
Aqua Products & Services Pvt.Ltd.
Water Control Products, Kitec Composite Piping System, Studor AAV, OR Valves, Franklin Electric, UT
Indo Construction Fastening Systems
Chemical Anchor, Chemical Anchor Studs - CAS, Chemical Mortars, Chemical Guns
Hindustan Automation
Low Cost Automation, Vibratory Bowl Feeders
Sunrise Toolings
Authorised Distributors Of - DESTACO Manual, Pneumatic And Hydralic Toggle Clamps, WOHLHAUPTER Boring Tools, SNAP ON Hand Tools
Indo-Spark Construction Services
Chemical Anchor, Chemical Anchor Studs - CAS, Chemical Mortars & Chemical Guns
Hollow Circlips Industries
Circlips,Solid & Taper PinsExternal & Internal Circlips
Akshay Fasteners
Stud Welding Machine, Fasteners For Stud Welding, CD Welding Studs, Welding Collets
Industrial Spares
Circlips, External Circlips, Internal Circlips
Swift Industrial Agencies
Dealers & Suppliers Of All Types Of Industrial Toggle Clamps
Bufab India Fasteners Pvt.Ltd.
Fasteners, Hex - Head Screws, Half Threaded Screws, Head Screws
Kirti Steel Industries
Dlrs.& Mfg.S.S.Bolts, Nuts, Pipe Fittings, Allen Cap, Grub Screw, High Carbon, Copper, Brass, Bolts,
International Industrial Springs
Mfrs.Of All Types Of Springs, Disc Springs, Belleville Washers, Serrated Washers (Rib), Curved Washe
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
Suman Enterprises
Toggle Clamps, Steelsmith Toggle Clamps, Clamping Elements, Industrial Heaters
S.G.Sales Corporation
Chemical Anchor, Anchor Fastner Chemical, All Types Of Heavy Duty Anchor, Epoxy Groutes, Chemical An
Sunrise Machination Llp
Manufacturers Of Refractory Anchors For Fibre, Refractory Anchors For Bricks
Rushiprabha Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Fasteners, Hardware, Anchor Fasteners
Unique Corporation
Mfg. & Dealers in S.S. & M.S. Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Pipes Fittings & Other Industrial Hardware in Al
Ketan Engineering Co.
Manufacturers Of Fasteners, Stainless Steel, Bolt
Hollow Circlips Industries
Spring Dowel Pins, Fasteners, Bellevile Wave Washers
Shiv Om Fasteners
Fasteners, Industril Hardware
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